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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 Smart and confident, with acrobatic skills to match! Quotation2
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Amy Rose
Sonic Boom Amy 2
Amy Rose
First appearance

Sonic Boom #1

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Cindy Robinson

voice actor(s)

Taeko Kawata

Other language
voice actor(s)
  • Naike Fauveau (French)
  • Miya Kadosh (Hebrew)
  • Raleen Dagher (Arabic)
Biographical overview


Physical description










  • Red headband
  • Red and white dress with gold buttons
  • White gloves
  • Purple sports tape
  • Gold ring bracelets
  • Sarashi
  • Purple stockings
  • Red, purple, and white sneakers with gold buttons and grey soles
  • Wrist communicator (occasionally)
Alignment and character traits


  • Feeling unappreciated
  • Lyric[5]
  • UT revealing sensitive information[5]
  • Losing her hammer
Powers and abilities
  • High acrobatic skills
  • Piko hammer skills
  • Martial Arts skills
  • Organization[5]
  • Extensive knowledge[5]
  • Leadership[5]
  • Proficient Enerbeam wielder
  • Skilled decorator
  • Capable cook
  • Survival skills[4]
Moves and techniques

Amy Rose is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is an anthropomorphic pink hedgehog and the organizer, archaeologist and overall backbone of Team Sonic,[6][7] a heroic group devoted to defending the peace of their world.

Concept and creation

For the tone of Sonic Boom, Big Red Button Entertainment aimed for Amy to appear as a more "capable" character who would be appealing on her own and make her rise up from being one of the subordinate characters she tends to be in other games. As such, her design was made more "agile and graceful" to make her a strong, able-bodied female character, allowing her to perform difficult physical tasks and make them look easy.[8][9]

Amy's clothes were adjusted to make her seem more like the adventuring type and emphasize her great combat skills with her piko hammer, unlike her main series counterpart.[10]

Additional concept art for Amy showed her wearing a purple scarf, similar to Sonic's, as well as longer stockings (possibly tights) that completely covered Amy's legs.


Amy is virtually identical to her main series counterpart, except that she appears slightly taller and thinner. For attire, Amy wears both her trademark red hairband and a red one piece top with a white collar, yellow buttons on the her left side and a lavender sarashi around her waist. She also wears white gloves with purple sports tape and golden ring bracelets around her wrists, purple stockings, and red-violet shoes with pink soles and toes, gray straps and pink plate with two yellow buttons on top. She appears to lack undergarments.

At the Awardy Awards, Amy wore a purple tiered dress with light purple circles on it, a light purple waist band, white evening gloves, a small purse, and black medium-heeled shoes.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Amy Dont open

Amy telling Sonic not to open the tomb.

In Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Amy was out foiling one of Dr. Eggman's schemes with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, as they chased the doctor and Metal Sonic to a distant island. After a brief separation, Team Sonic reached an omnious tomb, only to be cornered by Metal Sonic and Eggman's new Destruction Troops. Despite Amy repeatedly telling him not to due to a "bad feeling," Sonic opened the tomb and they retreat inside, where they got trapped. As they tried escaping, during which Amy gave Sonic a hard time, they accidently released the evil Lyric the Last Ancient, who bound then with his shackles. As Lyric fled, the group escaped the shackles and used them as Enerbeams to follow Lyric, but without luck.

Seeing info on Lyric, Amy took her team to Cliff, who revealed that Lyric was an evil member of the Ancients who planned to destroy all life in the world with his Sentinel army, powered by the Chaos Crystals, but was imprisoned by his race when they discovered the plan. Though Amy silently blamed Sonic for this, the team set out to retrieve the Crystals before Lyric. Amidst an Abandoned Research Facility, where the team got spilt while looking for the second Crystal, Amy and Knuckles met MAIA, a robot who rebelled against Lyric, who, with their aid, helped Sonic and Tails get a map to the Crystals while Knuckles and Amy got their second Crystal.

Any Sonic Team

Amy looking for Crystals with Sonic.

