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Sonic Universe #44
SU Cover 44
Publication details
Issue 44

September 2012

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Production staff

Ian Flynn

Cover artist

Stephen Downer

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 44 is the forty-fourth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Unsung Heroes" Part Four: As the Council of Acorn prepares to ratify the new constitution, Ixis Naugus prepares to unleash a devastating spell from his secret lair! The Secret Freedom Fighters will only get one shot to stop him, and if they fail, they’ll lose the city forever! Don’t miss the action-packed finale to the Secret Freedom Fighters arc!


Unsung Heroes - Part Four: Fight the Power!

Inside the Ritual Chamber underneath the pit, Ixis Naugus prepares to begin the Eldritch Rites that will give him mind control powers, allowing him to take over the Council of Acorn. Meanwhile, his slave, Geoffrey, mad at his master's plan, holds his Chaos Emerald wand.

However, unbeknownst to them, the Royal Military HQ's door is locked, so the Council have no way of entering the HQ. Charles then remarks to the Council that if Nicole was still in the city, there would be no trouble getting in. Hamlin, however, remarks that the vote of getting rid of Nicole was unanimous, but Rosemary tells Hamlin that the Council didn't even like the decision. Dylan then explains to the people watching the Council, such as Vanilla the Rabbit, that there is no way of entering the Royal Military HQ. However, a bush-hiding Larry Lynx, using his so-called "bad luck", tries to keep the door locked in an attempt to stay safe.

Back in the underground Ritual Chamber, a snooping Naugus asks Geoffrey about the invaders attacking him last time. Geoffrey lies and tells him that he has seen no trace of them. Naugus then orders him to check the entrance, reminding him of his mutation from a previous battle, and his spell could be disrupted if he went by himself. Suddenly, a telekinetic grip attacks Naugus and throws him at the wall. As he looks up, the Secret Freedom Fighters (Silver, who threw Naugus at the wall, Elias Acorn, Shard, Leeta, and Lyco) have crashed the party. Silver and Shard quickly attack Naugus, and Geoffrey is assaulted by the Wolf Pack twins. Naugus calls for his wand, but Geoffrey doesn't give it to him, using the excuse that he is defending himself from the twins. Elias places explosives (provided by the Secret Freedom Fighters leader, Harvey Who) on the walls of the Ritual Chamber. Naugus then summons stalagmites from the floor to impede the team. Silver destroys one, while Shard Spin Dashes into another. Silver seizes Naugus and hits him, but when Naugus tries to retaliate, Shard strikes him in the face.

Naugus, enraged with fire in his eyes, tries to suffocate Shard with a vacuum, but of course the robot strikes back with his arm cannon. Geoffrey, hearing Naugus' call again, finally throws the wand, only for Leeta to give it to Silver, after which he throws the wand at the ceiling. Back at the Royal HQ, Rotor manages to fix the lock, at which Penelope remarks that he just can't stop working for the Council. After sitting in their seats, the Council finds a copy of the constitution missing. When they try to find it, Larry pleads that they will return home and look for it.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey applauds the Wolf twins' tag-team pattern before firing a crossbow bolt at Elias to miss. Elias and Geoffrey begin to fight until Elias' goggles fall off. Recognizing the former king, Geoffrey laughs at the ironic codename given to Elias ("Agent: King") and tells Elias how much influence he had over the former king. Elias yells back that he has matured since then. Geoffrey then tosses Elias his goggles and the two begin to fight again, with Leeta and Lyco involved.

Cream the Rabbit then arrives at the Royal HQ with the missing constitution, which was behind Penelope's desk. After thanking Cream, the Council decides to wait for Naugus, but Hamlin wishes to move on. Dylan then replies that they must wait for the king before going on, and Hamlin suggests voting on whether to go on without the king. Then Larry's jinx makes a fuse blow, and they forget about that.

At the chamber, Naugus tries to crush Silver, who laughs and tells he has faced an Enerjak. Naugus tries to roast Silver with fire, and Shard flies in to save him from the heat. Shard then vaporizes the remains of Ixis Vale, thus destroying Naugus' spell, while the Wolf Pack twins prevent Naugus from completing his spell. Elias congratulates the team for a job well done. A sarcastic comment from Geoffrey earns him a telekinetic shove from Silver, and the Secret Freedom Fighters then begin their escape, setting off the bombs.

Naugus, angered with his failed plot, becomes trapped beneath rubble. He cannot reach his wand due to the fire. He begs Geoffrey to help him, but Geoffrey turns around and runs. Naugus reaches his wand and transforms into his mutated form, vowing that the team won't escape. The entrance is blocked by crystals, but Shard destroys them with ease. As the team escapes, Naugus confronts Geoffrey and calls him a traitor. Geoffrey ignores him, but Naugus uses his powers to control the skunk's mind. The Secret Freedom Fighters escape the chambers, but Geoffrey does not...

Harvey's team has been tried and tested, and their worth proven, but their identity as a team must never be known, and so their heroism and skills cannot be revealed. Elias visits his parents without them knowing, Larry helps Penelope, Hamlin and Dylan spend time talking with each other, but cannot let them know how his jinxes can be so useful, and while Charles sits and drinks tea with his brother Jules and his family, a lonely Shard looks in from the window, unable to join them.

Back at the Secret HQ, Silver visits Harvey, and the director says the team has done very well. He then says that because they have defeated Naugus, Harvey has decided to help Silver's troubles by telling him who the supposed Freedom Fighters "traitor" he had been looking for the whole time was. Harvey holds up a large picture featuring Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine. He crosses out Antoine (due to his coma, there would be no reason for him to be a traitor) and two other Freedom Fighters.

SU44 Epilouge

Silver finding the traitor at last.

Silver, shocked at this point, asks if his conclusion is correct. Harvey confirms it, and says he can tell Silver how...


Eggman takes Larry Lynx prisoner. He begins an interrogation, asking Larry who is in charge of the Secret Freedom Fighters. Larry replies with "Who!" (meaning "Harvey Who"). Eggman does not understand and continues to question Larry, who continuously answers the questions with "Who!" until Eggman gives up, claiming Larry's interrogation training was too successful.


  • Geoffrey is secretly supportive of the Secret Freedom Fighters; he subtly causes Naugus difficulties with defeating them.
  • This issue explains the true traitor of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, who is in fact Sally Acorn, down to her roboticized form.
    • This could have been proven even without Harvey marking off the picture of the Freedom Fighters due to Antoine now being in a coma, Rotor was suspected as a traitor at one point, but was proven false, and Sonic has also been eliminated.


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