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Quotation1 It's not the size, it's how you swing it. Care to find out? Quotation2
— Amy Rose, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Amy Rose the Hedgehog[7] is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and the organizer, archaeologist and overall backbone of Team Sonic,[10][11] a heroic group devoted to defending the peace of their world.

Concept and creation

For the tone of Sonic Boom, Big Red Button Entertainment aimed for Amy to appear as a more "capable" character who would be appealing on her own and make her rise up from being one of the subordinate characters she tends to be in other games. As such, her design was made more "agile and graceful" to make her a strong, able-bodied female character, allowing her to perform difficult physical tasks and make them look easy.[12][13]

Amy's clothes were adjusted to make her seem more like the adventuring type and emphasize her great combat skills with her hammer, unlike her main series counterpart.[14]

Additional concept art for Amy showed her wearing a purple scarf, similar to Sonic's, as well as longer stockings (possibly tights) that completely covered Amy's legs.


Amy is virtually identical to her main series counterpart, except that she appears slightly taller and thinner. For attire, Amy wears both a red hairband (which her main series counterpart also wears) and a red one piece top with a white collar, yellow buttons on the her left side and a lavender sarashi around her waist. She also wears white gloves, purple sports tape and golden ring bracelets around her wrists, purple stockings, and red-violet shoes with pink soles and toes, gray straps and pink plate with two yellow buttons on top. She also occasionally wears her Communicator.

In addition to her usual clothes, Amy has a number of additonal attires:

  • At the Awardy Awards, Amy wore a purple tiered dress with light purple circles on it, a light purple waist band, white evening gloves, a small purse, and black medium-heeled shoes.[15]
  • For underwater missions, Amy has her own high-tech attire which includes a light pink wetsuit with a white stripe on each side and her face icon on the chest, pink flippers resembling her shoes, and a transparent pink face mask attached to an oxygen tank on her back.[16]
  • For cold weathers, Amy has a purple beret with a red-violet band and white puff ball, a red-violet jacket with a white waist belt and thistle hemline, a short lavender winter cape with thistle edges, a thistle scarf, red-violet and grey mittens with purple cuffs, and pink, white, red-violet and purple winter boots.[17]
  • One time, Amy wore a waiter uniform, which included a short-sleeved white shirt, a black vest, and a black bowtie, that she wore over her usual outfit.[18]
  • For soccer matches, Amy has a soccer uniform that includes a white and blue t-shirt with a blue chest logo shaped like Sonic's head, long white socks, and white shoes with blue laces and red soles.[19]
  • On holidays, Amy has been known to wear a red and white Santa Hat and a red version of her dress with golden buttons and pink fur covering the collar and hemline. In addition, she wears a black belt with a golden buckle, black sportstape, golden bracelets, red gloves, pink stockings, and black and red versions of her shoes with pink and purple cuffs and white fur balls on top.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Amy Dont open

Amy telling Sonic not to open the tomb.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Amy was out foiling one of Dr. Eggman's schemes with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, as they chased the doctor and Metal Sonic to a distant island. After a brief separation, Team Sonic reached an omnious tomb, only to be cornered by Metal Sonic and Eggman's new Destruction Troops. Despite Amy repeatedly telling him not to, Sonic opened the tomb and they retreat inside, getting trapped. As they tried escaping, during which Amy gave Sonic a hard time, they accidentally released the evil Lyric the Last Ancient, who bound then with his shackles. As Lyric fled, the group escaped the shackles and used them as Enerbeams to follow Lyric, but without luck.

Seeing info on Lyric, Amy took her team to Cliff, who revealed that Lyric was an evil member of the Ancients who planned to destroy all life in the world with his Sentinel army, powered by the Chaos Crystals, but was imprisoned by his race when they discovered the plan. Though Amy silently blamed Sonic for this, the team set out to retrieve the Crystals before Lyric. Amidst an Abandoned Research Facility, where the team got split while looking for the second Crystal, Amy and Knuckles met MAIA, a robot who rebelled against Lyric, who, with their aid, helped Sonic and Tails get a map to the Crystals while Knuckles and Amy got their second Crystal.

Any Sonic Team

Amy looking for Crystals with Sonic.

After reuniting, Team Sonic resumed their crystal hunt, where they had deal with a short alliance between Lyric and Eggman, Metal Sonic who had been reprogrammed to serve Lyric, and the power struggle between Lyric and Eggman. However, the team overcame all their adversaries and got each Crystal. However, upon obtaining the last Crystal, Amy, Tails and Knuckles saw Lyric surround Sonic with his robots, and the villain demanded their Crystals in exchange for Sonic's life. Though Amy and her friends complied, Lyric's troops still shot Sonic down. Fortunately, Amy and her friends discovered Sonic was still alive, and the quartet went to Lyric's Lair and defeated Lyric. However, the snake used their Enerbeams to ensnare them, but before he could destroy the heroes, Eggman ambushed Lyric from behind, freeing the group. With Amy's help, Sonic incapacitate Lyric for good, and, despite an unwanted visit from Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy and her friends returned to the Village to celebrate their victory.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Amy vs Lyric

Amy squares off against Lyric.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Amy had discovered an ancient manuscript in some ruins detailing the history and whereabouts of the Lost Crystal of Power.[20] While on break from her research, she, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles rescued Sticks from a rockslide. Ignoring Sticks' warnings that an army was coming, Amy went back to her research. Though she had Knuckles come along to help, she had him stand guard far away once he wore down her patience. Traveling many islands following clues, Amy was ambushed by Lyric as she was investigating a ruin, who wanted her to reveal the Crystal Shards' locations to conquer the world. Amy refused and contacted Sonic over her AVA while she fought Lyric, but was incapacitated once Lyric got his Mind Control Device on her.

Imprisoned at Lyric's stronghold while the Mind Control Device slowly ripped her knowledge on the manuscript out of her brain, Amy boldly opposed Lyric until Team Sonic arrived and freed her. Together, Amy and her team confronted Lyric, but the rogue Ancient trapped her and the others, except Sonic, in sphere prison. While Amy and her friends were freed by Sonic after he beat Lyric, Lyric summoned a weapon to kill the heroes with. Thanks to the timely arrival of Shadow the Hedgehog though, the weapon was neutralized and Sonic dropped Lyric from his airship. Amy was disappointed not getting her shot at Lyric, but was (somewhat) comforted by Sticks and headed home with her friends.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice


Amy using her new ice powers.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Team Sonic detected strange weather patterns that, if left unchecked, would destroy the world. Coming to Kodiak Frontier to get some readings for Tails, Amy and Sonic found a fissure that infused their Communicators with fire and ice powers which they used to close the fissure. As they left to met up with Tails, who told them that sealing the fissure stabilized the weather, Amy and Sonic came across D-Fekt, an Eggman robot with nearly limitless magnetic powers who tried to keep them from closing the fissures. Upon finding Tails, the fox found a way to share Amy and Sonic's new powers with their teammates. No sooner though, the trio headed home to seal new fissures with their new powers. On the way, Amy and her team tried to catch D-Fekt until Eggman came and took Sonic to a race against his Ragnium-powered EggBot Racers before returning him.

Back home, Amy and her team brought in Knuckles and Sticks as they began pursuing D-Fekt across the islands while also sealing fissures, suspecting the robot and the fissures were connected. At the same time, Amy had to deal with Sonic being taken away by Eggman repeatedly to face new EggBot Racers. In time, the team learned the fissures held Ragnium minerals which D-Fekt was covered in. Team Sonic thus got D-Fekt to wear a tracker which lead them to Ragna Rock where Eggman was mining for Ragnium and piping the mining by-products off to adjacent islands, thereby creating the fissures which were destroying the environment. Confronting Eggman in his mines, Amy waited while Sonic and Sticks fought D-Fekt to save Eggman when the robot went overboard trying to destroy Team Sonic to please his creator.

In the aftermath of the fight, Eggman's Ragnium mine was permanently destroyed. Feeling obligated to show gratitude for saving him though, Eggman gave D-Fekt to Team Sonic as thanks. Amy subsequently went home with her team after Tails made D-Fekt harmless.

TV series


Amy was the second of her friends that Sonic the Hedgehog met.[21] Eventually, Amy would go on to form Team Sonic with her friends and help save the local village from hundred of thousands of Eggman attacks.[22] On one of their adventures in particular, Amy and her team got involved in a time-traveling escapade with Eggman.[23]

Years ago, Amy would play Tomatopotamus 2 with her friends all the time until the game got recalled.[24]

Season one

Sonic and AmySBTVE32014 1

Amy applying for Sonic's sidekick.