After reuniting, Team Sonic resumed their crystal hunt, where they had deal with a short alliance between Lyric and Eggman, Metal Sonic who had been reprogrammed to serve Lyric, and the power struggle between Lyric and Eggman. However, the team overcame all their adversaries and got each Crystal. However, upon obtaining the last Crystal, Amy, Tails and Knuckles saw Lyric surround Sonic with his robots, and the villain demanded their Crystals in exchange for Sonic's life. Though Amy and her friends gave Lyric their Crystals, Lyric's troops still shot Sonic down. Fortunately, Amy and her friends discovered Sonic was still alive, and the quartet went to Lyric's Lair to stop Lyric. As Team Sonic defeated Lyric, the snake used their Enerbeams to ensnare them, but before he could destroy the heroes, Eggman ambushed Lyric from behind, freeing the group. With Amy's help, Sonic incapacitate Lyric for good, and, despite an unwanted visit from Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy and her friends returned to the Village to celebrate their victory.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Amy vs Lyric

Amy squares off against Lyric.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Amy had discovered an ancient manuscript in some ruins detailing the history and whereabouts of the Lost Crystal of Power. While on a break from her research, she, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles rescued Sticks from a rockslide. Ignoring Sticks' warnings that an army was coming, Amy went back to her research. Though she had Knuckles come along to help, she had him stand guard far away once he wore down her patience. While studying the ruins, Amy met Lyric who wanted her to reveal the location of the Crystal Shards from her research to conquer the world. Amy refused and contacted Sonic over her AVA as she fought Lyric, but was immobilized once the snake snuck his Mind Control Device on her.

Knocked out, Amy was imprisoned in Lyric's stronghold while the Mind Control Device slowly ripped her knowledge on the manuscript out of her brain. However, Amy boldly opposed Lyric until the rest of Team Sonic finally arrived and freed her. Together, Amy and her team confronted Lyric, but the rogue Ancient trapped her and the others except Sonic in sphere prison. Amy and her friends were soon freed by Sonic after he beat Lyric, only for Lyric to summon a weapon to kill the heroes with. Thanks to the timely arrival of Shadow the Hedgehog though, the weapon was neutralized and Sonic dropped Lyric from his airship. Amy was disappointed not to get her shot at Lyric, but was (somewhat) comforted by Sticks and headed home with her friends.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

TV series

Sonic and AmySBTVE32014 1

Amy applying for Sonic's sidekick.

When Sonic held try-outs for a new sidekick, Amy was one of the first contenders, but was dismissed. When she later demanded a callback, she met Knuckles who had trouble with his own sidekick. This inspired Amy to become his sidekick.[3] During a visit to Tails' house, Amy and her friends learned that Sonic and Tails housed Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot while their lair underwent repairs. Sympathizing with Eggman, Amy convinced Sonic and Tails to give Eggman a chance when they were getting tired of him. The next day however, where Eggman had kept Sonic and Tails up all night, Eggman revealed to Amy and the rest that he lied about his lair so he could exhaust Sonic and Tails, and summoned Obliterator Bot to destroy Team Sonic. However, the robot misheard Eggman and instead attacked his lair. Accepting to help Eggman, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks distracted Obliterator Bot while the others reached its kill switches, though they were too late to save the lair.[11]

As Amy, Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks relaxed on the beach, Tails showed them his universal translator UT. However, UT created tension between Amy and the others by translating their private thoughts from the subtext of their speech. When Tails and UT returned the next day though, UT "translated" their comments into insults. However, as they were at each others' throats, Tails discovered this UT was a fake send by Eggman to tear them apart. While Tails went to save the real UT, Amy and the rest stayed, not thinking UT was worth saving. Later, UT returned to them where it gave a message from Tails and translated it into a call to rescue him from Eggman. Coming to the lair, Knuckles and his friends freed Tails and beat Eggman's Mega. While Amy had found peace with UT, Sticks quickly threw it into the sea.[12]

When Team Sonic saved the village from Eggman's Anti-fire Bot, Amy and the team noticed Sticks' ill treatment of animals and convinced her to get a pet to learn about compassion. However, to their repulsiveness, Sticks chose a disgusting robo-dog named Buster. Over the next week, Buster was an annoyance to Amy and the rest which culminated in Buster keeping them from stopping a robbery made by Orbot and Cubot. Fed up, Amy and her team tried making Sticks give up Buster when Eggman appeared with a gift for Buster. As Eggman told them he made Buster, his gift turned Buster into a colossal robot that grabbed Amy and the others. However, they were freed when Sticks assumed control over Buster, who then rid of Eggman. The team then said goodbye to Buster when Sticks released him due to his dangerous nature.[13]

SBEP5 lady

Amy teaching Sticks how to be a lady.

