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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
This article is about the Archie character. For the games series version of the character, see Commander.
Abraham Tower
Commander Tower1

Archie Sonic Universe

First Appearance

Sonic Universe #1

Latest Appearance

Sonic Universe #59

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Over 50


The Commander
G.U.N. Commander
Commander Tower

Abraham Tower, also known as G.U.N. Commander or simply The Commander, is the chief of the Guardian Units of Nations. This gives him complete authority of all operations, and is usually seen giving missions to Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, whom he has dubbed as "Team Dark". He exists in both the Pre-and Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.



When Hope Kintobor willingly came to G.U.N., Abraham hired her for the sole reason that she was an enemy traitor.[1] He also allows Mobians as members of G.U.N., because they're joining the human population, and are worthy allies in the war against Doctor Eggman.[2]

Living Weapons Arc

Abraham had sent Shadow on a mission to the Special Zone, in order to retrieve a Chaos Emerald, using Hope's transporter.[3][4][5] After Shadow has been missing for some time, Abraham, and Hope await Shadow's return, in the Hope's laboratory.[6] Shadow reports to Abraham, saluting each other. Abraham tells Shadow that he's one of his top agents, and asks if he had any trouble. Shadow briefly explains what had happened. After this, Abraham tells Shadow to rest, because his next mission is later on that night.[7] Abraham sends Shadow, and Rouge to New Megaopolis, in order to destroy one of Eggman's weapons, as their next mission.[8]

A few days later, Abraham discusses Gamma in the briefing room, and explains that he is one of Dr. Eggman's robots.[9] He continues telling Shadow, and Rouge that after Gamma destroyed the last E-100, he began traveling the world, secretly helping the Freedom Fighters.[10]

Abe & Hope & Omega

Abraham giving parts to Hope.

Abe Proud

Abraham watches Hope.

Continuing, Abraham explains that Gamma is wearing down, and assigns Shadow the mission of recruiting Gamma to G.U.N..[11] Abraham tells Shadow to set off on the mission after he prepares, though Shadow insists that he is immediately ready. Abraham questions Shadow about not needing any help, to which Shadow says he's fine on his own.[12] After Omega is recruited, Abraham assists Hope in upgrading Omega. Omega displays some of his skills, and Abraham replies that he'll be keeping Omega with Shadow and Rouge.[13] Days later, Abraham has Hope attempt to send both, Shadow and Rouge to the Special Zone once more.[14][15] After the two are sent back only a matter of minutes later, Abraham scolds Hope, and demands Rouge to report on what had happened. After Rouge explains, Abraham questions how Rouge, and Shadow failed their mission. Shadow takes full blame, as Abraham sternly watches him walk off.[16] Later on, the two try again, bringing Omega with them, as Abraham watches, with Hope setting up the transporter. Abraham asks "Team Dark" if they're ready, to which Shadow replies that they are. Hope then questions Abraham about the name of "Team Dark". To this, Abraham rolls his eyes, and states that it will become clear over time.[17] Once the team returns with the Chaos Emerald, Abraham congratulates them, and says that with two Chaos Emeralds, G.U.N. will be powerful force against evil.[18] Shadow later tells a joke about Feist attacking G.U.N. HQ, and Abraham specifically. In the joke, Abraham demands Feist to explain, to which he is told to look up pandas in a dictionary. Abraham then does so.[19]


  • As the G.U.N. Commander was not named in the games continuity, Ian Flynn gave him the name "Abraham Tower", which came from an old fan-comic he had made.[20]
  • Abraham has apparently replaced Commander Brass as the head of G.U.N..[21]


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