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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
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For the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, see Antoine Depardieu.
Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine Post WWC V2
Antoine D'Coolette, post-Super Genesis Wave.

Antoine Yardley
Antoine D'Coolette original apperance.

First appearance

Sonic Miniseries #0

in other media

Sonic the Hedgehog

Biographical overview



Kingdom of Acorn

Physical description





112 cm (3'8")[citation needed]


39 kg (87 lbs)[citation needed]








Acorn Kingdom Army uniform (formerly)
Red boots
White gloves with red and white cuffs
White sword strap

Alignment and character traits



Spending time with his wife, Military pageantry, French cuisine, cooking (with natural ingredients), cleanliness. Elias Acorn


food cooked with artificial seasoning or margarine, people who can't understand his accent, sloppiness.

Skills, abilities and powers

Able swordsman, Trained air pilot, expert marksman, gourmand , Sword Blade Spin Dash (Post-Super Genesis Wave)

Antoine D'Coolette is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series'. He is a faithful and longtime member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters from the Kingdom of Acorn and husband of his teammate Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette. Outwardly brave and noble yet serious about his duties, Antoine fight alongside his fellow Freedom Fighters against the evil forces of Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire.

In the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline, Antoine was the son of the late army General Armand D'Coolette and Marie D'Coolette, and one of the original Knothole Freedom Fighters. While originally one of the least contributing members and often a downright coward, Antoine gradually overcame his fears and hone his skills with the sword. However, he was critically injured in duty by the explosion caused by a self-destructing Metal Sonic while escorting Elias Acorn to safely. As a result, he was left in a critical coma until he was given a new chance in life in the new timeline.

History (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

Early Life

Antoine was only five years of age when Dr. Ivo Robotnik began his military coup and takeover of Mobotropolis. His father, Armand D'Coolette (Depardieu), was the head of the Kingdom of Acorn's military and began training Antoine in the art of sword fighting at an early age. During Robotnik's takeover of the city, Antoine was sent into hiding in the Great Forest with other children, while his father was one of the many citizens captured and roboticized, Antoine remained unaware of this, and believed, as did many others, that his beloved father had perished in the chaos of the coup when he and his troop went missing, and took to wearing his old uniform as a testament to him.

Freedom Fighter

While Antoine at first seemed like a very arrogant and cowardly member of the Freedom Fighters, but years of fighting against various villains toughened Antoine up, and he soon became a valuable member of the Freedom Fighters. Antoine accompanied Sonic, Sally and Tails into the Zone of Silence in an effort to recover King Max and bring him back to Mobius Prime. Due to the zone's corrupting influences however, they failed to bring King Max back.

Shortly after this, Antoine accompanied Sonic and Tails on a mission into Robotropolis to survey the city after a recent earth quake. The trio was soon attacked by a group of COMbots, one of which Antoine managed to strike down. However, Sonic's speed was temporarily taken away after one of the COMbots exploded and knocked him unconscious. Antoine along with the other Knothole Freedom Fighters were soon captured, but with help from the Robotropolis Spy Network and the Substitute Freedom Fighters, Sonic managed to free Antoine and the others.

Following Sonic's captured by Nack the Weasel and subsequent roboticization after being brought to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Antoine questioned Sonic's loyalty when he began attacking Knothole as Mecha Sonic, since Sonic had previously asked for permission to be roboticized while using the Neuro-Overrider to maintain his free will. After Mecha Sonic was defeated by Mecha Knuckles and Sonic restored to his organic self, Antoine placed Sonic under arrest and charged him with treason, hoping that he would be able to take Sonic's place in the Freedom Fighters. During the trial, Antoine acted as the prosecution, badgering the witness Amy Rose and questioning other witnesses in a way that made Sonic seem undeniably guilty. However, Sonic soon proved his innocence by capturing Nack the Weasel, much to Antoine's disappointment.

By the time of Operation: EndGame, Antoine's opinion of Sonic had changed. When Geoffrey St. John was ready to kill Sonic, Antoine punched him out, stating "The 'edgehog may be zee imbecile like you, but even he does not desairve death!". He later called St. John a liar, revealing that it was in fact his father who had established the Royal Underground before Robotnik's coup, and that St. John was not its founder.