While Team Sonic visited the village as it was being bombarded by meteors, Sticks saved them using her own defense system. Shortly after, Tails and the others heard from Sticks that she had been nominated for an Awardy Award, but refused to go to its associated gala because she would embarrass herself. However, Amy promised to teach Sticks to be a proper lady, and despite some trouble, she taught her the basics. At the gala, Amy discovered Eggman was a nominee as well (by cheating). When Eggman did not receive the award and retaliated, Amy and her friends tried to fight the doctor and his robots, but got incapacitated. Fortunately, Amy was freed by Sticks when she dropped her lady-behavior and her team got rid of Eggman. Amy congratulated Sticks who accepted her request to teach her how to listen to her instincts.[14]

When preparing lunch, Amy tried to give it a unique design, but when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles did not follow her instructions, she felt she was unappreciated. Eggman then showed and offered Amy the job to redecorate his lair for Modern Lair Magazine. Feeling acknowledged, Amy accepted the offer despite her friends' warnings. At the lair, Amy got to work, and despite some doubt from Eggman, the messenger from the magazine loved her work and promised the lair a spot in their issue. However, when Eggman took the credit, Amy tried to leave only to be caught in a cage by Eggman so she could keep working for him. Fortunately, Amy's team came her rescue her she made amends with them. Team Sonic then trashed Eggman's lair and his badniks on their way out, which cost Eggman his place in Modern Lair Magazine, and Amy was cheered up by Sonic by being allowed to redecorate his shack.[15] Amy later accompanied Sonic to Meh Burger for lunch, but their meal got delayed thanks to Eggman and the cashier, Dave.[16]

During a visit to Sonic's shack, Amy found some cookies she thought was for her. However, it was actually Evil Cookies from Eggman that turned Amy into a clone of the doctor when she ate one. Having turned evil, Amy joined Tails, Knuckles and Sticks (who also ate the evil cookies) under Eggman's tutelage to plot Sonic's demise. When Sonic came to save them, Amy and the others cornered him, but they then started fighting over the honor of capturing Sonic. During the fight, Amy and the rest were restored to normal by Sonic and Eggman (who Sonic turned good with a cookie containing his DNA). Eggman now thought they would work together, but Team Sonic did not like the idea and restored the doctor to normal as well.[17]

At home, Amy met Orbot and Cubot who asked for donations to elderly robots. Unaware it was a trick, Amy gave them her savings, but also mentioned she had planned to use it to help baby penguins. Ridden with guilt, Orbot and Cubot gave Amy her money back.[18] When Amy watched Sonic and Knuckles played coconut hurl, Eggman came by to attack them and their team with Cowbot, a robot which would create a massive explosion if destroyed. As such, Amy and her team disabled Cowbot while Tails reprogrammed it, which made it go after Eggman at his lair to kill him. Not deeming it right, Amy made Sonic go warn Eggman.[19]


Amy filling the role for a "sad clown."

While fighting Eggman's Octopus Bot, Amy and her friends were almost killed by a rockslide caused by Tails' untested Unbolterizer. They still beat Eggman and drove him off, but Amy scolded Tails for endangering them, making Tails leave the crew until he could fix his invention. No sooner, they met T.W. Barker and his traveling circus who needed replacement performers. Sympatric, Amy volunteered Team Sonic for the job and they gave quite a performance. After the show, it was revealed Barker sought to keep them as his performers and he imprisoned Team Sonic. Fortunately, Tails came to their rescue, and after taking care of Barker, Amy thanked Tails and made amends.[20]

As Knuckles moped over always losing to Sonic, Amy tried consulting him until Sticks advised him to tip the luck balance of the universe in his favor by using up his bad luck. However, as Knuckles inflicted brutal misfortunes on himself, Amy and Tails got Sonic to stop him while they tried getting Sticks. Amidst this, Eggman began invading the island, which Amy and her team could not stop due to Knuckles' bad luck and Eggman currently good luck hurting their chances. Fortunately, they stopped Eggman by having Knuckles temporarily join Eggman and have his bad luck beat Eggman's good luck and neutralizing them both. Soon after though, Amy and the team noticed Knuckles' bad luck was passed onto Tails.[21]

In the middle of the night, Team Sonic saw a meteor land nearby which briefly knocked Sonic and Eggman out when they tried to take it. As Amy carried on with her team, Eggman arrived and said he was Sonic, having switched brains with Eggman. Amy did not believe him and drove Eggman off, but he soon returned with his army. While fighting however, Amy and the rest met Tails who explained the meteor had switched Sonic and Eggman's minds, and they quickly reversed the process.[22] Having battle and beaten Scorpion-bot, Amy and her team noticed Eggman sliding into a slump. As Eggman subsequently lost all motivation, Amy was driven nuts by Sonic who grew restless in the peace. Amy therefore lead her team to re-motivate Eggman by tricking Sonic to battle him. While they could not trick Sonic as they planned, their plan still got Sonic and Eggman to resume their conflict.[23]

SBEP16 discovery

Amy learns Tails is with the Lightning Bolt Society.

