All about Sonic
All about... Sonic the Hedgehog was a magazine produced by Egmont released in the UK.

It comes with puzzles, facts, posters and comics from In Another Time, In Another Place. The first issue is all about Sonic Lost World and comes with a Disc Shooter that resembles a Game Boy Advance SP and an assortment of stickers.

Featured stories

Sonic Colours

Sonic and Tails had entered Tropical Resort. With Tails feeling nauseous, Sonic asks him if he's alright and Tails replies yes. Suddenly, they see Cubot and Orbot with several Egg Pawns capturing mysterious aliens with nets. Sonic grabs several of them and the cyan-colored alien turns Sonic into a laser, thus destroying the Egg Pawns. Orbot and Cubot escape and Tails converts his machine into a translator for the alien that yacks a lot. At first, the message is scrambled, but Tails figures out the alien's true message, which is Eggman capturing aliens to use their strange energy. Sonic, knowing that Eggman is behind this scheme, runs off with all of the aliens, knowed as Wisps, into a brand new adventure...

Sonic Unleashed

Super Sonic is confronting Dr. Eggman in his space station, having just decimated the doctor's entire Space Armada. Eggman pleas to Sonic, acknowledging his defeat, but the hedgehog figured out so much and walks away, telling him he would see him again during his next scheme. Eggman then presses a button and activates his machine that traps Sonic in an energy field, which slips away the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic, thus turning Sonic back to normal and sucks the power out of the Emeralds while Sonic is affected by the drained energy. Dr. Eggman then activates his cannon which splits the world apart. Eggman gloats at Sonic, but turns around, only to find Sonic undergoing a transformation into a Werehog. Dr. Eggman becomes scared and opens the gate, sending Sonic and the drained Chaos Emeralds plummeting down to the planet.

Back on the planet, Sonic has landed in a green field and wakes up, wondering just what happened and asking himself many questions. As the sun comes up and Sonic notices that he is transforming back into his regular self, Sonic is ready to go out and find Eggman for some answers...


  • The comics are from the American Archie series, but with spelling altered for British readers.
  • It is issue 73 of the All About magazines by Egmont.