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Sonic Universe #38
SU 38
Publication details
Issue 38

March 2012

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price


Production staff

Ian Flynn

Cover artist

Jamal Peppers


Jamal Peppers

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 38 is the thirty-eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Scrambled", Part 2: The hunt is on! Dr. Eggman goes into all-out war with G.U.N., all in an attempt to smoke out his wayward lackey, Snively! Meanwhile, in the heart of G.U.N. headquarters, Snively seeks the next step in his master plan: a girl named Hope!


Scrambled - Part Two: Family


Shadow and Rouge are with the President as his bodyguards (mentioned earlier in the comic). Rouge asks why both of them were called as only one of them were need for his protection. The President responds by telling Rouge they are both needed for an important reason. He then says "I Spy is not fun with just two players!" leaving both Rouge and Shadow annoyed. The President then says to Shadow "I spy with my little eye something that is grumpy!"


  • The cover seems to be parodying the popular Mystery Science Theater 3000. With Eggman in the center, Orbot and Cubot on either of his sides, they are arranged similarly to how the characters of MST 3000 were in their theatres.
  • In this issue, it is revealed that Hope and Snively have the same father.


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