Amy eventually joined her team on the pie festival, excluding Tails who had to plant an orchard, but when they returned, they saw Tails had left to join the Lightning Bolt Society and that the seeds he had planted turned into mutant flora. Amy and Sonic thus left to get Tails back, but when they intruded on the club's ceremony, they were joined by Eggman who thought they were joining the Lightning Bolts. As the Lightning Bolts failed to stop them and instead hindered Eggman, Amy and Sonic got Tails back in time to help them destroy the mutant plants with a machine he made.[24] Amy eventually left for a seminar alone, but when she returned, Sonic was losing a rigged trial to Eggman. Amy intervened and exposed Eggman's fraud, getting Sonic off the hook, and joined her friends in fighting Eggman's minions.[25]

While Amy and her team took Tails away from his plane, they found Eggman selling tomato sauce which Amy suspected was poisoned. However, the sauce proved clean so Team Sonic allowed Eggman to disperse it across the island. Weeks later, while dealing with faulty electronics, Amy and her friends saw Eggman reveal on a TV interview that his sauce cans had turned their electronics into robots for conquest of the island. Amy and team fought this small until they went to stop Eggman, except for Tails who stayed to get his weaponized place back. Amy and her team faced Eggman, but his robots proved too much until Tails came and stole Eggman's controller and shut them down. Eggman subsequently ruined his own plan by telling it on television.[26]

When they tried to have a game, Amy and her team came under attack by Crab Bots, but since Sonic had begun making a horrible noise when running, Amy had him stay away. When then Eggman appeared, claiming the attack was an accident, he offered Sonic help, but though Amy remained skeptic, Sonic still took the doctor's offer and later came back with new shoes that had muted the noise. As Eggman then attacked with his Giant Robot, Amy tried fighting it, but the robot only grew stronger the more Sonic ran with his new shoes. Fortunately, Sonic saved Amy and the team by overloading the robot with power by running excessively.[27] During a movie night with her team, Amy and her friends were attacked by Eggman's Egg Tank. With Tails' providing support, Amy was able to deflect one of the Egg Tank's weapons aimed at Sonic. Just as Eggman countered Amy's deflection, an unlikely accident occurred which created a time loop and made the day's events repeat endlessly, something everyone except Eggman was a aware of. During these loops, Eggman ensured Amy was overwhelmed which enabled him to capture Sonic, only for the time loop to reset it. During several more loops, Amy aided Eggman when he sought their help to break the time loop which they eventually succeed in by containing its reaction.[28]

SBEP21 songbird

Amy sings a lullaby for "Rocky."

As Amy and Sticks were in the Village, they saw it being attacked by a Granifier Giganticus named Rocky. Joining Sonic, Tails and Knuckles who awoke the giant, Amy shred some light him before they discovered that he was just trying to fall asleep. Amy thus tried singing a lullaby, but Rocky abandoned her in favor of Sticks' horrible singing. Because Rocky blocked a road, Team Sonic relocated him only for Eggman to appear to capture him. After driving Eggman off though, Team Sonic noticed Rocky had escaped with Sticks. Following a fruitless search, Tails found Sticks with his Disasterometer and Amy helped save her. Team Sonic then brought Rocky to Eggman's lair where they got him to fall asleep to a recording of Sticks' singing.[29] Later, as Team Sonic fought Eggman, Amy saw Sonic and Eggman chase each other into Buddy Buddy Temple where they got trapped. Amy opted to save Sonic, but she and Knuckles started arguing over who should lead the team. After Orbot and Cubot joined them, Amy and her group fell into the temple as it caved in, where they found Sonic and Eggman, who got them out just in time through an escape route. Amy then apologized to Knuckles for her behavior and left with the team.[30]

As Amy went to Meh Burger with her friends, Orbot and Cubot arrived there, having left Eggman to be their friends, though Amy distanced herself from them. Some time later, Team Sonic found Orbot and Cubot coming with Eggman, who needed help stopping a computer virus named Nominatus who had taken over Eggman's tech to destroy all life forms. Amy therefore helped hold Eggman's invading robots at bay until Tails, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot destroyed Nominatus, and Amy's team went back to being Eggman's enemies.[31] After hanging out with Sonic, Amy reminded him the next day that he had to return a library book she lent him, lest she had to pay late fees. Soon after, Amy and her friends saved Sonic from Eggman's robots as they attacked him. Though Amy was upset that Sonic had yet to return her book, Sonic managed it by a margin with a few seconds to spare.[32]

SBEP25 Survive

Amy learning how to survive in nature.

