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The Air Saucer is an object that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a form of transportation used by the Black Arms which Shadow the Hedgehog can utilize for himself.


The Air Saucer is an one-manned floating black disk with a red trim on the outer rim of the disk. It features six blades that rotate when in use. According to E-123 Omega, they float without using fuel or engine components.[1]


The Air Saucers are used primarily by the Black Arms to cross hazardous surfaces such as lava or acid. It is damaged by enemies bullets and bumping into walls and obstacles. They are commonly ridden by Black Assassins and are mostly seen in Black Comet stages.

Shadow the hedgehog can jump on and commandeer an Air Saucer if he can defeat the Black Arms riding it. With it, the player can cross fatal liquids which flow through the levels. Contacting with a weapon during the ride with Air Saucer, cause the player to immediately take that weapon, even if he was with a weapon already.


  1. [After scanning a Black Arm Air Saucer.] "Object airborne without use of thrust or engine components. Does not compute." - E-123 Omega in Shadow the Hedgehog.

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