Sonic Advance Battle

The cover for 2 Games in 1: Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle.

2 Games in 1 (European title, also known as Double Pack in Japan and Combo Pack in the US) is a series of compilation games for the Game Boy Advance released by Sega in 2005. Each compilation consisted of two Sonic Team games on a single cartridge. In total, five games were re-released as part of the various compilations:

Each cartridge has a new menu screen where the player could select which of the two games they desired to play. Six of these compilations were released in Europe, three in Japan and one in the US.

European releases (2 Games in 1)Edit

In addition, one compilation was released which was not Sonic related: Chu Chu Rocket and Columns Crown.

US releases (Combo Pack)Edit

Japanese releases (Double Pack)Edit


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