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Sonic X #3
Publication details
Issue 3

November 2005

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.25 (US)

Production staff

Joe Edkin

Cover artist

Patrick "Spaz" Spazantine


Tim Smith III


Jim Amagh


Tom Orzechnowski

  • Ben Henzeker
  • Josh Ray

Mike Pellerito

Managing editor

Vector Gorelick


Richard Goldwater

Archie Sonic X Issue 3 is the third issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Field Trip of Doom": When a mysterious Doctor invites Chris, Sonic and their friends on a field trip to the space museum, evil goes into orbit! Sonic and crew are left in a dire situation as Eggman's sinister plan unfolds. What could it be?


Field Trip of Doom!


Sonic's new adventure started at the beach, avoiding killer whales and Eggman's robots while searching for Cream's pet Chao, Cheese. All the while, he was being watched by Eggman and his cronies, Decoe and Bocoe. The doctor remarked at how stupid Sonic was for falling for his diversion and then explained this to his equally oblivious robots in a schoolroom. While all this was happening, Eggman's messenger robot, Bokkun, was making a delivery to Sam Speed in the form of a new fuel injector that would make his car faster. On the beach, Sonic was avoiding obstacles such as swinging maces, snapping robot sharks, laser-shooting wasps and fire-blasting tikis.

Bokkun continued delivering to various humans. He delivered a new chair to the President, a computer to Topaz and an extremely large bowl of fruit to Mister Stewart as part of Eggman's plan to use human beings to power his robots. Back at the beach, Sonic had found a storage unit with Cheese, a squirrel, a rabbit and a tortoise trapped inside, and he set them all free. From his lair, Eggman viewed the events of Sonic and those who would become his robots' new power sources.

At the Thorndyke Mansion, after Cream had given her thanks to Sonic, Christopher Thorndyke ran into the living room, calling for his grandfather Chuck. He wanted him to sign a permission slip to visit the Station Square Space Museum as part of a school field trip. Chris and Tails then organized for them to meet at the museum on Monday. At Station Square Elementary, Mr. Stewart ordered his students to pack their lunches and head for the bus. Realizing that he didn't have any lunch, he quickly grabbed an apple from the mysterious fruit basket, wondering why this Dr. "Oeuf-Homme" invited them to the space museum.

The class soon arrived at the space museum with Sonic, Tails and Amy waiting outside. Despite his best efforts, Mr. Stewart's students went out of control in the museum before Eggman's robots started attacking. Sonic, Amy and Tails began fending off the robots to protect the kids. Meanwhile, Sam Speed became aware of the attack and quickly went into action to help his nephew, using the new fuel injector installed in his car.

Back at the museum, Sonic and his friends continued to hold off the robots. Suddenly, the floor gave way due to Amy forcing a robot's saw into it, causing Amy, Chris and another robot to fall through the floor. Tails threw a ring towards Sonic and he saved them before saving Tails. After that, Danny and Francis were kidnapped by a robot that could transform into a truck. Sonic raced after them with Sam Speed. They headed to the outskirts of the city and approached a corner, but Sam was going too fast and was unable to turn, so he drove over the edge and into the ocean, using his parachute to slow his descent.

While Sonic continued to pursue the robot, Eggman had trapped Sam, the President, Mr. Stewart and Topaz using the devices disguised as gifts. He then did the same with Chris using a piece of memorabilia from the space museum. Sonic pulled out a ring while chasing after the van to dodge its laser defences and knocked it off the road, allowing him to rescue the two children.

Back at the museum, Chris was enclosed by some space memorabilia that transformed into a robot and took aim at Tails and Amy, but they managed to escape. They met up with Sonic after he had left the two kids with a police officer. Chris confronts Sonic in the robot and aims its missiles at him, starting a countdown, while Eggman watches with glee.



  • E-51 Intelligente makes a cameo appearance in this issue.
  • The beach Sonic runs through to save Cheese is a reminiscent on Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure. This is supported by the presence of a killer whale that tries to catch Sonic while destroying the bridge he's on and the capsule at the end with several Animals (including Cheese) imprisoned in it.
  • "Oeuf-Homme" means "Eggman" in French.
  • Sonic encounters wasps (a reminiscent of Buzzers) and piranhas (a reminiscent of Choppers in which Sonic notes "[he] hasn't seen them since the Green Hill days, making a reference to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games.
    • In addition, he thinks to himself "Gotta Go Fast, Gotta Go Fast, Gotta Go Faster..." which are lines of the anime series' opening theme Gotta Go Fast.


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