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Homepage Buttons

Discussion originally held at Forum:Homepage Buttons.

Continuing discussion here.

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Kagimizu wrote:
I can't possibly hope to read through this entire discussion since it goes on farther than the wiki's actual background, but I would like to ask two things::1) Discoduck is gone? Did he leave for good, or is he simply inactive?
2) Could we possibly shrink down the images a bit? I know they're important and all, but they really take up a massive portion of the main page as-is.

Kagimizu > To answer your first point, DiscoDuck is simply inactive.

Okie doke. @Kagi

Besides the Earth thing, people seem to prefer Dude's buttons.

So how about we use them?

I agree.
Oppose Oppose: I still prefer DiscoDuck's current buttons.

Dude's buttons use a better font, the only difference is the real world thing. .-.

SpyroSonic2000 wrote:
Dude's buttons use a better font, the only difference is the real world thing. .-.

Well, I'm entitled to my own opinion, right?


We replaced the buttons, so I'm assuming that its time to close this discussion? You guys might wanna look at the other ones too, while you're at it, since many of them are still active but haven't been commented on in a while.

Still waiting for people to give opinion's about Dude's buttons because we really should use buttons with the Sonic font.
Since people are still refusing to comment for some reason I'm closing this.