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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 8 (also known as Sally Moon) is the eighth issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.


"Zone Wars: Prelude"

Zonic the Zone Cop is informed that Ivanna Robotina has transported to Mobius and is fighting Sonic. Sonic is saved by Sally Moon and Chibi Rose. Robotina attacks Sally Moon and Chibi Rose, but they are saved by Tuxedo Knux. Sonic is shocked that Sally Moon and Tuxedo Knux are together. Zonic arrives and teleports everyone back to their own zones. Sonic wants questions about the other zones, but Zonic states to Sonic that he never teleported himself to the other zones and Zonic did it. The Ultimate Annihilator has weakened the barrier meaning that others can teleport to different zones. Zonic expects Sonic to help him with future adventures, as he is Sonic Prime. As Zonic disappears Sonic yells "Why didn't he get the girl!"

"Running on Empty"

Sonic and Amy by themselves on a night in Knothole, Amy thanks Sonic for getting her a jacket with his speed. Sonic tells the story of a time his speed almost killed him.

In the story, Sonic is tricked by Snively into thinking Sally's in danger and is zapped by a machine. Sonic helps Rosie and heads back to Knothole where Sally, Rotor and Tails are waiting for him, but Sonic can't control his speed. Rotor examines him on a treadmill, but the treadmill overloads due to Sonic's sudden burst of speed. Rotor tells the Freedom Fighters that Sonic has been hit with a ray that has super accelerated his metabolism which has given him extreme speed, but has sped up his aging process. Sonic enters the room as an old hedgehog and Sally, Rotor, Tails and himself travel to Robotropolis in an attempt to reverse the ray. Rotor works hard trying to rewire the circuits, but Dr. Robotnik finds them and surrounds Sally, Rotor and Tails with his SWATbot. Sonic uses all of the strength he has left to blast through the SWATbots and pile them on Dr. Robotnik. Sonic exhausted, almost dying from his age, Sally begs Snively to hit him with the ray to stop him from suffering. Snively thinking the ray will kill Sonic fires, but Sonic is returned to normal and he and his friends leave back to Knothole.

"Den of Thieves"

Monkey Khan has traveled to the Dragon Kingdom and has saved two locals from the Yagyu Clan. The locals tell him that the Clan has stolen their village's possessions and taken them back to their headquarters. Overconfident, Monkey Khan doesn't believe their tales of the dragon and the Clan's headquarters and journey's there with them. Lord Yagyu sends them into a trap, in which they find the stolen goods in treasure chests and the dragon. Monkey Khan quickly realizing that the dragon's a robot destroys the Clan's control over it and it attacks them. Monkey Khan and the locals takes the goods back to the village and hope that Monkey Khan sticks around.

"Ghost Busted"

This story is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series episode "Ghost Busted".


  • This is the first issue to introduce Zonic the Zone cop and the Luna Zone.
  • Sally Moon, Chibi Rose, Tuxedo Knux and Ivanna Robotina are based on the TV anime show Sailor Moon.

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