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Sonic X Season 2 Discussion

How did you guys feel about Sonic X's adaptation of both Sonic Adventure Games (Season 2)?

Perfect Chaos was pretty cool and I liked what they did with Shadow's "death." Although, I heard the Japanese version was a lot better?

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• 7h

Shadow meets Gemerl (G-merl)

What if that happens?

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• 14h

Sonic mania

Who else thinks sonic mania is the best sonic game
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Sonic Boom is a dud

Season 1

First episode "The Sidekick" on 4,11,2014

Last episode "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog" on 14,11,2015

Fire & Ice revealed some teasers for upcoming Season 2. Game was released around October-September 2016.

Season 2

First episode "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor" on 29,10,2016

Last episode "Eggman: The Video Game Part 2: The End of the World" on 11,11,2017


From these dates, Sonic Boom seasons usually start around late-October to early-November. Season 2 was announced beforehand with teasers and a promotional game.

Fans are still waiting for Season 3, but the only news we had was BIll Freiberger who was an important executive producer and voice for various cast, said his involvement with Sonic Boom has ended.

Sega themselves have made no official announcement that they were finished with Sonic Boom. Fans are still waiting and hope for a Season 3 but the expected schedule for Season 3 has passed and still no news. Honestly I think it's unfair to keep Sonic Boom and general fans in false hope if they won't provide.

Anyway, I'm suggesting that we update the Sonic Boom article which regard the series "Original run" as ongoing. I propose we change the date to 8 November 2014-11 November 2017 (US)

1 September 2015-??? (SG)

(I dunno what "SG" stands for or the end-date for it.)

Also to rewrite the article to regard it's content as past-tense than ongoing wherever needed.

Theres no announcement by Sega Sonic Boom has actually ended, but theres no announcement of Season 3 or any plans for it as far as I'm aware. If we still regard Sonic Boom as "ongoing" then how long must we regard it "active" and "still going" until we realise it's not?

If we make the changes and then a few months later Sega surprises us with Season 3 news, then we can just change it back and update the article for Season 3.

Unless ofcourse there has been some Sonic Boom news in the past few months and I've been completely under a rock about it.

Sonic Boom (TV series)
Sonic Boom (TV series) Sonic News Network
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Racing Episode vs. Slaughter Race

The episode, “If you Build It They Will Race” is one of my favorite episodes of Sonic Boom even though this is on of the short episodes and not a special like Robots from the Sky. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Slaughter Race is intense that inspired Vanellope to live there because of her skills. It might be cool if Season 3 has a special that resembles Slaughter Race with more intense racing and make more use with Team Sonic’s cars. That if Season 3 was in production.

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New Zones (Sonic mania)

What would it be like if there were different zones in Sonic Mania? Opinions from you all. What would they be called, difficulty?(easy/medium/hard)
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• 2d


I heard that the new sonic movie points towards realistic textures kinda like the new pokemon detective pikachu any ideas what will he look like?
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• 2d

Ifrit's death

Was that the last we seen the "Ifrit" since "Sonic Rivals 2"?

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• 2d

More transcripts for Sonic X Episode pages

I wish there were more transcripts for the rest of Sonic X Episode pages, especially for A Fearless Friend episode.

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• 2d

Sonic CD-help

I need help. How can you use debug mode in sonic cd in an android device?

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• 3d

Chaos in Forces? The Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Forces

Why werent the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Forces? I mean, sure, you can unlock them as an add-on, and Sonic beats Infinite and Eggman anyway, but it doesn't affect the story, and its basically just Sonic with invincibility and speed shoes power-ups and an infinite boost.

In Sonic Mania 1 and 3 (Sonic Mania Plus. Remember, Mania, Forces and Mania Plus are a trilogy) You can play as Super... anyone (available), AND it affects the storyline! Although these games are Classic Sonic based, the story is connected, and I'm bummed to know that the Chaos Emeralds were left out.
The only storyline CANON reference of them was when Shadow used Chaos Control to defeat his Phantom Duplicate.
And what's worse, the events of Sonic 06 ( Sonic, Shadow and Silver turning Super) didn't happen. Sonic Shadow and Silver we're there. In fact, ALMOST EVERYONE WAS THERE! Heck, even Zavok and Chaos we're there!
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• 3d

Between Shadow and Whisper

Wonder why Whisper the Wolf was looking at Shadow the Hedgehog so seriously in IDW Sonic Issue #9?

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• 3d

Slope Glitch in Prototype?

So I was just messing around on the Simon Wai Prototype on an Emulator and somehow I might have triggered a glitch similar to the slope glitch in the final game. When I stood still, Sonic would do his balancing animation and I would retain the angle of the slope I last interacted with.
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• 3d


So today we got a new teaser for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and that according to the official Twitter we will get something new this month, so how is that hype train going?

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• 3d

New Nega Wisp

Spoilers from the latest comic...

What do you guys make of this new Nega Wisp? It appears to be green but nothing like the green wisp we know of. It's likely to be in the upcoming racing game.

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Return of Super Shadow

When will Shadow the Hedgehog become "Super Shadow" again?

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• 4d

Announcement of my retiring from the wiki

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed recently my interest in editing the wiki has been dwindling. This is mostly due to lack of interest and motivation to continue editing, however what sealed the deal for me was when I recently got a message from my friend Neo a few days ago regarding the fact that someone (I won’t name any names) had stolen his screenshot from Sonic Retro and placed it on News Network.

Now, as I’ve been made aware the plagiarism is an issue that’s been going on for a very long time, and it’s something I’ve tried talking to both wikis about to try and remedy. However, this to me seems like something that cannot be achieved, for two major reasons:

A. The plagiarism has been going on for so long now that Retro simply does not care anymore and does not think SNN has the capacity to change and fix the issue

B. This wiki does very little in the way of corralling and reprimanding users for plagiarizing.

If you might remember I was somewhat rubbed the wrong way after it was found out UltraSonic was plagiarizing content from Retro, and then suffered next to no repurcussions for doing so. I believe stuff like this is what frustrates Neo and others such as myself so much, because users essentially get a slap on the wrist for stealing Retro content, which realistically does not do a good job of deterring them from doing so a second time. And I believe this is the major reason for why I’m deciding to cease my editing operations on this wiki and formally moving to Retro. I cannot in good conscience continue associating with a wiki that does nothing to stop its users from stealing content from one wiki for their own.

Please understand that I am not merely using this as an opportunity to roast the community or take a big piss on the admins. I do not claim myself to be an expert on wiki moderating, but even as a regular user I can see there are issues that need to be fixed. Neo has suggested SNN merely merge with retro, since so much of the content is the same anyway, there are already arguments about a domain change, having two wikis in general is redundant, and fandom/wikia is pretty much hitting the *******. I know this would be something that takes time and I know this would probably fall on deaf ears, but this is the best possible solution I can think of to solve the issue. I say this because I want what’s best for both communities and otherwise I just don’t see the plagiarism realistically ceasing anytime soon.

So yeah, thats pretty much all I wanted to say. Thanks for having me on the wiki, and I’ll see you around at retro I guess.

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