Amy 3DS Theme 2

Quotation1 Don't let the pink fool you. There's more to Amy than meets the eye, also groove to "My Sweet Passion" from Sonic Adventure. Quotation2
— 3DS Theme Shop

The Amy Rose 3DS Theme is a theme for the Nintendo 3DS home screen that is based on Amy Rose. The top and bottom screens are decorated in different shades of pink and red, with a giant picture of Amy spanning both screens. The music is My Sweet Passion from Sonic Adventure, selecting items now plays a ring collection sound effect from Sonic Adventure. The folders are changed to a dark pink with a light pink heart in the center. The theme costs $1.99 by itself or $5.99 in a pack with the Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS Theme, Shadow the Hedgehog 3DS Theme, and Chao 3DS Theme.


  • This is the only 3DS Theme for Sonic to have only females represented.