When Sonic held try-outs for a new sidekick, Amy applied twice, but was immediately dismissed both times. When she later demanded a callback, she met Knuckles who had trouble finding his own sidekick, inspiring Amy to try out as Knuckles' sidekick.[3] On a visit to Tails' House, Amy and her team saw that Sonic and Tails housed Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot while their lair underwent repairs. Sympathizing with Eggman, Amy convinced Sonic and Tails to give Eggman a chance when they were getting tired of him. The next day however, where Eggman had kept Sonic and Tails up all night, Eggman revealed to the heroes that he lied about his lair so he could exhaust Sonic and Tails, and summoned Obliterator Bot to destroy Team Sonic. However, the robot misheard Eggman and instead attacked his lair. Accepting Eggman's pleas for help, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks distracted Obliterator Bot while the rest reached its kill switches, though they were too late to save the lair.[25]

As Amy, Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks relaxed on the beach, Tails showed them his universal translator UT. However, UT created tension between Amy and the others by translating their private thoughts from the subtext of their speech. When Tails and UT returned the next day, UT "translated" their comments into insults. However, as they were at each others' throats, Tails discovered this UT was a fake send by Eggman to tear them apart. While Tails went to save the real UT, Amy and the rest stayed home, not thinking UT was worth it. Later, UT returned to give them a message from Tails and translated it into a call to rescue him from Eggman. Coming to the lair, Amy and her team freed Tails and beat Eggman's Mega. While Amy had found peace with UT, Sticks quickly threw it into the sea.[26]

When Team Sonic saved the village from Fire Bot, Amy and the team noticed Sticks' ill treatment of animals and convinced her to get a pet to learn about compassion. However, to their repulsiveness, Sticks chose a disgusting robo-dog named Buster. Over the next week, Buster was an annoyance to Amy and the rest which culminated in Buster keeping them from stopping a robbery made by Orbot and Cubot. Fed up, Amy and her team tried making Sticks give up Buster when Eggman appeared with a gift for Buster. As Eggman revealed he made Buster, his gift turned Buster into a huge robot who grabbed Amy and the rest. However, they were freed when Sticks assumed control over Buster, who got rid of Eggman. The team then said goodbye to Buster as Sticks released him due to his dangerous nature.[27]

SBEP5 lady

Amy teaching Sticks how to be a lady.

While Team Sonic visited the village as it was being bombarded by meteors, Sticks saved them using her defense system. Shortly after, Amy and the others heard from Sticks that she had been nominated for an Awardy Award, but refused to go to the Awardy Awards in fear of embarrassing herself. However, Amy promised to teach Sticks to be a proper lady, and, despite some trouble, taught her the basics. At the gala, Amy discovered Eggman was a nominee as well (by cheating). When Eggman did not receive the award and retaliated, Amy tried to fight the doctor and his robots, but got caught. Fortunately, Amy was freed by Sticks when she dropped her lady-behavior, and the heroes got rid of Eggman. Seeing being proper not always paid off, Amy thanked Sticks, who accepted her request to learn how to listen to her instincts.[15]

As Amy tried preparing a beautifully designed lunch, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles only disregard her instructions. Eggman then showed and offered Amy the job to redecorate his lair for Modern Lair Magazine. Feeling acknowledged, Amy accepted the offer. Despite some doubt from Eggman, the messenger from the magazine loved Amy's changes and promised the lair a spot in their issue. However, when Eggman took credit for her work, Amy tried leaving, only to be caught by Eggman to make her keep working for him. Fortunately, Amy's team came to rescue her, Making amends with them, Team Sonic trashed Eggman's lair and his Badniks on their way out, costing Eggman his place in Modern Lair Magazine, and Amy was cheered up by Sonic by being allowed to redecorate his shack.[28] Amy later accompanied Sonic to Meh Burger for lunch, only for their meal to get delayed by Eggman and the cashier, Dave.[29]

During a visit to Sonic's Shack, Amy found some Evil Cookies she thought was for her, which turned Amy into a clone of Eggman when she ate one. Now evil, Amy joined Tails, Knuckles and Sticks (who also ate an Evil Cookie) under Eggman's tutelage to plot Sonic's demise. When Sonic came to save them, Amy and the others cornered him, but they then started fighting over the honor for capturing Sonic. During the fight, Amy and the rest were restored to normal by Sonic and Eggman (who Sonic turned good with an Evil Cookie containing his DNA). Eggman now thought they would work together, but Team Sonic did not like the idea and restored the doctor to normal as well.[30]

At home, Amy met Orbot and Cubot who asked for donations to elderly robots. Unaware it was a trick, Amy gave them her savings, which she had planned to give to Operation: Toasty Beak. Ridden with guilt, Orbot and Cubot gave Amy her money back.[31] When Amy and her crew watched Sonic and Knuckles play coconut hurl, Eggman came by to attack them with Cowbot, a robot which would create a massive explosion if destroyed. As such, Team Sonic disabled Cowbot while Tails reprogrammed it, making it go after Eggman to kill him. Not deeming it right, Amy made Sonic go warn Eggman.[32]

Amy the Sad Clown

Amy filling the role for a "sad clown."

While fighting Eggman's Octopus Bot, Amy and her friends were almost killed by a rockslide caused by Tails' untested Unbolterizer. After driving Eggman off, Amy scolded Tails for endangering them, making him leave the crew until he had fixed his invention. No sooner, they met T.W. Barker and his traveling circus who needed replacement performers. Sympathetic, Amy volunteered her team for the job and gave quite a performance (Amy, to her displeasure, was a "sad clown"). After the show, Barker revealed his agenda to keep Team Sonic as his performers and imprisoned them. Fortunately, Tails came to their rescue. Taking care of Barker, Amy made amends with Tails.[33]

As Knuckles moped over always losing to Sonic, Amy tried consulting him until Sticks advised him to tip the luck balance of the universe in his favor by using up his bad luck. However, with Knuckles inflicting brutal misfortunes on himself, Amy and Tails got Sonic to stop him while they tried getting Sticks. Amidst this, Eggman began invading the island, which Amy and her team could not stop due to Knuckles' bad luck and Eggman's currently good luck hurting their chances. They thus stopped Eggman by letting Knuckles temporarily join Eggman and have his bad luck beat Eggman's good luck, neutralizing them both. Soon after though, Amy and the team noticed Knuckles' bad luck was passed onto Tails.[34]

In the middle of the night, Team Sonic saw a meteor land nearby which briefly knocked out Sonic and Eggman when they tried claiming it. As Amy carried on with her team afterwards, Eggman came and said he was Sonic, having switched brains with Eggman. Amy did not believe Eggman and drove him off, but he soon returned with his army. While fighting however, Amy and the rest met Tails who explained the meteor had indeed switched Sonic and Eggman's minds, and they quickly reversed the process.[35] Having battled and beaten Scorpion Bot, Amy and her team noticed Eggman sliding into a slump. With Eggman soon loosing all motivation, Amy was driven nuts by Sonic who grew restless with the peace. Amy therefore lead her team to re-motivate Eggman by tricking Sonic to battle him. While they could not trick Sonic as planned, their plan still got Sonic and Eggman to resume their conflict.[36]

SBEP16 discovery

Amy learns Tails is with the Lightning Bolt Society.

Amy later joined her team at the pie festival, excluding Tails who had to replant an orchard. When they returned, Amy found a letter indicating Tails had joined the Lightning Bolt Society. As the seeds that had been planted turned into mutant flora, Amy and Sonic left to get Tails, but when they intruded on the Lightning Bolt, they were joined by Eggman who thought they were joining the Lightning Bolts. With the Lightning Bolts only hindering Eggman, Amy and Sonic got Tails back to help them destroy the mutant plants with a machine he made.[37] Later, Amy left for a seminar, but when she returned, Sonic was losing a rigged trial to Eggman. Amy thus intervened, exposing Eggman's fraud and saving Sonic, before helping her friends fight Eggman's Badniks.[38]

While Amy and her team took Tails away from his plane, they found Eggman selling tomato sauce which Amy suspected was poisoned. However, the sauce proved clean so the team allowed Eggman to sell it to the island. Weeks later, while dealing with faulty electronics, Amy and her friends saw Eggman reveal on TV that his sauce cans had turned their electronics into robots to conquer the island. After fighting this small army, Team Sonic went after Eggman, except for Tails who stayed to get his weaponized plane back. Facing Eggman, his robots proved too much for the heroes until Tails came and stole Eggman's controller, shutting them down. Eggman subsequently ruined his own plan by telling it on television.[39]

When trying to have a game, Amy and her team were attacked by Crab Bots. Since Sonic had begun making a horrible noise when running though, Amy had him stay put. When Eggman then appeared, claiming the attack was an accident, he offered Sonic help. Though Amy was skeptic, Sonic took the doctor's offer and soon came back with new shoes that muted the noise. No sooner, Eggman attacked with his Giant Robot. Amy tried fighting it, but the robot only grew stronger the more Sonic ran with his new shoes. Fortunately, Amy and the team were saved when Sonic overloaded the robot by running excessively.[40] During a movie night with her team, Amy and her friends were attacked by Eggman's Egg Tank. With Tails' providing support, Amy deflected one of the Egg Tank's weapons aimed at Sonic. Just as Eggman countered Amy's deflection though, an unlikely accident created a time loop that made the day repeat itself endlessly, something everyone except Eggman was aware of. During these loops, Eggman ensured Amy was overwhelmed so he could capture Sonic, only for the time loop to reset it. Following several more loops, Amy helped Eggman break the time loop by eventually containing its reaction.[41]

SBEP21 songbird

Amy sings a lullaby for "Rocky."

While Amy and Sticks were in the Village, they saw a Granifer Giganticus attacking it. Joining Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (who woke the giant), Amy shred some light on the rock monster before noticing that he was just trying to sleep. Amy tried singing him a lullaby, but he abandoned her in favor of Sticks' horrible singing. Because the rock monster blocked a road, Team Sonic relocated him, only for Eggman to try and capture him. After driving Eggman off though, Team Sonic saw the rock monster had escaped with Sticks. After a fruitless search, Tails found Sticks with his Disasterometer and Amy helped save her. Team Sonic then brought the rock monster to Eggman's lair where they got him to fall asleep to a recording of Sticks' singing.[42] Later, when Team Sonic fought Eggman, Amy saw Sonic chase Eggman into Buddy Buddy Temple where they got trapped. Amy opted to save Sonic, but she and Knuckles started arguing over who should lead them. After Orbot and Cubot joined them, the group fell into the temple as it caved in, where they found Sonic and Eggman, who got them out just in time through an escape route. Amy then apologized to Knuckles for her behavior and left with the team.[43]

As Amy was at Meh Burger with her team, Orbot and Cubot arrived, having left Eggman to be their friends, though Amy actively avoided them. Some time later, Orbot, Cubot and Eggman came to Team Sonic, who needed help stopping a computer virus named Nominatus who had taken over Eggman's tech to destroy all life forms. Amy thus helped hold Eggman's invading robots at bay while Tails, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot destroyed Nominatus, and Amy's team ended their truce with Eggman.[44] After hanging out with Sonic, Amy reminded him the next day that he had to return a library book she lent him, or she would have to pay late fees. Soon after, Amy and her team saved Sonic from Eggman's robots when they attacked him. Though Amy was upset that Sonic had yet to return her book, Sonic managed it with a few seconds to spare.[45]

SBEP25 Survive

Amy learning how to survive in nature.

