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What are all the dream things you want in SA3 weither that’s gameplay, characters, or features?

What would you like Sega to improve or add to SA3 including gameplay style, characters, features , story , or plot. I’m curious what is your dream game and how it will be presented. So what things in this game will make your dream come true of the best game ever?

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Sonic team racing

Now that we have all 15 characters it time to wait and see of str will have any dlc characters. If so who are your wishfull racers my ideal list includes.


Mephilies the dark









E 122 gamma

Emerl(remember him?)

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• 7h

Team Sonic Racing - Final Team Reveal

The final team for Team Sonic Racing has been revealed. Though we knew Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman were already in the game, seems as Zavok is joining them too.

Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter
Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter Twitter
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• 8h

Which engine would you use?

Giving how everyone would enjoy having a new Sonic Adventure-like game in 2019, it made ask which engine would be appropriate for the job, the Bumper Engine, the Dash Engine, or the Infinity Engine, who you think is the best to make a open world Sonic fan game?

Which one?
  • Bumper Engine (SuperSonic68)
  • Dash Engine (Galaxy Software Studios)
  • Infinity Engine (Ōban)
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• 11h

Leaked SONIC games?

Their was a post probably on 4chan said that they worked at Sega. I can't read the post because it was deleted. But to the people who makes these posts really come true. Someone on the same website predicted that SONIC was going to die in SONIC 06 before it came out, people didn't believe him but when the game came out it was true. So the post says that: SONIC mania 2 will be coming, and SONIC adventure origins (Sonic origins). I don't think this is real but maybe. Watch this video on YouTube to get more information.

New Sonic Games Leaked For 2019?!
New Sonic Games Leaked For 2019?! YouTube
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Sonic movie news

Who in the right mind would think that these actors would be good at playing as SONIC and Tom. What the heck is wrong with PARAMOUNT? At least we have Ben Schwartz playing as sonic.
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• 22h

Sonic quiz Monday #1

1. What was sonic's original NAME? A. Blue blur. B. Needlemouse. C. Hedgehog. D. Sonic. Leave your answers in the comment section.
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• 22h

Sonic movie trailer coming soon?

According to a guy who claims he follows the SONIC movie and it's production and claims that the SONIC movie trailer is coming soon. This trailer may come out in 3 months, 2 months, next month, or possible this month. Make sure you keep an eye on wiki SONIC too get more information.
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Is there a Evil version of Cream The Rabbit?

I'm asking for Cream The Rabbit's Moebius Counterpart in Archie Comics I know it will never happen because of a mandate from SEGA.

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My SONIC collection part 2

I have 5 SONIC comics, 3 classic action figures, 5 SONIC boom cards, 2 SONIC tags, 14 SONIC boom action figures, a Lego tornado (tails's biplane), and a Lego SONIC car. That is my entire SONIC collection so far.
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Sonic and marvel crossover.

Their are a few things that SONIC and marvel have in common. One of the actors in the SONIC movie is a actor who plays as ant man from marvel. The producer (Tim miller) of the SONIC movie is a director of a marvel movie (dead pool). Their was a old SONIC comic where marvel characters fight SONIC. Also in a comic SONIC had a gauntlet that looked like the infinity gauntlet. I don't think this is a coincidence.
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• 1d

Sonic movie

A lot of people really hate how SONIC looks in the movie. I also hate it. But even if Sega signed the contract (which they did), and let paramount change the design just a bit, then why would they make SONIC look like that when they already now what SONIC really looks like? #blametimmiller
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My SONIC collection part 1

2 years ago (2017) I got the small SONIC plush on Christmas eve. I got the SONIC mania collectors edition. Last year (2018) I got the tomy SONIC the hedgehog 1991 action figure, the small SONIC action figure on the other side of the other SONIC action figure, and finally SONIC mania plus. I prepurchased the game and got it on the day it came out.
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• 2d

How does this work?

So I decided to create a account on this app but it didn't work. So then I changed my birth date from 2006 to 1991 (sonic's birthday). And some how it worked!!! I don't know how that works but at least I now have a account.
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will there be more sonic boom😨😨😕😕

i hope there is still sonic boom season 3 because on goggle there may NOT be another so im scared because i wanna see it mabey with new characters😓😓😓
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• 2d

Hello Everyone! I am new in sonic base... I am play in classic sonic..

Hello Everyone! I am new in sonic base... I am play in classic sonic games.. And l am know room-hacks!
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Tails skyportal has been removed from the Wikipedia!

So there was something I later on found out on the Wikipedia and that was someone had removed tails skyportal on the Wikipedia.

I remember that there was a Tails skyportal page on the Wikipedia and I dont know who removed it but someone needs to put it back right now.

I dont who didn't but i just want everyone to know that it has been removed and it needs to be put back on the Wikipedia anytime soon.

So please put tails skyportal back on the Wikipedia.  

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• 2d

Team Sonic Racing Zones

So there is currently 4 confirmed Zones in the game out of 7: Planet Wisp, Sandopolis, Seaside Hil and Spagonia (the fifth where Ice Mountain takes place in still unknown).

What the last two Zones could be?

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• 3d

If Jim Cummings Voice Robotnik in SegaSonic The Hedgehog

For those that don't know, The Spriters Resource has unused SATAM Robotnik sprites included in Eggman's sprites. And I imagined if a US port of the arcade game would of happened (with the SATAM Robotnik sprites), Jim Cummings would of voiced Robotnik in the game since Sonic SATAM was made at the same time as the arcade's release in Japan. And I also bet Jaleel White would voice Sonic, Mark Ballou (the voice of Rotor in SATAM season 1) as Mighty, and Bradley Pierce as Ray.
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