As Amy was heading to Hidden Meadows to get gun tree berries, she told her team of her plans, but Sticks wanted to teach her the survival skills for the trip first. However, Sonic thought he was better for that, so the girls bet that Sticks could teach Amy better survival skills than Sonic could teach Knuckles, and set up a race to Hidden Meadows. Under Sticks' tutorage, Amy learned the basics, and Team Sticks got a good start when the race began, while Sonic and Knuckles fell behind. Feeling bad for the boys, Amy and Sticks tried helping them without luck, until they got stuck in an abandoned missile silo while Sonic and Knuckles headed for the goal. However, Amy and Sticks escaped by riding a missile, which they used to reach the goal first.[4] While Amy watched her friends prank Knuckles, they noticed a spy drone from Eggman. By giving the drone false information, Amy and her friends lured Eggman into a prank that made Eggman desert technology and his lair for their folly. Not long after, Amy and the team found the island under siege from Eggman's rampaging robots and missiles, all launched by the Lightning Bolt Society who had seized Eggman's lair. After Amy and her team tried to stop the robots, they went to Eggman's lair, where they, with help from Eggman, drove the Lightning Bolts away, while Eggman returned to his old life.[33]

After getting bad service at Meh Burger, Amy decided to start a better restaurant for the residents and opened "Chez Amy" with her team as the staff. However, Amy's competition with Dave the Intern at Meh Burger made her forget her ideals and she drove her friends away. It was then that Amy made a partnership with Eggman, who shared her view on Meh Burger when he came to her for lunch. As Eggman's aid left Dave unemployed, Amy took pity on Dave and hired him. However, Eggman's discontent with Dave's service made him attack Dave. Despite Amy's resistance, even after getting her team to help, Chez Amy was destroyed, and Amy returned by being a customer at Meh Burger, preferring to leave the food service to professionals.[34] Amy was later out with her friends when they saw Swifty the Shrew arrive in town, and Amy was soon smitten by the shrew, along with Sticks. However, Amy changed her mind once she saw Swifty challenge Sonic to a race where the loser would be banished from the Village, and told him to him leave. While Amy and her team rooted for Sonic at the race, the hedgehog lost and got banished. However, as Eggman arrived with his Swifty robots and unveiled he orchestrated everything, Amy pressured Mayor Fink into unbanishing Sonic, who then saved the day.[35]

While trying to mind her own business, Amy found herself cornered by traps from Sticks, who tried protecting the team from the "curse of the Cross Eyed Moose". To stop this nonsense, Team Sonic followed Stick to a marmoset named Monkey-Boy to break the curse. To Amy's annoyance, they had to prove their worthiness by doing Monkey-Boy's chores, during which they found Eggman attacking Monkey-Boy. Agreeing to a deal, Amy and his team got rid of Eggman while the marmoset broke their curse in return, allowing Team Sonic to head home.[36] Amy later ordinated her team in the establishment of the Chili Dog Cook-Off, which she planned to enter using a special pepper she had bought, only to realize when Knuckles showed his pepper that it was a phony. While Knuckles went in search of a new pepper, Amy's group noticed at the cook-off that Knuckles had disappeared. After a day of searching for Knuckles, the team found him, having fainted from eating a pepper that gave him a strange dream.[37]


Amy sets the Froglodites free.

Amidst foiling Eggman's Spider Bomb plot, Amy went to Sticks for a girls' night out. However, when she saw the junk in Sticks' lumber room, she declared Sticks a pack rat and started a yard sale with her team despite Sticks' protests. When Amy removed Sticks' last junk however, she unblocked the entrance to the evil Froglodites cave and hordes of frogs swarmed the burrow. Despite assistance (and berating) from her team, the Froglodites took Sticks back into their caves, so Team Sonic went in and rescued her using Sticks' junk. After sealing up the caves again, Amy had her girls' night out with Sticks.[38] Sticks later tried rallying Amy and her team against Knuckles while he served as deputy mayor, but Amy dismissed her worries until she found the Village in chaos from Knuckles approval of random bills. Amy's team thus teamed up with the fellow-minded Eggman to stop Knuckles, whose approval stamp ran out of ink during the confrontation. However, Eggman betrayed Amy and her team by seizing the stamp to gain control over the Village. Fortunately, the heroes destroyed the stamp and Mayor Fink soon resumed his position.[39]

As Amy discovered Eggman was making a movie with Dave casting Sonic, she brought the news to the real Sonic and made herself his manager when Sonic was given Dave's role. During the filming, Amy got Sonic a stuntman, though both hedgehogs left the set when Eggman ejected their changes to the scrip. Coming to the movie premiere, Amy discovered the movie was meant to enslave the audience with hypnotism. However, it failed due to an error on Eggman's part and everyone could leave.[40]

Amy Seminar

Amy running her sensitivity seminar.