After discovering Drago Wolf's betrayal, Antoine and Bunnie were knocked out by a group of SWATbots and taken to Crocbot's prison camp in Downunda. While there, the two managed to aid the Downunda Freedom Fighters in destroying the camp and presumably destroying Crocbot (though Crocbot actually managed to escape the encounter). Following this, Antoine and Bunnie discovered Robotnik's plans to use the Ultimate Annihilator, and managed to place a nuclear device in one of Robotnik's ships. The device proved useless however, as Robotnik was ultimately killed by the Ultimate Annihilator due to Snively's tampering with the device.

Some time later, Antoine went to the mysterious city of Albion along with Amy Rose, Bunnie and later Rob O' the Hedge and Knuckles the Echidna. Once there, he discovered his roboticized father was being held captive in Albion. With help from Chaos Knuckles, Antoine brought his father back to Knothole where the Sword of Acorns was used to restore his free will.

Later, Antoine defeated Evil Sonic following the criminal's escape from the No Zone, thinking that it was actually Sonic in disguise helping him to impress his father. Antoine managed to single-handedly take down Evil Sonic, enabling Zonic the Zone Cop to apprehend him.

Some time later, Antoine joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters in a decisive battle against the combined might of Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, and the Destructix. He also participated in the sting operation that resulted in the capture of both Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul, along with Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite.

Replaced by Patch

Antoine's case of mistaken identity came back to haunt him when Evil Sonic kidnapped him and switched him for his Anti-Mobius counterpart Patch. Forced to wear the mask of his Prime counterpart, Patch chose to work behind the scenes to secure the throne of Acorn, even poisoning Antoine's father and breaking off Antoine's relationship with Bunnie Rabbot. Antoine was forced to play the role of his Anti-Mobius self until Sonic finally discovered the switch and rescued him, sending Patch back to Anti-Mobius.

However, this switch taught Antoine that while his Anti-Self was indeed evil and selfish - and indeed, deep down a treacherous coward - he also had to stand up for himself and be more self-reliant, and when Antoine returned, he had become far less cowardly.


Antoine had the arduous task of picking up the pieces of his life; having found that, not only had Patch subverted his life and ruined his good name, but had destroyed all he held valuable. Antoine finally got a break when Bunnie offered to help. Antoine was on the verge of proposing, when Sonic dropped another bomb; his father, recently hospitalized at Julayla Memorial Hospital seriously ill, needed to see him. Bunnie came with Antoine at his request (as he felt he could not face another devastating event alone), and Antoine was given the news from Dr. Quack; Armand's illness was being caused by poisoning done by Patch, but the dose was far higher than that on King Max, and as such, was terminal. Antoine came to his father on his deathbed, where he threw himself upon his father's mercy, begging forgiveness for his weaknesses and believed himself a failure. Armand, however, pointed out how well Antoine had turned out, and assured his son he was not a failure in his eyes, accomplishing more than he ever did as a soldier. Armand also implored Antoine to cherish his relationship with Bunnie. Antoine was helpless to watch his beloved father pass away then and there.

Antoine, having spent years fighting alongside Bunnie and their relationship as strong as ever, and remembering his father's final words, finally resolved to ask her for her hand in marriage. It took weeks to pluck up enough courage, and only did so when faced with the prospects of their enemies growing in numbers and their only respite was in each other. Bunnie accepted, and the two's wedding ceremony was the biggest celebration in Knothole; with King Elias Acorn (Max incapacitated despite waking up from his coma) performing it, Sonic as best man, and Sally as maid of honor.

Following Battles

Shortly after his marriage, Antoine became one of the prisoners taken by Dr. Eggman during the destruction of Knothole Village, but was promptly liberated thanks to a quick rescue mission mounted by Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Tails, and NICOLE. He then joined his rescuers and fellow former captives in bringing down Dr. Eggman's Egg Beater robot and force him to retreat.

Antoine was also one of several Freedom Fighters who were part of a mass attack launched at the new Enerjak, but like most of his allies was unable to even land a blow on him due to his immense powers.

