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Archie Sonic Select Book 7 is the seventh book in the Sonic Select graphic novel series published by Archie Comics. This volume contains reprints of stories from the entire Princess Sally miniseries, Sonic the Hedgehog #20 and #222, and Knuckles the Echidna #29.

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This graphic novel includes OVER 120 PAGES of Sonic comics, including the fan-favorite Princess Sally miniseries! Sonic the Hedgehog's most popular graphic novel series is back! Princess Sally Acorn is the single most famous Sonic character to come from Sonic media other than the games! Debuting in the cartoons and living on in the comic series, Sally has endured as the tomboy rebel leader and Sonic's love interest. This volume of Sonic Select collects signature Sally stories, including the entire hard-to-find Princess Sally mini-series!

Reprinted stories

Deadliest of the Species: Prologue

Deadliest of the Species: Part One

Main article: Princess Sally #1

Deadliest of the Species: Part Two

Main article: Princess Sally #2

Deadliest of the Species : Part Three

Main article: Princess Sally #3

My Special Friend

The World Can Wait


  • The original cover of this volume had Geoffrey St. John on the bottom left. However, due to the Penders scandal, Geoffrey was replaced in the final cover by Espio.
  • This volume is the first in the Sonic Select series to not have the title written in simplified font at the very top of the cover.
  • For some reason, the cover artwork of Knuckles the Echidna #29 renumbers the issue as #26. Despite this change, the issue is still listed as #29 on the contents page.


Cover artwork

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