Amy later answered the call to stop an Eggman attack, only hear to her shock when Sonic and Knuckles arrived that Sonic had called Mike the Ox "just a guy." With the Village in uproar over Sonic's insensitivity, Amy got her whole team to join her sensitivity seminar to help better Sonic's image. While Amy deemed it a success, Sonic got Mike injured by letting him join Team Sonic's fights and worsened his image, so Amy had him rejoin her seminar for a champing trip. While Sonic refused and went into retirement, Amy let him have his alone-time, and when Amy's group returned from their trip, Sonic was back in business and appreciated by the Village, as Amy suspected. She soon after resumed her seminar for the Lightning Bolt Society.[41] During a barbeque, Team Sonic was confused when another Knuckles appeared, whom Amy gave a hat to tell the two Knuckles apart. Discovering the other Knuckles was from a Mirror Dimension, the team tried to get him home until he left to get what was needed from Eggman. However, with two Knuckles in the same dimension, their Knuckles was fading away and the dimensions was at risk at imploding, so Amy, Sonic, and Sticks went to Eggman's lair and retrieved the alternate Knuckles from Eggman's captivity. Back at Tails' Workshop, they were able to send the alternate Knuckles home with tech provided by Eggman.[42]

When Amy was enjoying some commodities unintentionally provided by Dave the Intern, she and Team Sonic had to stop Dave from hurting himself and others in Octopus Bot after he imprisoned Eggman and seized his forces. Sad at Dave's display, Amy helped safeguard everyone until Sonic came back with Eggman and stopped Octopus Bot.[43] On the day of New Year's eve, Team Sonic set up the Village festival while stopping Eggman's attack with his Ball Bots. As the New Year arrived, Amy partied with the village while Eggman arrived and used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year. However, Amy did not believe Eggman's claims of victory, as it happened too fast for her to notice.[44]

Not crazy at all

Amy in on the "Beaver Fever."

When the Justin Beaver fever hit the Village, Amy was turned into a mindless consumer fan girl by Justin's mind control music. As Amy had her team listen to Justin's music, she brainwashed Sticks as well and had her join her in shopping for Justin's merchandise and his autograph. Not listening to reason from the guys, Amy and Sticks went to Justin's concert where he and Dreamboat Express had a sing-off. During the show, Amy was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express, now Dude-itude, with no memory of what had occurred.[45] Amy later called in her team to stop Eggman from attacking Leroy the Turtle with Decimator Bot, during which they learned that Tails had a crush on Zooey. Eventually, Tails turned to Amy for advice on how to talk to Zooey, to which Amy told him to be romantic and chivalrous. However, Amy's idea did not work. As Eggman began an attack though, Amy's team stayed back on Tails' order and proudly saw Tails stop Eggman while winning over Zooey in his way.[46] Having summited herself for the Most Selfless Award, Amy learned a few weeks later she had won. Amy thus left to get it, begrudgingly leaving Sonic and Knuckles to watch over her house. When she returned though, her couch was blown up by a stray missile from Obliterator Bot.[47]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Amy Rose (Sonic Boom) Archie Comics

Amy coordinating her team, from Sonic Boom #1.

On the beach, Amy, Tails and Knuckles came to Sonic's aid as he fought Dr. Eggman and his Big Boy, where they helped beat the mech and make Eggman to retreat. Sticks then arrived and told them that Tails' house had been robbed, though as the gang came to Tails' house, they saw that the house was gone: what Sticks meant to say was that Tails' whole house had been stolen by what she described as a "cyborg rock golem" that rose from the ground. As Amy tried to explain it to Knuckles, Sticks seemingly caught the robot's scent. Though it turned out Sticks was only smelling the grass, the group still found the Rock-cyborg by following its footprints. As Amy planned an ambush for the robot, she had enough of Knuckles' slow wit and insulted him. She, Knuckles, Tails, and Sticks then made the Rock-cyborg fall, allowing Sonic to destroy it, thereby restoring Tails' house.[48]

Amy, Sonic, Tails and Sticks soon faced Eggman in the Big Boy again. Amidst the battle, Amy and her team were attacked and trapped by Knuckles, who explained he now worked for Eggman because he was tired of Amy calling him dumb. As the team was stored inside the Big Boy, Knuckles revealed he was pretending to work for Eggman to fool the doctor, but Amy pointed out he had let Eggman win this way, thus depressing Knuckles. With Tails' help, Amy encourage Knuckles to fight back, and they soon escaped thank to Sonic while Knuckles drove Eggman away, and Amy apologized to Knuckles for insulting him. After dealing with Orbot and Cubot however, Amy discovered to her horror that her piko hammer was gone.[49] Amy quickly sunk into a depression which was only worsen by the boys. Once Amy was calmed by Sticks, who sent the boys out to find her hammer, she got her to try some placeholders, but failed to use them properly and only got Sticks and Knuckles injured. Fortunately, Amy got her piko hammer back from Sonic and she returned home for the night.[50]