When the Suppression Squad, formerly the Anti-Freedom Fighters and now led by King Scourge the Hedgehog and Queen Fiona Fox, attacked Freedom HQ itself through a pair of stolen Globe Posts, a pitched battle soon erupted between both groups. Antoine dueled with Patch, vowing he would pay for all he cost him, but Patch in turn threatened to kill him as he did his father. This motivated Antoine to be the only one to duel Patch, not out of revenge, but to ensure Patch would not kill Bunnie, who had become the only reason he had to keep living. Patch, Miles Prower and Boomer overheard this, and Antoine, disarmed and restrained by Boomer, panicked and was helpless as Patch held his sword to Bunnie's throat, interested in the idea of taking her life in order to hurt Antoine. Before Patch could slit her throat, however, Sonic intervened and knocked all three to the floor, freeing Antoine and Bunnie. Soon, the battle led the base dangerously close to collapse, forcing the Freedom Fighters to retreat, with Antoine helping Bunnie (due to injuries Boomer inflicted on her as they fled), but Sonic has vowed to regain the base.

Miles from the Suppression Squad was later sent to bomb New Mobotropolis. He convinced the Freedom Fighters to aid him in overthrowing Scourge. Antoine and Patch couldn't do much against Scourge, who beat everybody up before he was left stranded on Moebius. Antoine later accompanied the other Freedom Fighters and the Suppression Squad to Moebius to defeat Scourge through the repaired Star Posts, only for them to all be temporarily defeated by Super Scourge, but thanks to the quick thinking of Sonic, Super Scourge was defeated and they returned back to Mobius.

Antoine later assisted in capturing a small piece of land outside the Eggdome for the Freedom Fighters to set camp and get ready for the final battle against Eggman. He also helped invade the Eggdome itself the next day while talking over old times with his wife and Princess Sally. After Bunnie and Mighty finished taking down the barricade, Antoine and the Freedom Fighters entered to see Eggman defeated and headed back to New Mobotropolis to celebrate.

The Iron Dominion

Celebrations were cut short by the arrival of the Iron Queen, an overlander with powerful Magitek abilities. She managed to seize control of Bunnie's limbs, unwillingly attacking her friends and even nearly killing Antoine before Monkey Khan brought an end to the Iron Queen's control. As a result, Antoine became furious that Monkey Khan failed to fully explain the Queen's powers or his own liability to them, which nearly cost Bunnie's life. However, when Khan later apologized, Antoine did as well, expressing further forgiveness when the two of them visited Bunnie at Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital. Antoine soon joined the other Freedom Fighters in rescuing Sonic from the Iron King after Sonic engaged the tyrant, allowing Tails to escape with Dr. Eggman in tow. Afterwards, he welcomed Sally into his home and left her and Bunnie alone to talk. Later, as the Iron Dominion began invading New Mobotropolis, the pair evacuated civilians with the help of Vector the Crocodile and Mighty the Armadillo. Antoine requested that Bunnie leave, but was surprised when she remained behind, determined to fight alongside him. The two were then subdued by a corrupted NICOLE, under control of the Iron Queen, taking on the form of "Iron NICOLE". However, the pair managed to escape the city and get into hiding.

Antoine soon managed to join forces with Amy Rose and Geoffrey St. John, escorting them back to where Bunnie was hiding, and then meeting with NICOLE. After learning of a public Legionization about to be displayed in New Mobotropolis' stadium, Antoine and his comrades made their way there, charging in to save Rotor Walrus, the first subject to be legionized. After a brief and rather one-sided battle, they were backed up by Sonic's team as they returned from the Dragon Kingdom. With their allies returned and the clans withdrawing their support from the Iron Dominion, Antoine and his friends were able to defeat their opponents, expelling the Iron King and arresting the Iron Queen with Antoine himself snapping the handcuffs on her.

