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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 11 (also known as Girls Rule!) is the eleventh issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.


"Princess Sally: Ascension"

(This story takes place before Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #74)

Princess Sally Acorn decides to fulfill King Acorn's wish and become one with the source of all. While diving into the source, she sees her childhood memories with Julayla, Alicia Acorn and Rosie. Her father's source is within and he explains about her mother and Elias Acorn. Diving deeper, Sally is overcome by her future self showing her the future of Mobius 20 years later. Her future self tells her once she knows everything and is forced to become queen, there is no turning back. Overcome by this responsibility, Sally exits the source and is greeted by Elias.

"Hershey: Solo"

Hershey Cat takes on a solo mission given to her by Geoffrey St. John in Robotropolis to save Valdez. Sneaking through the air vents, she discovers that Dr. Robotnik is there on communication with Roboticized General D'Coolette. Geoffrey detonates a bomb in the city but Dr. Robotnik doesn't move from his control panel. Hershey uses a hand mine and launches it through the vent, in which Dr. Robotnik follows the sound. Hershey uses the control panel, but discovers that Valdez has been already roboticized. Hershey sneaks back to Geoffrey and has left Dr. Robotnik a 'message' with her hand mine.

"Lupe: Family"

Lupe and the Wolf Pack enter Western Flats to find any surviving members of the Wolf Pack. They are taken by surprise, gassed and imprisoned by Dr. Robotnik. Under Robotnik's control, Uncle Chuck enters the area where he has imprisoned the Wolf Pack with the roboticized versions of Lobo, Marcos and Maria. Uncle Chuck takes Lupe and the Wolf Pack to the Roboticizer, and Lupe is roboticized. Still retaining some of her free-will, Lupe attacks her children, Uncle Chuck and some SWATbots in order for the Wolf Pack to escape. Lupe loses her control and makes it her wish to stay with her family. The Wolf Pack flee back to their home, leaving behind a tombstone with "Lupe: A mother and hero to us all".

"Bunnie Rabbot: Upgrade"

Bunnie Rabbot losing control of herself while with Antoine faints. Antoine takes her to Dr. Quack for surgery. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally, Antoine, Tails and Nate Morgan are thankful that Bunnie is still alive, but Dr. Quack has worse news. It turns out Bunnie's robotic half is shutting down and is poisoning her system and she will soon die. Dr. Quack tells her that she can try to get de-roboticized but there is little chance of surviving, or disconnect from her limbs and remain paralysed forever or go to Nate Morgan for mechanical help. Upset during the night, she is calmed down by Antoine who tells her he'll love her no matter what. Bunnie survives Nate's treatment and takes her new and improved body out for a spin.

"Julie-Su: Shadows"

Julie-Su in search of answers from her past travels to the Dark Legion headquarters where Knuckles fought Kragok. Julie-Su remembers her day-to-day tasks overlooked by Kragok and Lien-Da. Julie-Su finds Simon in the base, Simon explains that he and Floren-Ca raised her as their own daughter, but Julie-Su doesn't remember. Simon tells her about Luger and Merin-Da with their twins Lien-Da and Kragok. Merin-Da dies and when Kragok and Lien-Da are sixteen, Luger meets Mari-Su and marries her. Julie-Su is born but during her young years, she is completely ignored by Lien-Da and Kragok. Mari-Su dies in an accident so Luger puts Julie-Su into the care of Floren-Ca and soon disappears without a trace. Simon tells her that Lien-Da and Kragok took her away from them and performed a memory wipe to get rid of her memories. Simon takes Julie-Su under his wing and takes her to see her home.


  • This issue is the first to show: a roboticized Lupe and Valdez, a glimpse of Sally's future with Sonic, Bunnie Rabbot's new design and Julie-Su's past.
  • A joke on the front cover involves Sonic off-panel yelling "Hey! Whose comic is this anyway!"

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