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A Robot Rebels (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "A Robot Rebels".

Gamma: Find Froggy. Make Doctor happy.

[Epsilon grabs the frog with stripes.]

Epsilon: I found Froggy.

[Delta grabs the frog with stars.]

Delta: No I found Froggy.
Beta: No I found Froggy.

[Beta grabs the frog with green rings.]

Beta: Mine is the real Froggy.
Gamma: No mine is.
Epsilon: No mine is the real one.
Delta: The doctor will be so proud.
Decoe: The doctor is approaching.
Bocoe: So settle down you freaky frog-nappers.
Dr. Eggman: What's this?! You dare bring back these crummy croakers. Grrr. No no no! Arrgh, you clacking crowns! This isn't the Froggy I wanted! Do you see the tail anywhere?! Your lucky I don't have you flatten into scrap metal.
Beta: Sorry.
Dr. Eggman: Grrr.
Chris: It's like a maze in here. They could be anywhere.
Big: Yeah. But we can't stop now. They got Froggy.
Chris: Come on let's go this way.
Dr. Eggman: Alright you nickel plated piggies! Listen here! I am not looking for your average everyday amphibian. I am seeking a very special Froggy with a Tail that's long and pointy!

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