As Amy was heading to Hidden Meadows to get gun tree berries, she told her team of her plans, but Sticks wanted to teach her the survival skills for the trip first. When Sonic thought he was better choice for that, the girls bet that Sticks could teach Amy better survival skills than Sonic could teach Knuckles, and set up a race to Hidden Meadows. Under Sticks' tutorage, Amy learned the basics, and Team Sticks got a good start at the race while Sonic and Knuckles fell behind. Feeling bad for the boys, Amy and Sticks tried helping them without luck, until they got stuck in an abandoned missile silo while Sonic and Knuckles went for the goal. However, Amy and Sticks escaped by riding a missile which they used to reach the goal first.[1] Amy later saw her immature friends prank Knuckles when they noticed a spy drone from Eggman. Giving the drone false information, Amy and her team lured Eggman into a prank that made him desert technology and his lair. Not long after, Team Sonic found the island under siege from Eggman's rampaging robots and missiles, all launched by the Lightning Bolt Society who had taken over Eggman's lair. After Amy and her team tried stopping the robots, they went to Eggman's lair, where they with Eggman's help drove the Lightning Bolts away, while Eggman went back to his old ways.[46]

After getting bad service at Meh Burger, Amy decided to start a better restaurant for the villagers and opened "Chez Amy" with her team as the staff. However, Amy's competition with Dave the Intern and Meh Burger made her forget her ideals and she drove her friends away. Amy then made a partnership with Eggman, who shared her view on Meh Burger, when he came to her for food. When Eggman's aid left Dave unemployed, Amy took pity on Dave and hired him. However, Eggman's discontent with Dave's service made him attack him. Despite Amy's resistance, even after getting her team to help, Chez Amy was destroyed. Amy thus returned to the simpler life of being a customer at Meh Burger (which Team Sonic helped rebuild from an Eggman attack).[47] Amy was later out with her friends when they saw Swifty the Shrew arrive, and Amy was quickly smitten by the hip shrew. However, Amy changed her mind once she saw Swifty challenge Sonic to a race where the loser would get banished from the Village. Though Amy and her team rooted for Sonic at the race, Sonic lost and got banished. However, as Eggman arrived with his Swifty robots and unveiled he had orchestrated it all to take over the village, Amy pressured Mayor Fink into bringing Sonic back, who in turn saved the day.[48]

While carrying on business as usual, Amy would find herself cornered by traps from Sticks, who tried protecting her team from the "Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose". To stop this nonsense, Team Sonic followed Stick to a marmoset named Monkey-Boy to break the curse. To Amy's annoyance, they had to prove their worthiness by doing Monkey-Boy's chores, during which they found Eggman attacking Monkey-Boy. Making a deal, Amy and her team got rid of Eggman, and in return, the marmoset broke their curse, allowing Team Sonic to go home.[49] Amy later ordinated her team in the establishment of the Chili Dog Cook-Off, which she planned to enter using a special pepper she had bought from Mrs. Vandersnout, only to realize thanks to Knuckles that it was a phony. After Knuckles went to look for a new pepper, Team Sonic noticed at the cook-off that Knuckles had not shown up. They later found him after a day of searching, having fainted from eating a pepper that gave him a strange dream.[50]


Amy sets the Froglodytes free.

Amidst foiling Eggman's Explode-o-nut plot, Amy went to Sticks for a girls' night out. When she saw the junk in Sticks' lumber room however, she declared Sticks a pack rat and started a yard sale with her team despite Sticks' protests. When Amy removed Sticks' last junk however, she unblocked the entrance to the evil Froglodytes' caves and hordes of frogs swarmed the burrow. Despite the team helping (and berating) Amy, the Froglodytes took Sticks back into their caves, so Team Sonic went in and rescued Sticks using the badger's junk. Sealing up the caves again, Amy had her girls' night out with Sticks.[51] When Sticks later tried rallying her team against Knuckles while he served as deputy mayor, Amy dismissed her worries until she found the Village in chaos from Knuckles' approval of random bills. Team Sonic thus teamed up with the fellow-minded Eggman to stop Knuckles, whose approval stamp ran out of ink during the confrontation. However, Eggman betrayed Amy and her team by seizing the stamp to gain control over the Village. Fortunately, the heroes destroyed the stamp and Mayor Fink soon returned to his position.[52]

As Amy noticed Eggman was making a movie with Dave casting as Sonic, she brought the news to the real Sonic and made herself his manager when Sonic was given Dave's role. During the filming, Amy got Sonic a stuntman, though both hedgehogs left the movie when Eggman ejected their changes to the scrip. Coming to the movie premiere, Amy learned the movie was meant to enslave the audience with hypnotism. However, it failed due to an error on Eggman's part and everyone could leave.[53]

Amy Seminar

Amy running her sensitivity seminar.

Amy later answered the call to stop an Eggman attack, only to hear to her shock when Sonic and Knuckles came that Sonic had called Mike the Ox "just a guy." With the Village in uproar over Sonic's insensitivity, Amy got her team to join her sensitivity seminar to help better Sonic's image. While Amy deemed it a success, Sonic got Mike injured by letting him come to Team Sonic's fights, so Amy had him rejoin her seminar. Though Sonic had enough and retired, Amy let him have his alone-time while she took her group on a camping trip. Upon returning, Sonic was back in business and again loved by the Village, as Amy had planned. She soon after held her seminar for the Lightning Bolt Society.[54] During a barbeque, Team Sonic was confused when another Knuckles appeared, whom Amy gave a hat to tell the two Knuckles apart. Learning the other Knuckles was from a Mirror Dimension, the team tried getting him home until he left to get what was needed from Eggman. However, with two Knuckles in the same dimension, the Knuckles started to fade as their dimensions were at risk of imploding, so Amy, Sonic, and Sticks went to Eggman's lair and retrieved the alternate Knuckles from Eggman's captivity. Back at Tails' Workshop, they sent the alternate Knuckles home with tech provided by Eggman.[55]

When Amy enjoyed some commodities unintentionally provided by Dave the Intern, she and Team Sonic had to step in when Dave imprisoned Eggman, seized Eggman's forces, and used Octopus Bot to attack them. Sad at Dave's mediocre piloting, Amy helped keep Dave from hurting himself and others until Sonic came back with Eggman and stopped Octopus Bot.[56] On the day of New Year's eve, Team Sonic set up the Village festival while stopping Eggman's attack with his Ball Bots. As the New Year arrived, Amy partied with the village while Eggman arrived and used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year. However, Amy did not believe Eggman's claims of victory as it happened too fast for her to notice.[57]

Not crazy at all

Amy in on the "Beaver Fever."

When the Justin Beaver fever hit the Village, Amy was turned into a mindless consumer fan girl by Justin's mind control music. As Amy had her team listen to Justin's music, she brainwashed Sticks as well. The girls would thus shop for Justin's products and his autograph. Not listening to reason from the guys, Amy and Sticks went to Justin's concert where he and Dreamboat Express had a sing-off. During the show, Amy was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express, now Dude-itude, with no memory of what had occurred.[58] Amy later called in her team to stop Eggman from attacking Leroy the Turtle with Decimator Bot, during which they learned that Tails had a crush on Zooey. As Tails turned to Amy for advice on how to talk to Zooey, Amy advised him to be romantic and chivalrous. However, Amy's idea did not work. As Eggman began an attack though, Amy and co. stayed back on Tails' order and proudly saw Tails stop Eggman while winning over Zooey in his own way.[59] Summiting herself for the Most Selfless Award, Amy won the award a few weeks later. When Amy wnet to get it, she begrudgingly left Sonic and Knuckles to watch over her house. When she returned though, her couch got blown up by a stray missile from Obliterator Bot.[8]

When Knuckles became famous by starting a trash can trend at a photoshoot Team Sonic was at, Amy enjoyed the benefits from being a celebrity's friend despite her minor disgust. When Knuckles later took over the Comedy Chimp Show however, Amy and her team had to save him from an Eggman attack on the studio, orchestrated by an envious Comedy Chimp. Amidst this, Knuckles rejoined the group and together they beat Eggman.[60] Amy, Sonic and Knuckles later met Perci, hurt from a biking accident, following a trip at Meh Burger. Believing Perci played a damsel in distress for the boys, Amy begrudgingly treated her bruise and took her to Tails' Workshop to fix her bike. There, she squabbled with her team over pampering Perci as the workshop caught on fire. After quenching the fire, Tails arrived, and Amy gave her own explanation for the mess before Perci corrected it. As Tails saw that his security system caused the fire though, Amy left, guilt-free.[61]

Robot Battle Royal audience

Amy at the Robot Battle Royale.

