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Sonic Universe #28
The Silver Saga - Part 4 of 4
SU28 Cover
Publication Details
Issue 28

May 2011


Archie Comics

Production Staff

Ian Flynn

Cover Artist

Tracy Yardley


Tracy Yardley


Jim Amash


Phil Felix


Steve Downer

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic book series published by Archie Comics.

Official Solicitation

“Fractured Mirror” Part Four: The Freedom Fighters have fallen! Now the only one left to save this dark world is Silver the Hedgehog! It’s psychic power versus chaos power as our hero from the future goes all-out against the terrifying Enerjak! Don’t miss the cataclysmic conclusion to the Silver Saga!


Fractured Mirror - Part Four: Picking Up the Pieces

Silver and Jani-Ca continue to fight Enerjak after everyone else's cores have been taken. Enerjak then summons almost all of his prelates, attempting to destroy Silver. Before Silver is attacked by a Bean prelate, Jani-Ca destroys it and tells Silver to continue fighting Enerjak, while she deals with the prelates. Silver attacks Enerjak, thinking he'd finally killed him. As Silver calms down, Enerjak smacks Silver to the ground.

Just as Silver is about to lose, he remembers the words of Mammoth Mogul and his world's guardian. He then figures out how to defeat Enerjak (by turning his power against him). As Enerjak tries to retaliate, Jani-Ca uses her sword to take his power away, causing her to become as powerful as he was (while Enerjak becomes a shriveled old echidna). She becomes happy as she knows she can restore everyone's cores. Enerjak asks for some more power to "get back on his feet and help her rebuild", which Jani-Ca rejects because of the damage the old echidna has caused. She destroys the sword with the power inside it so Enerjak can never get the power again. Silver then leaves, happy with the knowledge that he helped save everyone.

Back in Silver's dimension, the Guardian says goodbye to Silver as he leaves for the other world with Enerjak and Jani-Ca. A few seconds later, Silver reappears and asks the Guardian if he remembers him. He says that Silver had just left a few seconds ago. Silver then replies "Just a second?... Right. Time-Travel." Silver then asks the Guardian if he is free tomorrow so he can learn more.


The Off-Panel in this issue is much smaller than most other Off-Panels. It is a single-cel strip depicting Silver trying to trap Sonic with a bowl of "Traitor Chow", though Sonic is shown to be unimpressed.

Key Events

  • Jani-Ca uses the Sword of Acorns to take away Enerjak's power, and in doing so, Jani-Ca becomes Enerjak herself, albeit a good-hearted and caring version.
  • Silver returns to his own zone


  • When Enerjak sends a large number of Prelates at Silver to taunt him, Prelate Shadow is at the forefront. Fans who support the theory of Shadow as Silver's father (or ancestor) speculate that this is a reference to how Enerjak deliberately sent a Prelate Julie-Su to fight her daughter Jani-Ca. Prelate Sonic isn't seen in the arc, even though he has been captured.


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