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Sonic Universe #49
SU 49 New Cover
Publication details
Issue 49

February 2013

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Production staff

Ian Flynn

Cover artist

Jim Amash & various

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"All For One," Part Four. The search for Mighty and Ray is over! It's pandemonium as the Sand Blasters and Eggman's Forces battle with the Chaotix caught in the middle! Will Mighty be reunited with his long-lost sister? Will she remember him? Will any of them get out alive?


All For One Part 4: Friends, Foes & Family

With the Sand-BlastersJack, Avery, Tex, Jolt, and Shift E. Wolf– and the ChaotixVector, Espio, Charmy, and Ray– are heading to the Baron's place for a prisoner exchange, but Jack wants to finally take down the old man, but ambushing the Baron. Vector then tells the team to lay low and that he has a plan; when things start to go harsh they'll grab Mighty and his sister and warp to Angel Island via Warp Ring.

The Chaotix and the Sand-Blasters make it to the Baron's Tank and find Mighty tied up, pretending to be a prisoner. The Baron tells Mighty that even all families will never get to see happiness (that very moment, he began thinking of his niece). The prisoner exchange goes well, but the Sand-Blasters' prisoners attack the Baron's tank. The Baron obviously then proceeds to attack them. The Chaotix, frustrated at the fight, then go to Mighty, but revealing his name in the process. Jack had overheard, and then grew a furious mood. He ordered the Sand-Blasters to stop the Chaotix, but they ultimately failed.

Ray goes up and tries to talk the Baron of giving up Mighty as a prisoner. However, Matilda grabs Ray and is about to punch him. Ray tells Matilda that Mighty is her brother, but she goes on of how she has no family. Ray then grows into a furious mood, yelling at Matilda on how he and Mighty went across the world to search for her, but he now did everything for nothing. Matilda then remember the past and remembers a memory of Mighty holding her as a baby. Suddenly, Jolt comes in and knocks down Ray. Matilda, knowing the roadrunner will come and take Mighty away from her, punches the bird in the air. Jack then orders a missile to come and kill Mighty. A missile comes and Matilda take the hit, by punching it. She falls on the floor, unconscious.

Possible Bunnie Legionizied

A silhouette of Bunnie.

Furious, Mighty escapes the gate he is stuck in and throws a tank at Jack. The Sand-Blasters runs away and before Mighty can regret something he does, the Chaotix hold him back and Ray tells Mighty to remember about his sister. They wait for the Baron to finish helping Matilda. Mighty checks on her, to find that she is alright. The Baron says that she can not leave until she heals back up again. He also tells Mighty that he can visit her privately. The Chaotix then leave via Warp Ring, as Mighty tells Matilda that he will visit as much as he can. The Baron then tucks in Matilda, with a silhouette of a certain Freedom Fighter behind him......


SU 49 Off-Panel


Planting a victory flag, Vector announces that the Chaotix have pulled off "another routine investigation," leaving Beauregard aghast. As he looks over the battlefield - with Legionnaires, Sand-Blasters, the Tails Doll, UFOs, and all sorts of other chaos - he responds that it is no wonder why name of their group is the Chaotix.



Cover Art

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