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Sonic X #12
Publication details
Issue 12

August 2006

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price
  • $2.25 (US)
  • $2.65 (CAN)
Production staff

Joe Edkin


Tim Smith III


Mike Pellerito

Archie Sonic X Issue 12 is the twelfth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Attack from Area 99!”: With evil Eggman behind bars, Sonic finds himself a man without a mission.  Even his best friend Tails is otherwise occupied… and big time!  Tails has been called in by the government to reverse-engineer the alien technology in the tripod from Sonic X #7.  However, Agent Westwood, aka Cowboy has other plans for this super-powered, alien war machine.  Hmmm… sounds like Sonic could be on another mission soon enough!


Attack from Area 99!


Since Doctor Eggman has been arrested in Sonic X, Sonic doesn't have anything to do and is bothering Knuckles on Angel Island. Sonic wants to fight Knuckles, but Knuckles is busy guarding the Master Emerald. Sonic tries to provoke him though he doesn't succeed, so he goes back to the Thorndyke Mansion. Sonic wants to go flying with Tails in the Tornado, but Chuck and Tails are upgrading it. Sonic runs to the school where Chris is playing soccer after school. Chris says that it isn't fair for one team to have a supersonic hedgehog on their team recommends going to Sam Speed. Sonic waits impatiently for some action to happen with the Speed Team.

Meanwhile, back at the Thorndyke Mansion, two GUN agents ask Tails to assist them back at Area 99. Sonic and Sam zoom into action where two fast cars are causing trouble in Station Square. One of the drivers hits a pram but Sonic grabs the baby before it hits a nearby building and returns it to the mother. Sonic runs to the green car, while Sam takes the yellow one. Sonic lands on the hood of the green one and pulls out a component that stops the car. Sam pulls the parachute out of his car, and launches a grapple at the car that makes it stop. The driver tries to escape but is stopped by Sonic. Doctor Eggman is still planning in prison to rule the world with Decoe and Bocoe.

Tails arrives at Area 99 and is escorted by Captain Westwood to an alien spacecraft (same as one in Sonic X #7). He tells Tails that the President requested it, but is lying again and lies about he finding the robot but he and Sonic did. Tails uses his technology skills to enter the cockpit, where Westwood is planning to use the robot to his advantage to make Rouge and Topaz look incompetent. Tails gets it working, but the robot goes on a rampage. Sonic and Sam notice the robot and try to attack it. Tails pulls out wires but the ship keeps repairing itself. Sonic spin dashes at the robot but a shield appears, stopping it. Sam sees a gap on the main power laser and grapples on it. Sonic then pulls it and the ship attacks itself and crashes into the park. Sonic and Sam head to the crash site and are shocked to find Tails and Westwood inside the ship.



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