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Sonic X #8
Publication details
Issue 8

April 2006

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.25 (US)

Production staff

Joe Edkin

Cover artist

Patrick Spaziante


Tim Smith III


Mike Pellerito

Archie Sonic X Issue 8 is the eighth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans": A rousing adventure that takes Sonic and friends off to far away lands! The World's Fair in Paris hosts the unveiling of the New Thorndyke Industries space shuttle, and you don't think a little detail like that would escape the eye of Eggman, do you? Agent Topaz and Rouge are on the case, but when it's revealed that Emerl has been following them, will this mean disaster? Look out for Big the Cat and Froggy to finally make a big noise in the Sonic X comic as everything goes wild at the World's Fair!


Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans Part One


In Paris, Big the Cat is fishing with his best friend, Froggy. Nelson and Lindsay Thorndyke are celebrating Chris' birthday at the World's Fair. Chuck explains to Tails that Chris' parents are there to unveil a new spacecraft built by Nelson's company, with Lindsay being the spokesperson.

Sonic, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Danny, Frances and Helen enjoy the fireworks over Paris. Topaz and Rouge, who are searching for Doctor Eggman after he was spotted in Paris in the previous issue, are being followed by Emerl. Captain Westwood reports to the President, wishing to know why he sent Topaz and Rouge instead of him. Westwood wants to prove that Topaz and Rouge are bad agents, still blaming them and Sonic for the trouble.

Back in Paris, Chris is told by his dad that he and his friends will be the space shuttle's first passengers for his birthday celebration. Doctor Eggman, poorly dressed as a Frenchman, explains to Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun that the shuttle is part of his plans for the moon. He has modified fairground rides and intends to cause a distraction with them, allowing him to steal the shuttle. Topaz and Rouge fail to find Eggman and report back to GUN, and Westwood, trying to make them look incompetent in the eyes of the President, commands them to return and give up. Rouge suspects that the space shuttle is Eggman's target, so she ignores the orders and stays. Emerl is still following them, with everyone wondering who he is.

The Thorndykes reveal the new space shuttle. Amy imagines how romantic it would be to fly in it with Sonic. Just then, Doctor Eggman activates a device that transforms four theme park attractions into 'deadly' robots: an enormous elephant, a snake rollercoaster, a robot morphed from a miniature Eiffel Tower and a giant mime. While Sonic, Tails, Amy, Topaz and Rouge fight the robots and protect the surrounding people, Eggman and his minions sneak into the space shuttle. Rouge, who is attacking the giant mime, doesn't realize that Topaz is about to get flattened. Emerl, thinking that the girls know something about him, saves Topaz and goes back into hiding. Chris, noticing a helpless dog, manages to save it before it is crushed.

Big and Froggy spot Doctor Eggman heading for the shuttle. Using his fishing line, Big snatches Eggman towards him. When Eggman tells Big that he cannot stop him from entering the shuttle, Big punches him in the nose. Eggman then flees into the Hall of Mirrors, followed by Sonic, Tails, Amy, Chris, Topaz, Rouge and Big. Emerl remembers that Eggman is his master and that he must protect him. Unable to recognize what is and is not a reflection, Sonic notices the real Eggman, but Emerl is about to blast Sonic from behind...



  • One of the attractions resembles the real-life Parisian monument, the Eiffel Tower.
  • Big makes reference to Sonic Adventure in this issue, or more specifically, the Chaos Saga of the Sonic X anime which it is based on.


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