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Archie Sonic Universe Issue 8 is the eighth issue of the spin-off Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“The Future Freedom Fighters”: Our look at Mobius: 30 Years Later wraps up in this titanic issue! An unstoppable force threatens to destroy Angel Island and the world. It's up to a new generation of Freedom Fighters to save the day! Is this the triumphant return of the legendary heroes, or will their first mission be their last? Don't miss the grand finale as we go back to the future!


Mobius: 30 Years Later - The Freedom Fighters of the Future

King Sonic, Lara-Su, Belle, Skye, Melody, and Jacques are on Angel Island and its wrecked streets, staring at the unleashed Perfect Tikhaos destroying the castle up above. Sonic wants to know what the monster is and why it is destroying the streets. Lara-Su quickly explains it is Tikhaos. Jacques is surprised Sonic doesn't remember the Ixis Resurgence and the Elemental War that happened on Mobius. Lara-Su explains the monster to be actually a mix of Tikal and Chaos to form an unstoppable beast. She senses the Chaos Energy inside Tikhaos and questions why she was let out of her Chaos Bubble. Sonic tells them they have no time and they prepare to stop the beast. In the sunken Catacombs where Tikhaos was released, King Shadow is putting his Energy Rings back on, explaining why he wanted to take over Mobius, to lead by example and not have everyone fooled around. He is inside his own Chaos Energy, protected by the force of the water. Shadow promises "Maria" that he will return and will lead better, and then he transports away using Chaos Control, leaving Mobius for the time being.

Back outside, Lara-Su quickly discusses the situation they have, with Tikhaos being perfect. She tells them that there IS a way to destroy Tikhaos, if they weaken her and she uses "Tikal's Prayer" to calm and let her rest. Sonic contacts Argyle the Crocodile questioning if he can get the E.S.T. to help out with the Situation. Argyle explains there is still a crowd control force outside from Sonic's Speech earlier that morning. Sonic puts Lara-Su in charge to stop Tikhaos while he saves his family. Lara-Su starts to hesitate, but she soon knows that there is no time left. Sonic heads off and Lara-Su is left. Lara-Su directs Jacques and Belle to be on a direct assault. Skye, Melody, and Lara-Su will help out with the back attacks to distract Tikhaos. The team sets out and Sonic heads into the Panic Room. Sally Acorn, Manik, and Sonia are inside. Manik starts to freak out, but Sonic calms the excited children down and greets his wife.

Silver the Hedgehog awakens and figures out that he was right about a disaster. Sonic asks if the destruction that is happening right now is exactly what Silver had in mind. He answers and Sonic explains that he gathered the Future Freedom Fighters from his advice. He tells the kids to follow him down the flooded castle, using rocks as surfboards. Silver levitates down the castle while Sonic and his family ride down on the rocks. Sonic asks Argyle how the escape is going. Argyle tells him the E.S.T. evacuation is going slowly, but the buses are already heading for Echidnaopolis and tells the king that nobody has gotten injured yet. He tells them that Lara-Su and the Freedom Fighters are already on the job with Skye, Melody, Jacques, and Belle stopping her advance. He tells Sonic that the Dark Presence have renounced King Shadow and are helping with evacuation efforts. They are ready to release Tails and Mina.

Jacques attacks the beast, but Melody saves him from one of Tikhaos's arms. Skye and Belle also assault the arms while Lara-Su tries to get to Tikhaos. She tells her that she can let go of her control and that she can do better, but she is hit. Miles comes out and saves her, however, and he also helps to assault Tikhaos. Mina suddenly comes in to help out the situation and asks why Melody and Skye are in the middle of the situation, but they quickly calm their mother down and begin to attack Tikhaos again. Belle and Jacques are soon saved by Silver, and he starts to attack Tikhaos using a shock of telekinesis. Sonic is contacted by Argyle and he explains they have her stationary, but they can't keep it up for much longer, even with the extra help. Sonic patches through to Lara-Su and asks what they need to do. Lara-Su explains the beast is not being weakened enough. She will soon defeat them if they don't do something soon. Manik and Sonia, however, give Sonic a plan by reminding him that he can hit the brain when he fought Perfect Chaos back 30 years ago or so. Sonic does explain that there was a little more involved in the fight because of him being Super Sonic, but he still finds it a plan. He tells everyone to clear a path with everyone assaulting Tikhaos and her arms while he gets the clear head shot. Tikhaos is ready to finish Sonic off however, and fires a beam at Sonic, failing his plan. But Manik and Sonia dash by fast and spin dash the head, successfully stopping the beast. The beast explodes into water and Lara-Su uses the Prayer to allow Tikhaos to rest and calm down, soothing her. Tikhaos finally turns back to her normal self, ending the entire battle.

Sonic thanks everyone for the help he had with the battle today. He tells them he is proud of the Future Freedom Fighters for their first successful mission together. Miles and Mina remind him that the old and good times are coming back. Silver and Sonic agree that the crisis is over, but Silver reminds him that one of the Freedom Fighters would possibly betray him, but Sonic reminds him that he has time traveled a lot, so he considers it sketchy. Silver thanks Sonic for the help and so does Sonic, promises to keep Angel Island safe, with Silver using Chronos Control to teleport back to the future. Sally asks Miles and Mina if the team is OK with them, and they accept, congratulating themselves and the new additions of Manik and Sonia.

In the present, an unknown figure on Downunda is awaiting the arrival of someone. Angel Island is visible on the horizon. Dr. Finitevus comes out of a Warp Ring and asks if the person is excited since he's personally "dying" to see Knuckles again...

Off Panel #1

SU8 Off Panel 1

Off Panel

Tikhaos is raging through the city, and text lines are dramatically saying "A fusion of Tikal and Chaos! How can this be?". A panel shows a swimming pool in Angel Island and Tikal in the middle of a cannonball into the water, noticing a shocked Chaos much too late. Lara-Su said to Sonic that that is at least how her dad had told it.

Off Panel #2

SU8 Off Panel 2

Off Panel

Silver is getting ready to head back to the future. He wishes that he could stay and see more. Sonic shakes his hand and he wants to go to the future for another adventure and starts to suggest something, but Knuckles suddenly appears and he argues that his Saga is next up.


  • From Sonic Universe #7 and onward, Jacques D'Coolette and Belle D'Coolette's fur color has changed. Jacque's fur has changed to blonde, like his mother's and Belle's fur has changed to light brown, like her father's.
  • The identity of the "Grandmaster" who was working with Dr. Finitevus would not be revealed until SU #11.
  • Belle and Jacques both use phrases from both of their parents.
  • In this issue, Sonia and Manik are revealed to have the ability to spin dash like their father.
  • This issue marks the final appearance of the Light Mobius timeline in the series.
  • The object Silver uses is a yellow Time Stone, confirmed in StH #215.
  • Lara-Su is mistakenly drawn with six fingers in the first panel.
  • On the original cover, Skye's inner ears were mistakenly colored fuchsia. This was corrected in the final coloring.


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