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Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 9 (also known as Sonic Kids 2) is the ninth issue of the Sonic Super Specials series published by Archie Comics.


Rotor is working on a device which Tails helped to construct. Meanwhile, Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald on Angel Island as Sonic tests his latest invention. When Sally finds a bottle that contains baby potion, she asks Nicole to describe what brand it is, and Nicole states it is Dr. Robotnik's baby potion. Sally gives everyone some baby potion and they all transform into babies.

Fortunately, Baby Rotor, Tails, and Antoine have a solution to this problem. Baby Tails constructs a device while Baby Antoine creates a potion which would turn them back to normal. Baby Rotor places the potion inside the device and hands it to Knuckles, who knows a thing or two about operating it. Knuckles fires the device, transforming the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles back to normal.


  • According to Tails, his IQ as a kid was slightly higher than Sonic's IQ: Tails' was 300, while Sonic's was 299.
  • Rotor claims they are turned into teenagers in this issue. Their ages are as follows:
    • Sonic: 15
    • Sally: 17
    • Tails: 8
    • Antoine: 13/14
    • Bunnie: 16
    • Knuckles: 18
  • The game that Rotor is playing on the cover is Sonic Adventure.

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