When Tails showed Amy and the team his Super Antenna, Knuckles was inspired to start inventing. Amy later attended the Robot Battle Royale when Knuckles got Tails to compete with him. There, Eggman won the tournament by seizing Tails' robot-controlling Hypnobot in the finals, before using it to take over Tails' inventions. Trying to stop Eggman, Amy almost crushed Knuckles' rogue Vacuu-Fan 2000, but was halted by Knuckles. As it turned out, Tails was using this robot to reclaim Hypnobot and get rid of Eggman. Hypnobot was then destroyed by a stray robot Amy had taken a liking to.[62] As Team Sonic later endured a heatwave and attacks from super-charged Badniks, they began to notice the latter was acting haywire. They thus went to check on Eggman and saw he had captured the Archipelago Homeowners Association to avoid eviction. After freeing the prisoners, Amy and her team left once Eggman and the association worked things out.[63]

Having taken up Fuzzy Puppies despite her team's ridicule, Amy bonded with Eggman over their love for the game during a fan meeting. Forming a part-time friendship, they spent their free time together playing Fuzzy Puppies, where Amy made Eggman a top player. Although her team found out, Amy went to Puppy Con with Eggman where Team Sonic stopped a rockslide seemingly caused by the Lightning Bolts. As it turned to be a distraction Eggman had staged so he could steal a rare game piece, Amy played Eggman for the game piece and made him return it after she beat him so they could keep their friendship.[64] Later foling Eggman's plans again, Team Sonic agreed to Eggman's demands for a fair fight by facing him one-on-one. On her turn though, Amy got tricked by Eggman who took her hammer, making Sonic mock her and the others who got fooled. Regardless, they helped Sonic when Eggman caught him with their own gear and worked together by switching out when needed to beat Eggman (thus keeping their deal), with Amy regaining her hammer. However, the team still left Sonic encaged with Eggman to teach him a lesson.[65] Team Sonic soon after earned the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award after beating Eggman for the millionth time. However, with the team horsing around, the mayor hired D.B. Platypus to make them better role models, who got Amy and the team to obey strict rules that made Sticks leave. When they tried stopping Eggman's theft of a trophy though, Platypus made them not use violence, leaving the team helpless until Sticks came and got rid of Platypus and the audience. Resuming their old ways, Team Sonic were able to beat Eggman.[22]

You guys are jerks

Amy finds her team with her play.

When Team Sonic stayed at Amy's during a storm, Amy was irked by her team's antics as she tried hosting them. It only got worse when Amy saw her team had read her private manuscript for A Rose Without Thorns and were mad at her portrayals of them in the script, which nearly pulled the team apart. While the others reconciled after much arguing, Amy refused to since they had left her house trashed. Amy later forgave her team when they put up her play for her as an apology, although a storm at her reception made her team and the audience seek shelter in her house.[9] Amy later saw a challenge between Sonic and Knuckles when the latter was inspired by Counter Productive to make amends with Charlie. Charlie soon after became a villain to bully Knuckles with an Ancient weapon, though the latter initially refused to do Charlie more harm (abiding strictly by the book); however, Amy found a passage in Counter Productive that gave Knuckles clearance to beat Charlie; afterward, she joined Knuckles for a snack.[66]

Having bought a new bookcase, Amy had her team help assemble it when they were attacked by Team Eggman, Eggman's league of villains. Seeing a Weasel Bandit steal Lady Walrus' purse, Amy and Sticks followed him, only to get ambushed by Dave and the Stunt Bears. After beating them, Amy rejoined her crew, Team Eggman defeated, to play ball with Eggman as payback.[67]

Season two

Amy and Tommy

Amy getting charmed by Tommy Thunder.

When Amy and her team came to movie star Tommy Thunder's new movie promotion, they stopped Eggman's attack on a baker, inspiring Tommy to observe Sonic's heroics for his upcoming role. Charmed by Tommy and his privileges, Amy convinced Sonic to let Tommy hang around, although Tommy took credit for Amy and her team's next victory over the Weasel Bandits. Still, Amy was proud of Sonic when he finally let Tommy share the credit.[68] Learning later that an asteroid would hit the earth and destroy civilization, Amy and her team would construct Tails' Solar Convergence Device and steal Eggman's Egg Rocket (since Eggman wanted the asteroid to hit so he could sell spots in his bunker to the villagers). With Amy hurrying her friends on, Team Sonic sent Knuckles into space so he could knock the asteroid off-course with the SCD. Instead, he shattered the asteroid, leaving its pieces to rain down on the island. Fortunately, Amy's hammer was used by the speedy Sonic to deflect the pieces.[69]

While with her friends, Amy tried in vain to reason with Sticks when she got fed up with fluff news. After following Sticks' own news podcast, Amy was with Sonic when he calmed a village revolt. She also saw the power-angry villagers destroy Eggman's latest contraption for her when Eggman showed it to everyone.[70] Amy later helped her team experiment on boosting Sonic's speed when Sonic vanished while trying out Tails' Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier. While Amy assumed Sonic was dead, it turned out he was only stuck on another plane of existence. As Team Sonic tried to bring back Sonic, Eggman used Sonic's absence to attack the Village. Amy and co. thus held Eggman off while Tails retrieved Sonic, and together, the heroes beat Eggman's forces.[71]

You're going down Mark

Amy and her constricted team facing Mark.

After Amy reluctantly saw Sonic's speech at Career Day, Sonic would introduce Mark the Tapir, his biggest fan, to her and the gang. While Mark's obsessive behavior worried Amy, Sonic would still make him his assistant. When Sonic did not come to a movie with them however, Amy and co. went looking for him and discovered that Mark held him captive. Amy was subsequently caught by Mark too, along with her team, but they all soon broke free and beat him.[72] Upon hearing Sonic and Tails' bet to see if the latter could catch the former, Amy's warnings of a bad outcome were ignored by the duo. She was soon after caught in one of Tails' traps while with Sonic and got left behind. Freed later by Tails, Amy admonished him while helping her team save Sonic when Eggman exploited Tails' capture of Sonic. Afterwards, Amy scolded Tails again and later saw him take his bet's punishment at Meh Burger Karaoke Night.[73]

After beating Eggman again, Amy and co. went out to sea to investigate seismic activity. There, they found Eggman generating a tidal wave underwater to destroy the Village. After getting stalled by the aquaphobic Sonic, Amy and her team forced Sonic into the sea with the aid of Soar the Eagle's life-coaching. Joining Sonic and Knuckles undersea, Amy struggled to fight Eggman's minions upon finding Eggman. As Amy saved Sonic from drowning with Sticks' aid, the heroes were able to redirect the Wave Machine and go home.[16] When Dreamcaster subtly hypnotized her through TV, Amy was influenced to not believe Sticks' story about seeing Dreamcaster. As Sticks then disturbed the Village with her story on TV, Dreamcaster made Amy and co. arrest her for breaking into the studio. Amy soon after became Eggman's zombie slave, who had her and the hypnotized villagers build a world-controlling satellite. She would later attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but was freed by her with tin foil hats. With the team restored, Amy and co. freed the villagers and stopped Eggman's plan.[74]

Team sonic ready to fight

Amy and crew ready to defend the Village.

Getting introduced to Tails' new defense for the Village when Tails repelled Eggman with it, Amy and co. beat Eggman and his Scorpion Bots at Tails' trophy ceremony when Eggman got past the defense in his Egg Tank and used it to attack the Village. Back in her house, Amy took an odd-acting Tails home when he visited, only to find four dimwitted Tails copies. Figuring out Tails had split himself, Team Sonic made more copies when trying to remerge them. Gathering the runaway copies, Amy helped Sonic, Sticks and Eggman retrieve those in Eggman's lair. In turn, Eggman helped fuse the copies back into the real Tails.[75] After beating Eggman's Egg Tank again with her team, Amy attempted twice to convince Orbot and Cubot to stand up to Eggman while seeing the abuse the two were put through. Coming later to Eggman's lair with Sonic to rescue some villagers she saw Eggman bring with him (who turned out to be his new employees), Amy saw Eggman's robots were striking and thus stayed to support their dwindling cause until they came to an agreement with Eggman. However, Amy was left to get home on her own.[76]

Having stopped Eggman's attack on the Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse alongside her team, Amy had a picnic with Sonic which was ruined by a storm Orbot created. Amy later united with her team to protect City Hall from Orbot (now an independent villain) and his forces. This battle ended when Orbot destroyed the new villain permit's records and Orbot was restored as Eggman's lackey. Amy's team then cleared things up with Eggman and his theft of Tails' invention.[77] After stopping one of Eggman's attacks, Amy and co. helped Knuckles recover from the amnesia he got in the fight. As Knuckles recalled that he was the last of kind, Amy would watch him try to find a foster family. Amy and her team later had to fight both Knuckles and Charlie after Knuckles joined Charlie and Belinda's family and became a villain. Thankfully, Knuckles would rejoin his team and help beat Charlie, and Amy showed him afterwards that Team Sonic was his family.[78]

Amy looking jealous

Amy noticing Sonic's changed attitude.

