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Archie Sonic Super Digest Issue 17 is the seventeenth and final issue in the Sonic Super Digest series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Get ready for supersonic action & adventure—it’s Sonic Super Digest! Don’t miss all the fun and excitement you love in stories from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Sonic Boom™ comic series! Sonic and his friends embark on daring quests, face epic challenges and run rings around the evil Dr. Eggman! Dash into adventures that only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring! Featuring awesome cover art by SEGA and story & art from the biggest names in Sonic comics history!

Reprinted stories

Thunder, Rain and Lightning

Hidden Costs Part One

Hidden Costs Part Two

Face Of The Enemy Part One: Friends In Need

Everybody's Super Sonic Racing Part Two

Main article: Sonic Boom #7

The Silver Age Part Three

Main article: Sonic Universe #81

The Silver Age Part Four

Main article: Sonic Universe #82


  • The Sonic Super Digest series was initially planned to continue beyond this issue, with at least two further issues planned. However, both were delayed and ultimately cancelled.
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