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Sonic X #35
Publication details
Issue 35
Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price
  • $2.25 (US)
  • $2.65 (CAN)
Production staff

Mike Pellerito

Archie Sonic X Issue 35 is the thirty-fifth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Cracking the Eggman": The city is being ransacked in a series of robberies perpetrated by cowboys, astronauts, pirates, ninja, knights and more- all who mysteriously look like Eggman! Is it really the work of Sonic's #1 nemesis, or is someone actually foolish enough to frame the infamous foe? Can Sonic and his friends stop this costumed crime-wave before the town is looted dry?!


Cracking the Eggman




  • Most of Eggman's costumes in this issue are references to previous issues of the comic:
    • The Circus Outfit was from Issue 30
    • The Prisoner Outfit was from Issue 12, although he wasn't wearing the hat.
    • The Artist Outfit was from Issue 8, or at least the mustache style was.
    • Eggman's Pajamas were previously seen in Issue 25.
    • El Gran Gordo was introduced in Issue 26.
    • Robbie Nick (the Garage Outfit) appeared in Issue 20.
    • Eggman's Karaoke Outfit appeared on the cover of Issue 19.
    • Eggman previously dressed as Santa Claus in Issue 15.
    • Eggman's Saint Patrick's Day Outfit is a reference to Issue 17.


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