While playing Jungle Predator, Amy and her team found a mech suit in an airtight Ancient ruin. The crew got trapped there by Eggman, but Sonic broke them out with the mech suit, although Amy had to stop him from killing Eggman. Noticing Sonic's growing malice while wearing the mech suit, Amy and co. found the mech suit's blueprints and learned it was taking over Sonic. When Sonic would not listen though, Amy and her team fought him when he threatened the Village. With Amy's help, Tails got into the mech suit and made it benign, thus freeing Sonic, who chose to keep his mech suit.[79] When Sonic got a copy of Tomatopotamus 2, Amy played on it with her team for hours. After Sonic went for chili dogs though, Amy saw an Eggman robot named FiendBot had followed him. Although Sonic said FiendBot was nice, Amy did not trust the robot and would dislike how he messed up their days. When Amy and co. had to fight Eggman though, FiendBot helped them beat Eggman's forces and even took a laser blast for Sonic. Amy thus gave up her team's video game so Tails could fix him. Making FiendBot a part of the team, the heroes gave him a home with the Cubot prototypes, whom he could protect.[24]

Having stopped Eggman's search for Ancient tech, Amy and her team would investigate some robberies. Finding the thief to be Og, a friendly Froglodyte just seeking a new life on the surface, Amy let Sonic, who thought Og was a spy, keep him at his place (since Og had messed up her house). Upon finding other Froglodytes invading the Village however, Amy summoned her team, thinking Og had released his people. As the horde overwhelmed Team Sonic though, Og would help the team reseal the evil frogs underground. Afterwards, Amy made up with Og, who would leave to get his own pad.[80] Amy and co. later came to an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, where Knuckles won a lamp. The next day, Amy saw Knuckles had gotten a house for his lamp. Amy spent the next days battling Eggman with her team while Knuckles worked two full-time jobs to pay his house fees. Amy thus encouraged him to quit one of them. When Knuckles kept his jobs though, only to lose them when trying to see to them and the team, Amy and co. learned his landlord T.W. Barker was strong-arming him, so Amy scared Barker into revoking Knuckles' contract and house.[4]


Amy and her team on the hunt for the Meroke Crystal.

When the Village had a power outage, Amy and her team investigated its cause. Finding Eggman innocent, they interrogated Mayor Fink and learned the town's power source (the Meroke Crystal) had died out. As such, Amy and her team followed Fink's directions into the mountains to get a new crystal from a deadly temple built by the Ancients, where they solved the riddles of the place and its guardians thanks to Knuckles' simple thinking. Claiming the crystal, the team got it to the Village in time to restore order.[17] At a town meeting, Amy learned that their village was named after Sticks' evil ancestor, Jebediah Badger. While Amy supported Sticks about her ancestry, the villagers scorned her for it. As everyone suggested ideas for a new town name at the next meeting, it came down to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's name propositions, which Eggman won despite Amy and Sticks' campaign efforts. However, Eggman used the votes to get elected as Village leader, leaving Team Sonic legally unable to stop his plan to destroy the Village. Finding out that Sticks owned the Village however, Amy allowed her team to remove Eggman from power and stop him. Having helped restore Sticks' name too, Amy got the Village named after her by Sticks as thanks.[7]

Coming to Meh Burger, Amy received premium service from the new robot employees (courtesy of Eggman) before watching Dave the Intern lose his job to one of these robots in a contest. Upon attenting the reopening of the improved Meh Burger with her team (minus Sticks) however, Amy and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Contacting Sticks, Amy and her trapped crew conducted a mid-air rescue of themselves and the villagers with the aid of Sticks and Dave (whom Sticks recruited) while returning Meh Burger to the surface. Amy subsequently saw Meh Burger return to normal.[81] After Team Sonic stopped Eggman and his robots' theft of the Fregosi Sapphire at its unveiling, Amy took pity on a beaten Bee Bot and had Tails, who reformed it, fix it. Naming it "Bea", Amy nursed Bea back to health and adopted her as a pet despite her team's dismay. Amy later hid Bea in Gogoba Village so Eggman could not take her back after he saw them, but Bea left once Eggman recalled her remotely. While grieving, Amy saw Eggman use Bea alongside Bee Bot look-alikes (which kept Team Sonic from hurting them) to take the Fregosi Sapphire from Knuckles. Avoiding at first the team's mission to stop Eggman from powering Mega Bot with the gem to avoid seeing Bea get hurt, Amy joined once she found out how to spot Bea. When Mega Bot shot Bea though, Amy beat the robot as revenge. She later got Bea back after Tails fixed her with the Sapphire.[82]


Amy on Sonic's playdate.

Having visited the Science Fair Awards, Amy would come to help her team foil an Eggman attack. She and Sticks soon after observed, and later attended, the playdates Mombot set up between Sonic and Eggman, during which Amy enjoyed seeing Eggman get humiliated due to Mombot.[83] Amy later declined Tails' offer to observe the stars when seeing Knuckles' new hangout. Regardless, she was proud of Tails and praised him when he seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence with a photo. Amy took part in the ensuring Muckfoot Mania, but Tails soon told her that "Muckfoot" was just a muddy Knuckles and that Knuckles had been caught by Barker, who wanted Muckfoot as his attraction. Amy and co. thus faced Barker on his Muckfoot world tour, where they beat Barker and his allies (Eggman and his lackeys included) by feeding them sleepwalk-inducing berries, and saved Knuckles. Amy later supported Tails when he told the truth about Muckfoot to the public.[84]

Amy soon came to see Tails demonstrate his Build-it Box by materializing a small Ms. Tomatopotamus. Taming Ms. Tomatopotamus, Amy and co. would stop an Eggman attack before focusing on their hippo. After she suddenly grew however, the gang discovered that Nominatus, Beta and Retro had hijacked the Build-it Box. While Tails and Knuckles went to question their suspect Eggman, Amy, Sonic and Sticks faced the thieves as they used the Build-it Box to materialize an army to conquer the planet with. With Ms. Tomatopotamus's aid, and the timely support of Eggman and his Badniks however, Amy and her united crew stopped the evil trio, who got shrunk and imprisoned by Eggman.[85] Coming to the beach, Amy and her team eventually got attacked by Eggman. While they won, Sonic hogged the fight, making Amy chide his lack of teamwork. Later at lunch, Amy and co. were told by Sonic that he had Steve Eggman join the team after Steve saved him. Not happy that Sonic made a team decision alone, Amy had issues trusting Steve, even after he helped them save some Gogobas on a mission. As her team then began to drift apart, Amy found it uncharacteristic of them. She was thus trapped by Steve, who showed himself to be a shapeshifting robot working on breaking Team Sonic apart. Fortunately, Amy was found by Tails, and together they reformed Team Sonic before rescuing Sonic when Eggman and Steve attacked him.[2]

Amy lighting candle

Amy helping push the widabits' courting ritual along.

As ESC's vice-chairman, Amy made Sonic move in with Tails while a widabit used his shack for its courting ritual. Hearing that Sonic and Tails were irking each other though, Amy helped their attempt to advance the widabit's ritual after Tails found it a mate with a fake mating call, but the beasts kept refusing each other. Amy later joined her team when Eggman attacked, but ESC's Fastidious Beaver halted their fight when a widabit arrived, just as more widabits, attracted by Tails' earlier call, ran through the Village to the shack. Seeking now enough widabits at the shack to let Sonic relocate them, Amy followed her team as they retrieved a final widabit. However, Amy had Sonic wait for the relocation when two widabits started a courting ritual.[18]

When Amy and co. held a charity car wash, Eggman attacked them with his Badniks when he complained about their service. Team Sonic easily beat the Badniks, but lost when Mighton and Bolts appeared and beat the team for Eggman. After Eggman left with his new allies, Amy investigated these robots' origins with her team. Finding a spaceship, they discovered the robots were not of this world. Orbot and Cubot later came and told Amy and co. that Eggman held Mighton and Bolts captive in his lair. Saving Mighton and Bolts after a battle in the lair, Amy and co. made peace with them before seeing the duo off after helping fix their ship. Just then however, the Cubot prototypes attacked the group and shot Tails.[86] Tails survived though, and Team Sonic subdued the prototypes. Leaving Sonic and Tails to examine the prototypes, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks found the Village under a relentless attack from every robot around, prompting Amy to call in Sonic and Tails while she and the others fought the robots. During the fight, Tails revealed a malware signal from Morristown was controlling the robots, so Amy stayed behind with Knuckles and Sticks to keep the robots at bay while Sonic and Tails went to Morristown to stop the signal. However, things got worse for Amy when an infected FriendBot attacked the town too.[87] As the battle raged on, Amy and co. received help from Og. Even so, the robots slowly overwhelmed them. Thankfully, Amy got help from the villagers after Knuckles got them to join the fight. The robots withdrew not long after, once Sonic and Tails stopped the malware signal, which left Amy and co. with a town to clean up, but without the villagers' help.[88]

Amy and Robo-Amy

Amy and Cyborg Amy.

With Sonic and Tails staying in Morristown for a while, Amy and co. began cleaning up the town until they saw Eggman head for Morristown with his army and Hypnobot to conquer it. Believing Sonic and Tails would need them, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks used FriendBot to reach Morristown when Hypnobot made him join the invasion. There, Amy helped her team and allies fight Eggman's army until Hypnobot began turning Morristown's robots against them. Overwhelmed, the group retreated to a bunker where Bolts made malware-proof cyborg clones of Amy and her team, who helped them overpower Eggman's army when they resumed the fight. After Hypnobot got smashed and Eggman retreated, Amy bid farewell to a liberated Morristown (now renamed "Roboken") with the knowledge that her team's cyborg clones had the city covered.[89]

Eventually catching fleas after she and her team stopped Eggman's newest theft by beating his HugeBot, an itchy Amy soon saw at Meh Burger that her team had fleas too. This led to Amy and her crew getting quarantined by the authorities when they tried to enter the Male Fennec's shop, although the mayor soon freed them so they could stop Eggman's latest attack. It was then that they discovered that their fleas were remote-controlled Eggman robots. Unable to remove these FleaBots, Amy and co. faced Eggman to make him stop them. As Eggman struck back using his FleaBots and Badniks, Team Sonic made the FleaBots attack Eggman after getting his FleaBot remote, which Amy then broke to make the robots stick.[90] Amy soon after stopped the Lightning Bolt Society's newest scheme with her team, before watching the Pin Dashers lose to the Lightning Bowler Society in bowling after the latter became bowlers. Amy then watched her friends train for their arranged rematch, but on the day of the match they heard that the Lightning Bowlers broke up. Following Sonic's plan to reunite them for the rematch, Amy and co. gathered the group, but then had to stop Eggman when he came with his Mega. While Amy and co. beat the Mega with the unintended help from the Lightning Bowlers when they tried to fight Team Sonic, the rematch got canceled when the Lightning Bowlers decided to become Lightning Bolts again.[91]

Amy getting a massage

Amy enjoying her weekend off.

