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Animal friends are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are small animals that come in a variety of different species and the friends of Sonic the Hedgehog. They are often the target of Dr. Eggman who uses them to power Badniks. In later Sonic games (Sonic Adventure onwards), the animal friends appeared to be scrapped in favor of a wider variety of small animals. However, in most recent Sonic games, the concept of using animals to power robots is less frequent.

Although only a small number of animal friends are named (that is, one character per depicted species), numerous animals appeared as captives, either in Badnik shells or in capsules. Certain drafts of the Sega of America Sonic Bible explained that Sonic's animal friends all have large families, and that it is the family members who must be rescued. This was never depicted in any Sonic publication, however, one of the animal friends, Ricky is said to be an incarnation of Sally Acorn.

List of animal friends

Introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog

Image Species Name (Japan) Name (Western media)
S2 flicky Bluebird Flicky Flicky
S2 pocky Rabbit Pocky Johnny Lightfoot
S2 pecky Penguin Pecky Tux
S2 cucky Chicken Cucky Chirps
S2 ricky Squirrel Ricky Sally Acorn
S1 picky Pig Picky Porker Lewis
S2 rocky Walrus Rocky

Joe Sushi

Introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Image Species Name (Japan)
S2 becky Bear Becky
S2 locky Eagle Locky
S2 wocky Monkey Wocky
S2-Turtle Turtle Tocky
S2 rat Rat


Sonic CD

Image Species Name (Japan)
Fishy Fish


Sonic Adventure

Image Species Type
Sadventure rip deer Deer Running
Sadventure rip kangaroo Kangaroo Running
Sadventure rip bunny Rabbit Running
Swallow Flying
Sadventure rip parrot Parrot Flying
Sadventure rip peacock Peacock Flying
Sa1 elephant Elephant Power
Sa1 gorilla Gorilla Power
Sa1 lion Lion Power
Sa1 penguin Penguin Swimming
Sa1 seal Seal Swimming
Sa1 otter Sea Otter Swimming
Sa1 koala Koala Other
Sa1 mole Mole Other
Skunk Other

Sonic Adventure 2

Image Species Type
Boar Boar Running
Cheetah Cheetah Running
Rabbit Rabbit Running
Condor Condor Flying
Parrot Parrot Flying
Peacock Peacock Flying
Bear Bear Power
Gorilla Gorilla Power
Tiger Tiger Power
Penguinface Penguin Swimming
Seal Seal Swimming
Seaotter Sea Otter Swimming
Raccoon Raccoon Land
Sheep Sheep Land
Skunk Skunk Land
Bat Bat Ghost
Halffish Half-Fish Ghost
Skeleton dog Skeleton Dog Ghost
Dragon Dragon Legendary
Phoenix Phoenix Legendary
Unicorn Unicorn Legendary

Appearances in Other Media

Sonic the Comic

Many of the early animal friends have made appearances in the British publication, Sonic the Comic. The most notable ones are Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot, who are valued members of the Freedom Fighters.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, three animal friends appear in the episode "Momma Robotnik's Birthday": Pocky, Ricky, and a Mouse.

SatAM / Archie comics

The Knothole Freedom Fighters are based on the original animal friends from the first Sonic game. The most obvious is Princess Sally Acorn, who shares her name with the corresponding animal friend. Rotor Walrus is based on Joe Sushi, while Bunnie Rabbot is based on Johnny Lightfoot.

Flickies have made a few appearances in the Archie comics, most notably in the Sonic Blast 48 page special. Powerful, yellow Flickies were also seen helping Hyper Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog #66 (similar to the Flickies that help Super Tails in Sonic 3 & Knuckles), and another Flicky appears as a travel companion for Amy in the Sonic Adventure storyline. Other animal friends (referred to as "mobini") have appeared in the Sonic Lost World tie in, as well as the Sonic: Genesis story arc.

Sonic X

Three Flickies, Porker Lewis, and Joe Sushi are shown on the news in Defective Detectives after they are teleported to Earth through Chaos Control. In Mean Machines, Chirps, Tux and Ricky all appear in a local park. In Running Out of Time, when Sonic's friends return to their dimension, Pocky, Tux, Ricky and two Flickies are seen being transported back.

Sonic X Comic Series

In the Archie Sonic X Comics, many of the original animal friends make cameos on the cover and in the story of issue 11.


  • If the player hits a Caterkiller on any part of its body other than its head, an animal friend will not be freed.

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