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Sonic Super Special

Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 15 (also known as Naugus Games) is the fifteenth and final issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.


Naugas Games

Sonic Spin City


Narrated by Sonic (possibly parodying Marv), he walks into a bar, Rusty's (Kadies), where it is a hangout for all of his old sparring partners, including the old Badniks.

They are about to gang up on him when a robotic dancer (Nancy Callahan) takes the stage, mesmerizing the robots. One of them grabs her ankle and reveals that she is Bunnie Rabbot. Sonic then attacks the bots, annihilating them with a single spin.

One of these bots activates a self-destruct sequence and it becomes clear that everything was a set-up by Dr. Robotnik. Sonic and Bunnie escape through the window and fly out of the city, just before Rusty's goes up in flames.

Key events

  • Ixis Naugus escapes once again from the Zone of Silence.
  • After a brief fight with Sonic, Naugus is once again imprisoned in the Zone of Silence.


  • Given the hectic continuity at the time it was printed, the main story would have likely taken place before Sonic the Hedgehog #79, but given the fact that it is an inventory story, it is a moot point. Writer Ian Flynn has gone on record to say that this story would not even try to be included in Sonic Select anytime soon, but it was rewritten and officially retconned for Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2011.
  • The first story is particularly infamous for the "debut" of "Many Hands," and the pages with either blacked out panels and eyes or snowflakes covering everything. The issue has been largely criticized due to the poor artwork. This may be the reason why it was remade in Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2011.
  • The second story is a parody of Frank Miller's Sin City. It was also included in Sonic Archives Volume 17.
  • Sonic says, "One of Robotnik's oldest trucks" when he was supposed to say "tricks." This error remained in the reprint in Sonic Archives Volume 17.

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