When Dude-itude had to perform at a concert on the other side of the island, Amy planned a girls' weekend with Sticks. After seeing their friends off, Amy set up her Sonic doll to distract Eggman, allowing her and Sticks to relax without worrying about Eggman attacking the island. After some back and forth, Amy and Sticks decided to spent their weekend at the spa. When Eggman tore through the Village in anger after realizing he had been distracted however, Amy and Sticks fessed up to him. Although they drove Eggman off when he unleashed his Badniks on them, Belinda attacked immediately after with Charlie's Mech Suit, whom Amy and Sticks, with some effort, beat too. Later on, Amy saw Eggman retrieve her Sonic doll.[92][93] Amy and co. soon after got lured into a trap by Eggman, but were able to beat his robots and get away. Hearing later that Eggman had turned his lair into a hotel to pay a fee, Amy checked in there with her team to keep an eye on Eggman's plans. Being a secret reviewer from Secret Review Magazine, Amy would also evaluate Eggman's service, which was mediocre, as Eggman failed to take care of all his guests. Eventually, Team Sonic and the guests got trapped when Eggman took them hostage for a scheme, but Sticks, who was not among them, freed them. Amy and her team then fought Eggman's robots, which led to the guests' liberation and the destruction of Eggman's lair.[94]

When local gossip revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, Amy would see him as an even greater joke. She thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village. For the next boring weeks where Eggman focused on getting a Ph.D., Amy spent her free time goofing off with her friends. Though Amy and co. stopped Eggman when he tried to rob a store, their fight lacked the usual spark. When Eggman did earn his doctorate, Amy watched his graduation ceremony.[95] Visiting later the Haunted Forest with her team alongside Eggman, Amy had a laugh seeing Eggman get traumatized by the props.[96] Back at Meh Burger with her team, Amy advised a despondent Eggman to seek aid. Amy and her team later found Gogoba Village when they got lost. There, the Gogoba Chief revealed that the Froglodytes had taken his people away to work in the mines. Guilt-tripped into saving the Gogobas, Amy and co. entered the Froglodytes' caves and saw that the frogs were helping Eggman (whom they thought was a kingly figure) mine for the Tummel Crystal. Although the team got caught and put into labor, Amy managed to free them when Eggman found the crystal. Then, after Sonic exposed Eggman as a fake to the Froglodytes and stopped him when he tried using his crystal-powered MeBot, Amy helped get the Gogobas home.[97]

Sticks and Amy floating

Amy having been caught in anti-gravity.

Amy later had a game with her team when she saw Cubot, who had gone nuts and was flying around with a rampant Anti Gravity Ray, and Eggman arrive. With Cubot's gravity field picking up innocent villagers, Amy and co. tried to rescue the villagers, only for Cubot to gain control of the Anti Gravity Ray. Cubot then began taking Amy, along with some of her friends and the villagers, into space to enlighten them. Thankfully, Sonic and Tails got them down by reversing the Anti Gravity Ray. After removing the Anti Gravity Ray from Cubot though, Amy and co. almost got crushed by the gravity it began to emit. Knuckles however, saved them by destroyed the device.[98] When their beloved rec center then got closed, Amy and co. tried saving it by filling out a petition, which the mayor dismissed. Concurrently, Eggman tried to get the rec center so he could trash it. Since only the winner of a sports game could get it, Amy's team and Eggman arranged a soccer match. When Amy later saw that they would face Team Cybonic, whom Eggman had recruited with mind-control, she accepted this once Eggman promised his team's freedom after the match. Amy's team stood to lose however when Eggman made his team meaner (but dumber) while the teams practiced. At the match though, they won by exploiting Team Cybonic's stupidity, leading to the rec center's reopening. Amy then helped freed Team Cybonic from the mind-control when the cyborgs attacked them, and together they got payback at Eggman.[19] When Sonic, Tails and Knuckles later asked her to change the diaper of Chumley (whom they babysat), Amy refused to handle their responsibilities. After the trio's baby escapade was over, Amy was dismayed to see that they had learned little about responsibility.[99]

Back home, Amy met who seemed to be Sonic, only to ignore him upon seeing that it was Morpho trying to trick her. When the real Sonic returned from another dimension Eggman and Morpho had sent him to, Amy helped him beat up the duo as payback.[100] Another time at Tails', Amy helped get Tails to make a big Build-it Box for making large and fun stuff after seeing the fox's measly use of a small one. With it, the crew made themselves cars. Getting over-competitive, Amy and co. prepped their own car race, only to be forced to make it an official event by racing laws presented by the mayor. After eight months of permits, Amy had her race against her team in her ride, with locals like Eggman joining them, but crashed on the track. With the rest of Team Sonic crashing too and Eggman poised to win, Amy, like her team, realized their erroneous ways and helped make a car from their own that Sonic won the race with. Afterward, Amy received a participation trophy.[101] Amy later played with her team when Eggman came and told Sonic to add him on FriendSpace, which Sonic refused. While Amy felt bad for Eggman as he ran away weeping, Sonic decided to add Eggman anyway to spy on him. Amy soon learned though that Eggman was bombarding Sonic with notifications. Amy subsequently got into Scrambler until it got deleted.[102]

Vector Detector Promo 3

Amy notices her hammer is gone.

On a good morning, Amy noticed to her shock that her hammer was gone. Joining her team, Amy broke down over her uselessness when they had to fight Eggman, who attacked them when they accused him of taking the hammer (which he did not). Though her team comforted her afterward, Amy hired Vector the Crocodile to find her hammer. While Vector and Sonic conducted the investigation, Amy stood on the sidelines where she saw the case unfold and got looked after by her friends until Vector found her hammer and returned it to her. When Vector and Sonic later found the thief, Amy helped arrested him.[103] When Amy and her friends later tried using Meh Burger's new delivery service to order take-out that would be free if not delivered within a certain time limit, their meal arrived many hours too later. As such, Amy joined a focus group to review Meh Burger's service. At the end, Sonic became Meh Burger's new delivery boy. Amy tried using Sonic's new job to have a romantic dinner with him, but failed. When Eggman later tried to keep Sonic from delivering an order on time, Amy and co. helped Sonic by holding off Eggman's Badniks.[104]

After getting scammed by Eggman's online business, Amy and co. faced Eggman in his lair. During the subsequent fight, a malfunction in the HQ room made the lair's sorting system send Amy and Tails to the basement where Mootonium was stored, with the lair's lockdown protocol trapping them there soon after. Much to Amy and Tails' displeasure, the Mootonium later stood to explode when the AC broke. Joined soon after by Sticks and Orbot, the group heard Eggman talk to them through the pipes in morse code. With this way of messaging the different rooms, the group was able to relay Eggman's info on how to undo the lockdown to Sonic in the HQ room, thus allowing Amy and co. to escape the lair before it blew up.[23] Coming under attack by Bee Bots later on, Amy and co. trapped them in a cave when Orbot and Cubot proved unable to call off the Bee Bots without Eggman (who was on vacation). Some time after, Amy saw Tails had been merged with a straggler Bee Bot by his Matter Transporter. Amy and co. tried at first to figure out how to fix Tails, but then had to take care of a rescue mission. Afterward, Tails chose to remain as he was. However, Amy soon saw Tails get corrupted by his Bee Bot half, which made Tails use the imprisoned Bee Bots to attack Team Sonic, who fell back after seeing Tails get hurt for every Bee Bot they beat. Sonic later had Eggman set the Matter Transporter to cure Tails, whom Sonic lured out. Amy and co. then began beating Bee Bots to weaken Tails, which allowed them to return him to normal.[105]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Amy Rose (Sonic Boom) Archie Comics

Amy coordinating her team, from Sonic Boom #1.

On the beach, Amy, Tails and Knuckles came to Sonic's aid as he fought Dr. Eggman and his Big Boy, where they helped beat the mech and make Eggman to retreat. Sticks then arrived and told them that Tails' house had been robbed, though as the gang came to Tails' house, they saw that the house was gone: what Sticks meant to say was that Tails' whole house had been stolen by what she described as a "cyborg rock golem" that rose from the ground. As Amy tried to explain it to Knuckles, Sticks seemingly caught the robot's scent. Though it turned out Sticks was only smelling the grass, the group still found the Rock-cyborg by following its footprints. As Amy planned an ambush for the robot, she had enough of Knuckles' slow wit and insulted him. She, Knuckles, Tails, and Sticks then made the Rock-cyborg fall, allowing Sonic to destroy it, thereby restoring Tails' house.[106]

Amy, Sonic, Tails and Sticks soon faced Eggman in the Big Boy again. Amidst the battle, Amy and her team were attacked and trapped by Knuckles, who explained he now worked for Eggman because he was tired of Amy calling him dumb. As the team was stored inside the Big Boy, Knuckles revealed he was pretending to work for Eggman to fool the doctor, but Amy pointed out he had let Eggman win this way, thus depressing Knuckles. With Tails' help, Amy encourage Knuckles to fight back, and they soon escaped thank to Sonic while Knuckles drove Eggman away, and Amy apologized to Knuckles for insulting him. After dealing with Orbot and Cubot however, Amy discovered to her horror that her hammer was gone.[107] Amy quickly sunk into a depression which was only worsen by the boys. Once Amy was calmed by Sticks, who sent the boys out to find her hammer, she got her to try some placeholders, but failed to use them properly and only got Sticks and Knuckles injured. Fortunately, Amy got her hammer back from Sonic and she returned home for the night.[108]

Sonic without his bandana

Amy mourning the Rock of Justice, from Sonic Boom #4.

