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Quotation1 Emerl's Knockout Technique awakened. He falls as he detonate his body. Opponents nearby receive tremendous damage. Quotation2
Info, Sonic Battle[1]

??? is a move used by Emerl in Sonic Battle. In the game, it serves as Emerl's Air Power Knockout Technique.


The user causes a detonation within their body, causing a massive explosion that can damage nearby opponents without causing any damage to the user.

As a rare skill, the player has a slim chance of obtaining this skill for Emerl after participating in a battle with another playable character, whether it be with or against them. It is an enhanced version of Chaos Gamma's Air Meltdown.

Skill statistics

No. 293
Skill Points ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  1. Official in-game description
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