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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the SatAM continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the character in the Archie Comics, see Antoine D'Coolette.

Antoine Depardieu[1] is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. He is a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters who fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. He has a crush on Princess Sally, and his romantic rival is Sonic the Hedgehog, who would make fun of Antoine for his shortcomings.


Antoine knew the other Freedom Fighters since childhood, and was with them when they were evacuated to Knothole after Robotnik's coup.[2] He has some connection to the Royal Guard.[3] According to Snively's computer files, Antoine had training as a squire in the "Delmont Province" during his youth.[4]


Antoine is clumsy, cowardly, self-important and pompous. He is very French-oriented, and often has trouble speaking English. In order to win the affection of Sally, Antoine would pretend to be brave, but this always failed. He sometimes shows signs of jealousy towards Sonic's heroism and once tried to defeat Dr. Robotnik on his own to win Sally's respect, but it went wrong and Sonic eventually had to save him.

He is also extremely fastidious about the cleanliness of himself, his clothes and his home.[5] He is a gourmand and connoisseur of fine foods, and to him witnessing fine dishes being prepared incorrectly is as bad as physical torture.[4] He is also superstitious, being frightened by ghost stories[1] and panicking when he heard that there was a curse.[6]


  • "You are a fuel." - Antoine calling Sonic a "fool" .
  • "This is all your fault, Sonic the Hoghedge!" -Antoine incorrectly addressing Sonic.
  • "Margarine?! MARGARINE?!!" - Antoine said to Snively.
  • "They tried to cook moi with PEPPER rather than PEPRIKA! Can zoo bezieve eet?" -Antoine to Sonic and Sally on being cooked by the cannibals.




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