For a climatic battle with the Big Boy, Team Sonic promised a battle with Eggman, but, Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles soon forgot it. Hours later, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot found them in the Big Boy, and Team Sonic proceeded to counterattack, but were at a disadvantage against the Big Boy's upgrades. Coming to their aid was Sticks, who claimed she had found an all-powerful weapon: the Rock of Justice. Not believing a rock could help them, Amy told Sticks off and continued the fight. However, Sticks saved them with the Rock of Justice by throwing it at the Big Boy, causing it to ricochet into the mech and destroy it . Having scared Eggman and his lackeys off, Amy apologized to Sticks, only to hear that the Rock of Justice's power had been used up. After mourning their loss, Amy and Tails helped Sticks home.[109]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

In the Village Center, Amy and her team came to Sonic's aid when Eggman's minions attacked him. Though Eggman got away after beating the badniks, Amy and her friends met him later at Meh Burger where he asked for aid to operate the rides on his Eggtoberfest, which Eggman hoped to gain the villagers' trust with. Team Sonic agreed to it, though to watch over things. Shortly after, Eggman's army attacked the villagers, which Amy and her friends deal with and earned the villagers' admiration.[110]

Amy and her team later protected Sonic when Courier Robot attacked, only for the robot to become a video phone which Eggman contacted Team Sonic through. Eggman promptly challenged them to a fair race in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, which Sonic accepted, though Amy had her doubts about it. Regardless, Amy's team was forced to compete without Sticks who believed it was a trap. At the Grand Prix, Amy and her team quickly took the lead as the race began, in the go-karts Eggman had provided, but Amy was soon forced to stop for ducks who began crossing the road while she was unknowingly being scanned. However, she discovered the ducks were actually robots which then attacked her.[111] Escaping the robots, Amy reunited with Tails and Knuckles to save Sonic from falling into a ravine, which Eggman had caused. While Amy wanted to go after Eggman, Sonic convinced her to let him beat Eggman in the race first to prove he could win fairly. Amy later joined her friends in Tails' Plane after getting Sonic back on the road, where they distracted Eggman as he attacked Sonic in his Spider-Kart while Sonic won the race. Amy then regrouped with her team to destroy Eggman's Spider-Kart and made the doctor retreat. Though Amy received Sonic's sincere gratitude afterwards, she wondered where Sticks had gone during the fight.[112] When Sticks returned, Amy and team heard her story about fighting an evil robot alongside an interdimensional army over a campfire. Ever skeptical, Amy questioned Sticks further, who went on to explain about time paradoxes and nexuses of reality.[113]

Back home, Amy was pestered by a Smilebug trolling her, unaware that Eggman was monitoring her.[114]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Amy is a playable character who can be unlocked with thirty Red Star Rings. In gameplay, her special power is "Ring Hammer" which lets her turn enemies and obstacles into Rings while dashing.

In later updates to the game, Amy makes an appearance on the High Score menu, holding the fifth place with a score of 500,000 points.


Amy is smart, independent, strong, and confident.[115][116] She is a natural leader and organizer,[10] but also a perfectionist who need everything to be just right. She also tends to take charge of everyone around her, though she cannot help it since she knows what others want before they do.[10] She is overall sweet and has ballerina-like gracefulness, but also a capable and tough cookie.[10][13] Amy similarly takes great pride in her expertise in archeology, and thus hates when people shows her up in that field.[79] For all her confidence though, it is hinted that she has insecurities which she covers up by bossing others around.[61] She is also sometimes shy about admitting her true feelings for others.[117]

Amy is most of the time the sensible member on her team[118] and the most emotionally mature of them, offering common sense when the rest of the team gets carried away. She is eager to help her friends and takes care of them all, making her somewhat the mother of her group.[117][119] More often that not, she sees herself as a psychiatrist and tries to encourage the people around her to talk openly about their feelings.[2][25] She is likewise fair-minded and is the first to give support if someone is in need,[117] regardless of past transgressions or her own dislike, while attempting to understand both sides of an argument to keep the peace and solve the problem.[25][61] She is also very peppy and an optimist, though it makes her sometimes come off as naïve, and when on a mission she tries to keep the team optimistic as much as she can.[25]


Amy showing her true temperament.

Amy is normally very charitable and thinks of herself as a refined and elegant woman.[59] Underneath her self-described "cute" and "girly" demeanor though, Amy keeps an explosive and scary temperament that is quick to rise up when she feels provoked.[4][59][106] This side of her is unforgiving and brutal, especially when she sees others messing with her friends. If pushed, Amy will snap into a vicious, unrestrained and intimidating fit that unnerves friends and foes alike.[4][82] Contrary to her charitable nature, Amy shows as well occasionally bouts of rudeness, snarkiness and selfishness when looking out for herself.[8][106] Amy also stands strongly by the ideals of being an independent modern woman and has a distaste for gender stereotypes.[22][24][61]

Amy is extremely attached to her hammer, which is her most precious possession. She considers it her whole identity and skillset, and she tends to sink into a hysterical fit and deep depression when she thinks she has lost it for good.[103][108] Another particular quirk about Amy is her interest in arts and crafts; she can often be found practicing different artforms with elusive materials and has a habit of making decorations out of whatever she has on hand.[1][9][36] She also shows a noticeable passion for noble causes such as charities and recycling, which (more often than not) has been exploited by her enemies when they lure her into traps.[31][33][65]

Powers and abilities

Amy has a high level of agility and acrobatic skills which let her execute physical feats that would normally be difficult for someone else,[13] such as performing body flips, balancing perfectly on beams and walk across them, and landing safely from large falls with fluidity and grace. Amy is also a great fighter who knows martial arts to perfection.[119] In a battle, she is capable of holding her own, and is described as a heavy-hit combatant whose skills match the combat-orientated Knuckles'.[107] If angry enough, Amy can fight exceptionally better than normal, to the point where she can overpower a foe who had the rest of Team Sonic on the ropes.[82] Amy also wields her hammer to perfection[119] and is highly adapt and knowledgeable in its usage. Being both very powerful,[116] graceful and fluid with it, she can combine its powerful strikes with her own acrobatic skill, ensuring no movement with it is wasted. In line with her weapon proficiency, Amy's reflexes are sharp enough to let her detect incoming attacks outside her field of vision.[47]

Amy possesses strong leadership and organization capabilities, and is a quick thinker and tactician of considerable intelligence. She came up with a plan to bring down Eggman's Big Boy mech while coordinating her team twice, and she was able to calculate how to bring down Tails' house safely from the Rock-cyborg when setting an ambush.[106] Amy is also a history buff who has studied the legends and lore of her mysterious world and has useful knowledge of the ancient areas that she explores with her friends.[10][79]

Amy is quite the accomplished decorator with a real feel for color and shape. In addition to setting up atmospheric and detailed lunches, she could spruce up Eggman's lair so well that it was accepted by the highly-standard Modern Lair Magazine after it was unquestionably dismissed.[28] She is also a great cook and can make delicious cookies.[10][119] Under Sticks' tutelage, Amy has as well become an accomplished wilderness survivalist, having earned her teacher's acknowledgement, though she is still not as resourceful in this field as Sticks is.[120]

After eating an Evil Cookie infused with Eggman's DNA, Amy briefly gained genius-level intelligence. However, it reverted back to her normal level after being cured.[30]

Weapons and equipment

Talk to the Hammer

Amy wielding her hammer.

Amy's primary weapon is her hammer, a large pink and yellow hammer capable of dealing massive damage with no excessive efforts, which she can summon out of nowhere at will.[121] Amy mainly uses her hammer as a melee weapon, though she has also been known to perform acrobatic stunt with it, either utilizing it as a hook to swing around bars (or similar structures) or a spring pole for enhanced leaps.[73] She is also able to use it as a long-range weapon by throwing it as a projectile with efficient accuracy.[106]

Besides her hammer, Amy wields a Communicator, a multifunctional and waterproof smartwatch created by Tails. This device allows Amy wide-ranged radio communication between similar devices. It can as well generate its own Enerbeam (an energy tether that can latch onto objects or form a makeshift whip/rope), run mobile apps, tell the time, interface with Amy's tech-based equipment for remote operation, and assume other powers. It also comes with its own tracking device.

Amy also has a unique set of clothes referred to as a Luminous Suit which can provide her with light in otherwise light-deprived environments.[79]


Team Sonic

Sticks the Badger

Amy and Sticks

Amy and Sticks

The wild girl Sticks the Badger is Amy's teammate and best friend.[122] The two of them are very close, with Amy in particular standing by Sticks' side through thick and thin when she needs support, no matter what.[7] As a testament to the bond they share, Amy would, as the only one, provide Sticks with unwavering support every step of the way during the time the Village turned against the badger.[7] Also, as a symbol of their friendship, they each own a joinable BFF necklace.[123]

While Amy helps Sticks adapt to civilization, Sticks is willing to go to extremes to protect Amy.[122] Together, they are a solid team, showing well-oiled collaboration in different situations, like combat and wilderness survival.[1] They also occasionally have girls-only activities where it is just the two of them hanging out together. While their different personalities make it difficult for them to find common ground during such events, they nonetheless always manage to make compromises that satisfy both of them, showcasing the strength of their friendship.[51][93]

While good friends with Sticks and admitting she is nice deep down,[61] Amy has difficulties getting along with her behavior at times. In addition to viewing her as downright crazy, she once called her "pathetic and hopeless."[9][51] Amy also thinks that Sticks is immature, and the inconsiderate attitude Sticks sometimes shows her makes her feel unappreciated.[9][46] At the same time however, Amy can see the perks in Sticks' primitive methods and is willing to learn from them, just like Sticks learns from her.[1][15][93] Also, while Amy accepts Sticks for who she is, she is not above encouraging her to act more lady-like, if only to help her better fit into society.[15][51] Amy can also not help make decisions for Sticks without regards for her opinions when she believes she is in the right.[51]

Like the rest of her team, Amy is normally unnerved by Sticks' paranoia and stays skeptical about her theories,[49][61] although she tries to be more gentle about breaking it to her.[25][109] However, she always apologize for doubting her when she is proven wrong.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Photo of Sonic

Amy's photo of Sonic that she keeps on her.