Honeymoon on Cocoa Island

With the Iron Queen incarcerated in the Dragon Kingdom, Tails offered Bunnie and Antoine a chance to finally celebrate their wedding with a well-deserved honeymoon. Due to this, the trio were unable to join Sonic and Sally in becoming members of the newly formed Wolf Pack Nation. With additional passenger compartments installed onto the rebuilt Sea Fox, Tails brought them out to the remote atoll of Cocoa Island, where he kept his workshop. Antoine was not thrilled at riding along in the sub, but attempted to put on a casual front with his compartment's window open, regardless of how uncomfortable he felt. When Tails was puzzled about a "third" sister island not on his map, Antoine inquired where he found the map in the first place, and suggested he simply had not visited it yet. Antoine quickly disregarded this though, and agreed with Bunnie when she suggested they land on the beach. As Bunnie and Antoine strolled down the beach, they lightly joked about Tails' fears that they would be bored, and spent the rest of the day together, enjoying each other's company and the beautiful sights of the island. At nightfall, Antoine brought up the fear that they might have rushed into their marriage at such a young age, but he and Bunnie both agreed that it had been the right decision.

Unfortunately, the moment was interrupted by the Battle Bird Armada, secretly station around Cocoa Island, and had set the jungle ablaze. They Armada proceeded to ambush the pair in a raid. Cut off from escape, Antoine put up a valiant fight despite being taken by surprise and without his sword. However both were ultimately subdued by the attackers' Mole Mech and captured. The next day, Bunnie was taken to meet Battlekukku XV, while Antoine stole a key to his cell in the Armada's base from his guard. He escaped soon after tricking the guard into leaving, only to run into Armada officer Speedy. Antoine then ran and found an escape hatch, only to learn it opened into empty air with a long drop to the sea below. Speedy then arrived in company with Bunnie, who had claimed to be a Dark Egg Legion member to gain the trust of the Battle Lord. Unfortunately, Antoine believed the ruse, remembering Silver the Hedgehog's story about a traitor present in the Freedom Fighters, and that Bunnie had wanted to get away from New Mobotropolis for their honeymoon. Antoine then threw himself out of the hatch in an attempt at suicide, leaving behind a horrified Bunnie.

However this turned out to be his own ruse, as he landed on top of Tails on board the Sea Fox floating down below. After explaining he believed Bunnie was undercover, they proceeded through the island to find the entrance to the Armada's base, with Antoine bringing up Tails' earlier adventures, much to the latter's chagrin. Once they discovered the entrance traveled through the tunnels, the duo fought through a small group of soldiers and were rescued by Bunnie. Following a joyful reunion with his wife, Antoine was presented with a sabre she found in the Armada's armory, which he eagerly accepted. The trio continued on into the base, only to be stopped by Dr. Fukurokov, who (after a failed attempt by Antoine and the others to pronounce his name), sent his Mole Mech to attack them. During the battle, Antoine implemented part of Tails' plan to weaken the structure of the base by cutting through the lower cables. With the Mole Mech destroyed, the trio headed for the lower tunnels to escape, only to discover that the Armada's base was actually a flying fortress, as it left the island's vicinity. After their escape, Antoine, along with Tails and Bunnie, enjoyed some hot cocoa in the young fox's cabin and toasted each other to their vacation, with Antoine considering sword collecting as a new hobby.

The Death Egg Returns & Genesis

With leftover tension from the occupation mounting, Antoine joined the rest of the Freedom Fighters while staking out Mina's free concert, when Geoffrey St. John and Ixis Naugus appeared, preaching their abilities to protect the citizens against NICOLE (whom the citizens still feared after the incident with the Iron Dominion). When Sally gave the order to attack Geoffrey, Antoine again accused him of being a traitor and stealing his father's idea of a rebel underground. Geoffrey simply mocked him and took Antoine out with a knee to his stomach. After resuming his attack with the others upon hearing that Hershey Cat was dead, Sally eventually convinced Geoffrey to stand down and let justice takes its course, and had Antoine and Bunnie keep him under watch. Antoine then witnessed the Death Egg Mark II arrive over the city, and piloted the Freedom Fighter Special once Sally ordered a hasty counterattack. Antoine was unable to get close to the aerial weapon though, due to its laser defenses, and continued to fly around dodging the projectiles while Operation: Clean Sweep began, and the entire world was enveloped in a flash of white light.

In a strange new world, Antoine "DePardieu" was freed from a capsule with Sally and "Boomer" by their new ally, Sonic. Frightened about going after Eggman, he nonetheless accompanied the others in the plan to stop his actions. In the Marble Zone, he attempted to hide from the fight against Badniks, but was chased out of hiding by a horde of Bat Brains. Though Sonic defeated them, Sally gave credit to Antoine for "finding" the ambush. Once they escaped from a lava field caused by an earthquake, Antoine was the first to see Dr. Eggman, and cowered in fear. After hiding behind Boomer while Sonic fought Eggman, Antoine examined an underground passage to the Labyrinth Zone. He thought it was "perilous" but proceeded hesitantly, following the others.