For a climatic battle with the Big Boy, Team Sonic promised a battle with Eggman, but, Amy, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles soon forgot it. Hours later, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot found them in the Big Boy, and Team Sonic proceeded to counterattack, but were at a disadvantage against the Big Boy's upgrades. Coming to their aid was Sticks, who claimed she had found an all-powerful weapon: the Rock of Justice. Not believing a rock could help them, Amy told Sticks off and continued the fight. However, Sticks saved them with the Rock of Justice by throwing it at the Big Boy, causing it to ricochet into the mech and destroy it . Having scared Eggman and his lackeys off, Amy apologized to Sticks, only to hear that the Rock of Justice's power had been used up. After mourning their loss, Amy and Tails helped Sticks home.[51]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

In the Village Center, Amy and her team came to Sonic's aid when Eggman's minions attacked him. Though Eggman got away after beating the badniks, Amy and her friends met him later at Meh Burger where he asked for aid to operate the rides on his Eggtoberfest, which Eggman hoped to gain the villagers' trust with. Team Sonic agreed to it, though to watch over things. Shortly after, Eggman's army attacked the villagers, which Amy and her friends deal with and earned the villagers' admiration.[52]

Amy and her team later protected Sonic when Courier Robot attacked, only for the robot to become a video phone which Eggman contacted Team Sonic through. Eggman promptly challenged them to a fair race in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, which Sonic accepted, though Amy had her doubts about it. Regardless, Amy's team was forced to compete without Sticks who believed it was a trap. At the Grand Prix, Amy and her team quickly took the lead as the race began, in the go-karts Eggman had provided, but Amy was soon forced to stop for ducks who began crossing the road while she was unknowingly being scanned. However, she discovered the ducks were actually robots which then attacked her.[53] Escaping the robots, Amy reunited with Tails and Knuckles to save Sonic from falling into a ravine because of Eggman. While Amy wanted to go after Eggman, Sonic convinced her to let him beat Eggman in the race first to prove he could win fairly. Amy subsequently joined her friends in Tails' Plane after getting Sonic back on the road, where they distracted Eggman as he attacked Sonic in his Spider-Kart, thus ensuring Sonic won the race, Amy then regrouped with all of Team Sonic to destroy Eggman's Spider-Kart and made the doctor retreat. Though Amy received Sonic's sincere gratitude afterwards, she wondered where Sticks had gone during the fight.[54] When Sticks returned, Amy and team heard her story about fighting an evil robot alongside an interdimensional army over a campfire. Ever skeptical, Amy questioned Sticks further about it, who went on to explain about time paradoxes and nexuses of reality.[55]

Back home, Amy was constantly pestered by a Smilebug trolling her, unaware that Eggman was monitoring her.[56]


Amy is smart, independent, strong, and confident.[1][57] She is a natural leader and organizer, but also perfectionist who need everything to be just right and she tends to take charge of everyone around her, though the latter is just because she knows what others want before they do.[6] She is sweet, girly and has ballerina-like gracefulness, but is also a capable and tough cookie.[6][9] For all her confidence though, she is sometimes shy about admitting her true feelings for others.[58]

Amy is most of the time the sensible member on her team.[59] She is eager to help her friends and takes care of them all, making her somewhat the mother of her group.[58][60] She is fair-minded and is the first to give support if someone is in need,[58] regardless of past transgressions, while attempting to understand both sides of an argument to keep the peace and solve the problem. She is also very bright, peppy and an optimist, though it makes her sometimes come off as naïve, and when on a mission she tries to keep the team optimistic as much as she can.[11] While Amy is normally very charitable and thinks of herself as a refined and elegant woman however, she is extremely temperamental when provoked and shows occasionally both rudeness and selfishness.[46][47][48]

Amy is extremely fond and emotionally attached to her piko hammer, which is her most precious possession, as she got hysterical and sunk into a depression when she lost it. She considers it her identity and that she is nothing without it.[50]

Powers and abilities

Amy has a high level of agility and acrobatic skills which let her do physical feats that would normally be difficult for someone else, such as performing body flips, balance perfectly on beams and walk across them and landing safely from large falls with fluidity and grace. Amy is also a great fighter who knows martial arts to perfection.[60] She is capable of holding her in battle and is a heavy-hit combatant whose skills matches Knuckles'.[49]

