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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 45 is the forty-fifth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Race for the Stars”: It's a special tie-in event as Sonic Universe showcases Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed! Racers from across the Sega games have come together for the second annual All-Stars Grand Prix! But the nefarious Dr. Eggman has joined the roster and plans on not only conquering the race, but multiple worlds as well!! It's the first game crossover event in Sonic Universe history - and its ONLY available in this special stand-alone issue!


Racing for the Stars


See also: Off Panel

A question is asked "If it's a race, why is Sonic in a car?" A hypothetical race is shown with Sonic on foot, completing the race within a hundredth of a second, answering the question with "Because…then it's fair!" as Sonic holds a sign saying "YOU'RE TOO SLOW!"


  • This issue was revealed after Sonic Universe #46 was revealed.
  • This issue is a tie-in to the videogame Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
  • The story's title is a reference to the title song "Reach for the Stars" in Sonic Colors.
  • It is the first game crossover event in the Sonic Universe comic book series.
  • This is the first issue of Sonic Universe that is not in a story arc.
  • This is the first Sonic Universe issue that features non-Sonic characters.
  • To date, this is the first and only instance of a real-world celebrity appearing in an Sonic-related Archie Comics title, with the appearance of NASCAR racecar driver Danica Patrick.
  • Danica Patrick's car is the only one that does not transform.
  • The racetrack on the front cover is Dragon Canyon.
  • The "sweet track" Sonic mentions at the end is Starlight Carnival, as seen on the next page.
  • The last field Sonic and the stars play in is the Death Egg Zone.
  • Eggman using the phrase "You're too slow!" is a nod to one of Sonic's taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Each of the guest racers compares Eggman to a character from their home series. Aiai compares him to Dr. Bad-boon, the primary villain from Super Monkey Ball 2. Beat compares him to the Noise Tanks, a rival graffiti gang from Jet Set Radio consisting primarily of otakus with incredible tech skills. Vyse compares the doctor to Admiral De Loco, Valua's insane weapons researcher in Skies of Arcadia.


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