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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Ancient Walkers
Ancient Walkers
The Ancient Walkers
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

Group Overview and Statistics

Chaos Demigods

Time of

Roughly 10,000 years ago (killed in year 3237)


Three Mobosaurs





and/or bases

Chaos Force


The Ancient Walkers are three powerful entities that hail from ancient times. They appear to have originally been Mobian dinosaurs and remain an enigma, often appearing at important crisis times on Mobius. The Brotherhood of Guardians regard them as the only beings in history to attain absolute mastery of Chaos energy. Appearing in multiple forms, most often as a trio of tiki masks, the three appear to offer advice and task their successors with the defense of Mobius. They most often communicate their wishes through their emissary, Knuckles' great-grandfather Athair.


The Ancient Walkers first appeared to Knuckles, warning him of a threat to Angel Island presented by half a Chaos Emerald that, if allowed to join with the whole that kept the island aloft, would destroy the island. Tails encountered them during his journey in Downunda, during which they taught him the history of the Chaos Emeralds and of the foretold coming of the Chosen One: Tails himself, though he wasn't told this at the time. The Walkers later put Sonic through an unusual test upon the hedgehog's acquisition of his one billionth ring, and rewarded him the opportunity to ask. Knuckles encountered them the most out of the three prophesied heroes, including one occasion when they saved him from being molecularly disassembled by Enerjak.

Together with Athair, the Walkers also appeared during the battle with Mammoth Mogul, who had taken on the form of Master Mogul to do battle with Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, and the Brotherhood, a conflict that led to the creation of the Emerald Coast. Some time after that, they gave Knuckles the role of Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas as they made their way to Albion.

Due to the actions of Mammoth Mogul, who crippled them with his power after escaping the Master Emerald, the Ancient Walkers began to slowly deteriorate as time went on. Before Elias Acorn could use the power of the Crown of Acorns to help them, the Walkers were destroyed by an inter-dimensional breach opened by the Arachne wielding the Sword of Acorns, which also allowed Ixis Naugus to escape the Zone of Silence. Before their destruction, they chose Aurora, Athair and Tails' uncle Merlin Prower as their successors, the Neo Walkers.

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