Amy possesses strong leadership and organization capabilities, and is a quick thinker and tactician of considerable intelligence. She came up with a plan to bring down Eggman's Big Boy mech while coordinating her team twice, and she was able to calculate how to bring down Tails' house safely from the Rock-cyborg when setting an ambush.[48] Amy is also a history buff who has studied the legends and lore of her mysterious world and has useful knowledge of the ancient areas that she explores with her friends.[6]

Amy is quite the accomplished decorator with a real feel for color and shape. In addition to setting up atmospheric and detailed lunches, she could spruce up Eggman's lair so well that it was accepted by the highly-standard Modern Lair Magazine after it was unquestionably dismissed.[15] She is also a great cook and can make delicious cookies.[6][60] Under Sticks' tutelage, Amy has as well become an accomplished wilderness survivalist, even earning her teacher's acknowledgement, though she is still not as resourceful in this field as Sticks is.[61]

After eating an Evil Cookie infused with Eggman's DNA, Amy briefly gained genius-level intelligence. However, it reverted back to her normal level after being cured.[17]


Main article: Piko hammer
Talk to the Hammer

Amy wielding her hammer.

Amy's primary weapon is the piko hammer, a large pink and yellow hammer, capable of dealing massive damage with no excessive efforts, which she can summon out of nowhere at will. Amy wields her hammer to perfection[60] and is highly adapt and knowledgeable in its usage. Being both very powerful,[57] graceful and fluid with it, she can combine its powerful strikes with her own acrobatic skill, ensuring no movement with it is wasted.

Amy mainly uses its as a melee weapon and to perform acrobatic stunt, utilizing it as a hook to swing on bars. However, she is also able to use it as a long-range weapon by throwing it as a projectile with efficient accuracy.[48]


Sticks the Badger

Amy and Sticks

Amy and Sticks

Amy is best friends with the wild girl Sticks the Badger, and they each have a joinable BFF necklace to symbolize their friendship. She helps Sticks adapt to civilization and offers her support when she needs it while Sticks is willing to go to extremes to protect Amy.[62] While she accepts Sticks for who she is, Amy is not above encouraging her to be more girly and occasionally makes decisions for her whenever she seems "pathetic and hopeless."[38] The two are also shown to work well together in combat.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is Amy's teammate and friend, who she secretly has romantic feelings for.[63] However, she is not obsessed or constantly fawning over Sonic,[8][63] and is very shy about admitting her true feelings for him,[58] like when she got especially nervous when UT almost told the gang about her crush. As such, she tries to cover up and even flat out denying any hint towards them (though it appears clear to others than Sonic).[12][63]

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is one of Amy's teammates and friends, though their relationship is sometimes strenuous due to their opposite viewpoints: while Amy plans strategically ahead, Knuckles would rather confront trouble head-on without any plans.[48] Amy in particular has her patience tested by Knuckles' slow wit and refusal to listen to her which sometimes makes her say hurtful things to him in response, though she is sorry about such behavior.[20][30][48] She also does not think highly of Knuckles' intelligence, though she does know not to overstep her boundaries,[48] and when Sonic is out of the picture, the two of them tend to argue over who should be in charge.[63][30] According to Knuckles, Amy thinks of him as no more than a "piece of meat."

Despite of all their conflicts though, Knuckles and Amy are loyal teammates who always have each others' back and will make peace with each other at the end of the day.[30][49] Additionally, Amy was concerned for Knuckles' health when he attempted to shift the luck balance of the universe in his favor.




"I'm a crazy pizza man... who juggles and sings!"
—Amy Rose at the try-outs for Sonic's sidekick, "The Sidekick"
"Do you feel scared without a home? Do you feel alone? Are you eating your feelings?"
—Amy trying to talk to Eggman, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"Sonic, I think someone here can go for two spoonful's of forgiveness, washed down with a tall glass of friendship. What do you think?"
—Amy at her roommate meeting with Sonic, Tails and Eggman, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
"The fates gave me one gift! I hammer-- I hammer very well!"
—Amy, Sonic Boom #3
"It's not the size, it's how you swing it. Care to find out?"
—Amy talking to Knuckles, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
"A girl needs the essentials; cab fare, lip balm, (pulls out a picture of Sonic) Picture of a platonic friend that you have no romantic interest in."
—Amy showing the contents of her purse to Sticks, "Closed Door Policy"
"I'm a woman! I'm refined and elegant like a delicate flower, you jerk!"
—Amy after Tails asked her where to find a woman, "Tails' Crush"



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