Sonic in his thoughts began to imply that Antoine and Sally seemed rather close as they proceeded underground, though Sally later affirmed that they were just friends. As they swam through submerged parts of the ruins, Antoine attempted to flee a group of Orbinauts while Sonic created an escape route that sucked them down a slide. The others made it safely to a ledge on the other side and tried to grab Antoine as he passed by, but an earthquake struck at that moment and they missed as he fell into the darkness below. Antoine washed around in the dark for what seemed like hours until the water way ruptured, dumping him out of a hydraulics pipe in the Scrap Brain Zone where his friends were, and right into the arms of Dr. Eggman. At first furious at the others for leaving him, Antoine then noticed where he was and panicked, creating a distraction that allowed Sonic to destroy the elevator he and Eggman were in. Once Sonic sent Eggman and his Egg Mobile falling into a pit below, Antoine at first was ready to celebrate their victory until Sonic pointed out he believed Eggman may have survived just as Antoine had.

After meeting Sonic's protege Tails, Antoine and the others continued in their mission to shut down Eggman's bases and leave him powerless. While traveling through the Chemical Plant, Antoine became aggravated by Tails' and Boomer's admiration-like enthusiasm in discussing what Eggman needed so much fuel for, and cautioned the others as they climbed up a shaft. His concern proved well-founded soon enough when a trap was sprung and the shaft filled with Mega Muck, but thanks to Sonic and Tails no one nearly drowned like last time.

Once Sonic and Tails parted ways with them, Antoine and Boomer stayed with Sally, entering the noxious Oil Ocean together. As they navigated their way across the terrain, Aquis badniks spotted and attacked them, forcing them to run. While Sally and Boomer wished Sonic stayed to help, Antoine became indignant and thought he should fight the robots in order to get praise, only to nearly be scorched by laser-fire as Boomer pulled him out of the way. When they were finally cornered, Antoine fell off the walkway into a strange cannon-like device that eventually shot him right into the badniks, destroying them while leaving the other impressed and himself disoriented. With the help of Mobini freed by Antoine's actions, they located the main valves and proceeded to shut down the oil pipelines, cutting off the local power supply to Eggman's bases. Once finished, there was nothing more that Antoine could do but watch as a mysterious wave of white light washed over them soon after, causing everything to fade out.

Changing World

After the white flash, Bunnie reached for Antoine and shook his shoulder. She asked if he was still with them, and he murmured "...see-saw...", before shaking his head violently. He inquired if he took a nap in the middle of piloting the plane. She told him she thought that something got to all of them, but whatever it was had passed. He agreed, and he banked the Freedom Fighter Special away from the Death Egg. He then said that whatever it was it had affected the Death Egg, too, and that he would bring them around for another attack run. Just as they pulled away, laser-fire erupted from the Death Egg as it had before - and then subsided just as quickly. Tails called on the radio from the Tornado saying that it had gone quiet and wondering if there had been any word from Sonic or Sally. Bunnie replied that they had not heard anything, and before she could tell him what she was wondering about them, an explosion rocked the inside of the Death Egg. Fire and smoke poured from its seems.

The Death Egg proceeded to deploy its Titan Metal Sonic into New Mobotropolis. While Bunnie elected to deal with the robot menace, Antoine resumed his attack on the aerial fortress, closing in on it with the Tornado until he was clipped by a blast from the Egg Annihilator Beam. Thanks to Antoine’s piloting skills, he was able to safely crash-land the FFS outside the city, and eventually exploded in outrage at Geoffrey for having already created part of their situation when he tried to reason their next course of action. Once back in the city, Antoine was horrified to find a crowd surrounding his fallen wife who had been partially crystallized by Ixis Naugus’ magic during the battle. Dr. Quack quickly told Antoine he could only guess at the moment and had Big the Cat rush Bunnie to the hospital while her condition seemed stable, and then helped along the distraught Antoine as well.

