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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 7

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Knuckles the Echidna #7
Publication Details
Issue 7

October 1997


Archie Comics

Cover price

$1.50 (US)
$1.65 (CAN)

Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 7 is the seventh issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.


Knuckles and Julie-Su engaged in a thoughtful discussion involving plenty of questions but few answers. Deciding there was only one party they could turn to, they sought out Archimedes, the enigmatic Fire-Ant who serves as both friend and mentor.

During their quest, they discovered evidence that something bad had happened to The Chaotix. Evidence which pointed to not just one enemy but two.

Making their way across Angel Island, Knuckles and Julie-Su were confronted once again by a being more powerful than any other they had ever encountered.


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