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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Collector's Set is a seven-disc DVD containing all 65 episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was released in Australia on 18 September 2013 and was distributed by Beyond Home Entertainment. It was then later re-distributed around a year later on 19 November 2014 under the name Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Collector's Edition which comes with a bonus Sonic T-shirt.


From one of the greatest game franchises of all time come the exciting adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Join your favourite heroes Sonic and Tails as they foil Dr. Robotnik and his army of robots from taking over planet Mobius at every turn. Jam packed with slapstick humour and references to the classic games, this is the must have collection for any Sonic fan!

Episode list

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6

Disc 7


  • In the Collector's Set's box art and in the main menus of the DVDs, Sonic's arms are miscolored blue.
  • The disc numbers are indicated by the number of Rings on it.
  • The episode select screens feature a background with textures of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.


Box artwork

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