At the hospital, Antoine stubbornly and frantically refused to allow "King" Naugus to examine Bunnie, since he was the cause of her predicament, but Dr. Quack was forced to restrain him as he had run out of normal medical options. With a flash of light from Naugus’ wand, Antoine and everyone there were shocked to see Bunnie’s limbs had been completely restored to flesh and blood, and he went to be by his wife’s side in a moment of tearful joy. Later that day, Antoine found Bunnie staring out the window by herself and asked what was wrong, whereupon she explained her fears of not being useful to the Freedom Fighters now that she was finally normal. Antoine dismissed her concerns and pointed out how he had become a valuable member of team even though he had no powers, and explained that her true strength came from within herself rather than her cybernetics. Antoine continued to restore Bunnie’s confidence with the certainty of her finding another way to be a great contributor, and reassured her that everything would be fine as long as the two of them were together.

With his family life in partial order, Antoine turned his attention to dealing with the more concerning matters of the city's political takeover spurred by Geoffrey. Antoine immediately had St. John arrested in order to put him on trial for treason, but before he could get any further with prosecution, the Battle Bird Armada was sighted en-route to New Mobotropolis. An evacuation of the city was ordered, and Antoine carried Bunnie to safety, insisting that she was not yet fully accustomed to her body to make it without assistance. After informing Elias that they had left with the last group, Antoine, Bunnie and the others waited in the nearby woods and could only watch as the Armada attacked and its Battle Fortress blew up their home.

During the trial of Geoffrey St. John, Antoine played the role of the prosecutor. He fought words with the traitor over his theft of military documents before the coup while secretly undermining the former royal authority, and eventually came out on the top with the judges Hip and Hop declaring St. John guilty of treason. Despite his expert performance on the courtroom floor, Naugus quickly overturned the celebration by granting Geoffrey a royal pardon, leaving Antoine infuriated for making his entire effort null and void while Bunnie tried to keep him calm.


After his recent deposition, ex-king Elias Acorn decided to leave New Mobotropolis and return to his old home in Feral Forest with his family. Wary of an attack, Antoine and other Freedom Fighters escorted him for the first part of the trip. En-route, they were attacked by Mecha Sally, along with a new Metal Sonic and a force of Egg Swats, who were sent to kill Elias. With Bunnie no longer super-powered, and Mecha Sally working against them, they were at a severe disadvantage during the battle. Antoine tried to save his king when Metal Sonic latched onto the Mobo-Cruiser, and pulled it off the vehicle to defend his king and country even though he was clearly no match for the machine. As Antoine grappled with the robot, Eggman gave the order for Metal Sonic to self-destruct and the commander was caught in the explosion and critically injured, ending the attack. Bunnie and the others were in hysterics and at first believed him to be dead, but Sonic realized Antoine was still breathing and rushed him off to Dr. Quack.

After emergency procedures at Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital, Antonie was left in a coma, placed on support with a machine using Power Rings which helped his condition, but less effectively than on those like Sonic. While the device that healed King Max with a Chaos Emerald had been considered, Bunnie decided against it out of concern of causing mental decline. Due to her husband's state, Bunnie became overcome with guilt, and told him to wait for her while she left to do what she needed to protect her loved ones. Silver the Hedgehog arrived soon after from his own time, accusing Antoine of being the traitor who destroyed the Freedom Fighters, only for Sonic to drag him into the hospital room and show him how that was impossible before forcing Silver to get out. Geoffrey arrived at that moment, and despite being unwelcome, paid his respects to the commander for his performance in court and never giving up his suspicions against him. Whether or not Antoine could hear anything, Sonic finally admitted in front of him, that with all the recent events, Silver was actually right about the Freedom Fighters being done.

History (Post-Super Genesis Wave)

Back in Action

Antoine Remember

Antoine receiving the memories of his previous life.

Due to the effects of the Super Genesis Wave, Sonic arrived on a slightly different world than the one he knew before. In this new world, Antoine has a slightly different appearance and is no longer in a coma. Sonic and Tails found Antoine acting as a bodyguard for Uncle Chuck and Ben Muttski, who were researching the tremors ravaging the area.