Sonic the Hedgehog is Amy's teammate and friend, although they have a complex relationship.[124] As it turns out, Amy secretly has romantic feelings for Sonic,[125] so much that she keeps a photo of him in her purse and once had a homemade doll of him.[51][93] As stated by Tails, she has an "unhealthy attachment" to him.[72] However, she is not obsessed or constantly fawning over Sonic,[12][125] and is very shy about admitting her true feelings for him;[117] when UT almost told about her crush, she got nervous and defensive. As a result, she tries covering up her crush whenever it presents itself and insists her relationship with Sonic is only platonic.[26][51] She can also not help feeling jealous when she sees Sonic flirting with other girls.[79]

Despite her concealed feelings for Sonic, Amy keeps a healthy and loyal friendship with him. During their battles with Lyric, Amy even chose Sonic over the world to save his life. The two also often hang out and go on missions together without too many squabbles, and Amy serves at times as Sonic's voice of sensibility.[29] Regardless of her feelings for Sonic though, Amy is well-aware of his flaws, which tend to make them bicker. She is often frustrated by Sonic's laid-back and snarky behavior, which sometimes clash with her bossiness and perfectionism, and the occasional inconsiderate attitude he shows her makes her feel unappreciated.[9][28][65] While Amy tries to make Sonic be more open about his feelings, he is very reluctant to do so and will rather avoid such discussions.[82] When Sonic does open up about how he cares about her though, Amy becomes very moved by his sincerity.[26][89] She also thinksthat Sonic is immature.[46] Amy is also cautious about leaving Sonic without supervision due to the trouble he can cause, and will not hesitate to threaten him with her wrath when he steps out of bounds.[8][79]

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles and Amy arguing

Amy and Knuckles arguing.

Knuckles the Echidna is one of Amy's teammates and friends. However, their relationship is sometimes strenuous due to their opposite viewpoints which causes a great deal of arguing. While Amy is elegant, intelligent and plans strategically ahead, Knuckles is macho-minded, dimwitted and would rather face trouble head-on without any plan at all.[106] Also, when Sonic is out of the picture, the two of them tend to argue over who should be in charge.[43][125]

According to Knuckles, Amy thinks of him as no more than a "piece of meat." While she tries to be formal and supportive towards Knuckles, she usually has her patience tested by Knuckles' slow wit and his refusal to listen to her. More often than not, Amy loses her temper when dealing with Knuckles' obstinacy and stupidity, causing her to lash out at him with heavy (if not hurtful) criticism.[33][43][106] She does not think highly of Knuckles' intelligence either,[9][43] though she is aware that there are boundaries that she should not overstep.[106] Amy is also cautious about leaving Knuckles without supervision due to the trouble he can cause and will not hesitate to threaten him with her wrath.[8] Additionally, the occasional inconsiderate attitude Knuckles shows her makes her feel unappreciated.[9][28]

Despite all of their conflicts, Amy and Knuckles are loyal teammates who always have each other's back. Above all else, Amy helps fill out the kind of loneliness Knuckles gets about being the last of his kind by being the family he longs for.[78] Very devoted to each other, Amy shows genuine concern for Knuckles when he is in way over his head.[34] Likewise, Amy always make peace with Knuckles at the end of the day as she realizes how badly she has behaved.[43][107] They also work well together in combat, even having their own maneuvers.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails and Amy on a picnic

Amy and Tails on a picnic.

Miles "Tails" Prower is one of Amy's teammates and close friends. Having no significant issues about him, Amy keeps a good relationship with Tails despite seeing him as naive and timid.[9] They are overall loyal teammates whose eagerness complement each other, and each of them will come to the others' rescue without hesitation whenever one of them is in trouble.[26][28] While Amy respects Tails however, she also tends to view him as the child among her friends;[84] one time, she even thought he was adorable rather than tough.[59] As such, she can get emotional when she sees Tails prove his growing maturity.[84]

Amy thinks that Tails, like her other friends, is immature, and the occasional inconsiderate attitude she gets from him makes her feel unappreciated.[9][28][46] Also, when experiencing snide remarks from Tails (intentional or otherwise), Amy is quick to respond to him with anger.[59][72] In addition, she has issues about Tails leading her.[43] Compared to her other friends, Amy tends to question Tails' dubious inventions and designs more strongly.[26][50]

Doctor Eggman

Like the rest of her team, Amy's sworn enemy is Dr. Eggman, whom she generally dislikes. However, their relationship is complex. While Amy will not hesitate to fight Eggman to stop his evil plans, they keep a passive relationship outside their battles where they let each other be nearby without seeking conflict.

Amy consulting Eggman

Amy trying to consult Eggman.

Out of everyone on Team Sonic, Amy is the one most sympathetic towards Eggman, having more than once tried consulting him and analyzing his behavior to help him with his emotional issues, and has often commiserated with him over his trouble.[25][51] She is also usually the first to think that Eggman is not plotting anything evil when he appears innocent.[25][39] Regardless, she will not hesitate to bash his face in when she thinks he is up to something.[65] Amy, like her other friends, also finds Eggman to be a total joke.[35] Because of her constant victories over Eggman, Amy tends to underestimate the doctor and forget how devious he can be.[65]

Amy and Eggman share a common interest in Fuzzy Puppies which Amy taught him to play. This has allowed them to form a part-time friendship; while they agree to remain enemies while fighting, they come together in their spare time to play Fuzzy Puppies, and usually have a great time doing it.[64]

Bea the Bee

Amy hugging Bea 2

Amy hugging Bea.

Bea the Bee is Amy's beloved pet Bee Bot, a robot formerly in service to Dr. Eggman. Though enemies at first, Amy took pity on Bea after she found her broken, but still functional, body on the battlefield. Amy subsequently took it upon herself to nurse Bea back to health, eventually naming her and adopting her as her pet. From then on, the two of them became very close and did all sorts of activities together. Their bond proved so strong that even after Eggman took control of Bea, Amy could still make Bea react to her commands.[82]

Amy is very dedicated to protecting Bea from Eggman, and was heartbroken when he took her away. She similarly snapped into an unparalleled rage when Mega Bot shot Bea down.[82]




"Do you feel scared without a home? Do you feel alone? Are you eating your feelings?"
—Amy trying to talk to Eggman, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Sonic, I think someone here can go for two spoonful's of forgiveness, washed down with a tall glass of friendship. What do you think?"
—Amy at her roommate meeting with Sonic, Tails and Eggman, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Meteors are shooting stars. We shouldn't be running. We should be making wishes! I wish for a pony!"
—Amy watching a meteor shower hit the village, "My Fair Sticksy"
"The fates gave me one gift! I hammer-- I hammer very well!"
—Amy, Sonic Boom #3
"Hush, little Granifer Giganticus, don't say a word. Amy's gonna buy you a mockingbird."
—Amy singing a lullaby to the rock monster, "Sleeping Giant"
"A girl needs the essentials; cab fare, lip balm, (pulls out a picture of Sonic) Picture of a platonic friend that you have no romantic interest in."
—Amy showing the contents of her purse to Sticks, "Closed Door Policy"
"But if you two do anything foolish, I promise you will FACE MY WRATH! Ta-ta."
—Amy threatening Sonic and Knuckles, "Bro-Down Showdown"
"I'm a woman! I'm refined and elegant like a delicate flower, you jerk!"
—Amy after Tails asked her where to find a woman, "Tails' Crush"
"When you act like a jerk, I start pounding you."
—Amy replying to Eggman, "Role Models"
"Sacrificing your glory for the common good is also very heroic."
—Amy persuading Sonic to share the spotlight, "Spacemageddonocalypse"
"Oh yeah? Well, let me make YOU a deal, bozo. I'm gonna be watching you. People think I am the cute one. The girly one. Oh, sweet little adorable Amy Rose, wonder what kind of cake she's baking today? I blend in buddy, but I carry a BIG hammer, and I never forget! [...] Do you know what I do to my enemies? I CRUSH them, and I eat them for breakfast, even if I already ate breakfast AND brunch! So do NOT push me, and DON'T mess with my friends!"
—Amy chewing out T.W. Barker, "Knine-to-Five Knuckles"


  • Amy dances ballet as part of one of her idle animations in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. This is perhaps a reference to her gracefulness which has often been linked to that of a ballerina.
  • Amy apparently keeps a picture of Sonic in her purse.[51]
  • It is revealed that Amy only owns one outfit,[58] although she has multiple sets of it.[8]
  • Amy has fish for pets.[8]
  • Amy is the only one on her team who can cook[22] and is said to make delicious cookies.[10]
  • Amy has her own roller skates.[71]
  • Amy has participated in a number of academic activities, including a bee keeping seminar and a psychology class.[38][72]
  • Amy is currently the only member of her team who has not been shown playing an instrument.
    • However, this is not necessarily the case anymore with FriendBot on the team as well.
  • Amy owns at least fifty scrapbooks.[126]
  • Amy's Communicator has a four-digit number.[92]
  • Amy is currently the only (organic) member of her team that has never been arrested or put in jail.

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