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Sonic Universe #25
The Silver Saga - Part 1 of 4
Publication Details
Issue 25

March 2011


Archie Comics

Production Staff

Ian Flynn


Tracy Yardley

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 25 is the twenty-fifth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic book series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

The SILVER SAGA arrives! Featuring a special "Anniversary Edition" shining silver cover, the highly anticipated four-part adventure begins this month. A strange new threat arrives in Silver the Hedgehog's time! Can our young hero battle back this mysterious force? Plus the dramatic return of the ultimate evil! It's the beginning of an epic new struggle - don't miss it!


Fractured Mirror - Part One: Through the Looking Glass


Silver is telling Sonic about Edmund's great library where they research. Sonic asks Silver if he uses that knowledge only for good. Silver replies "R-Right, sure...". Silver is then shown reading a book in Edmund's library titled "History of Winning Lotto Numbers".

Key Events


  • This is the series' first milestone issue.
  • This is the series' second hedgehog saga, the Shadow Saga was the first.
  • The Silver Saga is a pun of a "Silver Anniversary" which is 25 years.
  • This issue also came boxed with the Modern Comic Book Pack for Sonic's 20 Anniversary which featured Shadow and Silver figures.


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