Using NICOLE's handheld, Sonic restores Antoine's memories of his previous life, which sends him into a daze. Upon getting his composure back, Antoine decides to stay behind to protect Chuck and Ben from the earthquakes and tells Sonic and Tails to give Bunnie a message from him.


Antoine was portrayed as arrogant and vain, but this is likely because he was simply proud and has no particular skills with which to compete with Sonic (who is often guilty of the same traits). Both characters seem to be maturing, though; With Antoine now married to Bunnie Rabbot, both he and Sonic have buried the hatchet and are no longer feuding. He has a strong sense of duty and honor, instilled in him by his late father. Although he can be quite amorous, chivalry will not permit him to live with an unmarried female.


Princess Sally

Antoine is known to have had a crush on Princess Sally, but she largely rebuffed his advances, taking offense at his demeanor (it can be argued that Antoine never really loved Sally but pursued her so intently because his father was a big proponent for their marriage). This led to a very early rivalry with Sonic. Although it got very testy at times (for example, Antoine had Sonic tried for treason after the latter was roboticized and restored to normal), it rarely interfered with their resistance to Robotnik or any other threat.

Bunnie Rabbot


Antoine and Bunnie

He later became the boyfriend of Bunnie Rabbot, and the two had a steady relationship until he was replaced by Anti-Antoine. This version of Antoine masqueraded as him for a year, not only breaking up with Bunnie, but also attempting to usurp the throne of Knothole. Sonic later discovered the switch and brought Antoine back, sending Patch back to Anti-Mobius and allowing Antoine and Bunnie to start up again. Having lost none of their feelings for each other, the two were as close as ever, to the point of Bunnie coming with him at the time of his father's death. Recently he asked her to be his wife, to which she readily agreed, and he then requested that Sonic act as his best man (with Sally being the maid of honor at Bunnie's request). Although he became a little nervous, the wedding went off without a hitch, and he and Bunnie were finally wed.


At the start of the series - Antoine, despite his somewhat cowardly nature, is a skilled swordsman, his preferred weapon being a saber. He is known to use logic
Antoine sword spindash

Antoine's spin dash

in battle (he fought only to disarm his opponent when battling Sonic on Anti-Mobius, believing that if 'Evil' Sonic died he would be trapped there) and will back down if he thinks victory is impossible. He was formerly the pilot for the Freedom Fighters, but lately that role seems to have passed on to Tails. He is also bilingual, speaking both English and French.

After the events of the Super Genesis Wave, Antoine's abilities greaty improved. He is shown to have great reflexes  as he is able to chop a log in half mid air and then manuever himself onto it, and later skids to the edge of a cliff using his sword to keep him from falling. Antoine also posses the ability to use the Spin Dash; with his version using his sword as its main form of attack.


  • "I am wonder if you could teach moi do you say? Err....marshmallow arts?" -Antoine asking Bunnie to teach him martial arts.
  • "Non, mon amour! You are being all the ze flesh and ze blood for only the littlest whiles yet. You are still ze delicate flower!" -Antoine insisting to Bunnie that he carry her after her derobotization.
  • "No matter what challenge we meet tomorrow, or any other day, it will always be an honor to serve alongside my friends for the greater good." - Antoine's last written document in his journal.


  • When frightened or surprised, Antoine often exclaims "Mon Dieu!", implying that he may be religious (a theory supported by his father's belief in the afterlife — though it is the French version of "My God!", as in an exclamation).
  • It was implied in the early issues that Antoine wore a wig, but was later retconned to be real hair. On Ian Flynn's character Q&A during February, 2009, he reveals as Antoine that he had lost his hair during his childhood "antics" with Sonic, but it has since grown back. [1]
  • In some issues, Antoine's accent isn't expressed as strongly, especially in the earlier issues.
  • In an early issue of the Archie comic series (in a Sonic Grams Q and A session about Tails), it was said that a reader believed that Tails' second tail was actually Antoine's, as he didn't appear to have one. However, in later issues, he was drawn with a short, fluffy tail that could be seen from a profile or back view.
    • This same message also may have expressed some confusion of Antoine's species, which was never specified in earlier issues.
  • Antonie's spin dash, when given with the accompany of his sword, looks similar to Sonic's Spin Slash, an attack that was in the scrapped Sonic X-treme game.


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