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Anti-Jules was the father of Scourge the Hedgehog and the Anti-Mobius counterpart of Jules Hedgehog that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. He was a key part of establishing the Great Peace, which took over so much of his time that he barely acknowledged his son. After the Great Peace had finally ended within ten years, Anti Jules died, possibly by the hands of his own son.


Because of Anti-Jules' contributions to the Great Peace, there was virtually no war or conflict in Moebius, though this did not last forever. According to Scourge, "Ten years later, everything had stagnated and fallen apart". Scourge sought to "wake up" his world around this point, and likely killed his own father. He explained to Jules Hedgehog, during his time in Mobius Prime "Sonic's dad isn't a real Mobian anymore. My dad simply isn't." After Jules stood up for both himself and his son, Scourge left saying to Jules "Just a bunch of empty words. You're no different from my old man after all." It could be that Anti-Jules was only opposing 'Prime' Jules in select few virtue, like the amount of love he actually felt for his son.


  • Unlike his Mobius counterpart, Anti Jules is not Roboticized, as the Roboticizer was not created in this dimension.

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