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Sonic X #9
Publication details
Issue 9

May 2006

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.25 (US)

Production staff

Joe Edkin


Tim Smith III


Mike Pellerito

Archie Sonic X Issue 9 is the ninth issue of the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans, Part 2": Turning things up a few notches from the previous issue, Eggman ups the ante in his quest to pilfer the Thorndyke space shuttle by unleashing a gigantic spider robot at the World's Fair! Emerl continues to lurk in the background, begging the question, is Emerl friend of foe? An all-out battle ensues as Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Rogue, Big the Cat and more give it their all to save the city! It's action and intrigue in the hit "Sonic X" animated series style! Frantic thrills 'n chills cover by Spaz!


Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans Part Two


Sonic, about to be hit by Emerl, is stopped by a giant spider robot, activated by Doctor Eggman. Sonic notices that what he thought for Eggman was his reflection. Sonic launches a super spin at the robot, Emerl copying his moves. Three more spider legs stomp down over Amy, Topaz and Froggy, but are rescued by Tails, Rouge and Big. Dr. Eggman, still with his sore nose, commands Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun to steal the space shuttle while his robot attacks. Tails, who is trapped under rubble, is rescued by Amy. Mr. Tanaka finds Chris in the wreckage and pulls him out. Rouge, Topaz, Big, Froggy, Chris and Tanaka trapped in the sewers below yell for help. Tails hears and throw Sonic a Ring to make a hole to get them out. Sonic charges through the air to destroy the robot with Emerl (Emerl believing that the robot is after Dr Eggman). Everyone escapes through the hole, but Big is still trapped inside. Amy, Tails and Rouge attempt to lift him but aren't able to until Froggy jumps off. Big uses his fishing line to reel Froggy back up. Emerl and Sonic destroy the robot's legs, Emerl mimicking Sonic's every move.

Dr. Eggman is about to get into the space shuttle but is stopped by Lindsey Thorndyke, Nelson Thorndyke, Chuck, Cream and Cheese. Dr. Eggman gets karate chopped in the nose by Lindsey. Dr. Eggman launches a net at them all, capturing them. Dr. Eggman orders Decoe and Bocoe to take the Egg Carrier to their base in Egypt, while he and Bokkun steal the space shuttle. Sonic and Emerl falling down, though the former is caught by Tails, but Emerl lies underneath the destroyed robot. Dr. Eggman successfully gets away with the space shuttle. Emerl needing repairs flies up to the space shuttle and approaches Dr. Eggman in the space shuttle. Emerl calls Eggman "Dr. Robotnik"; the confused Eggman decides to fix Emerl to use against Sonic.

Topaz reports back to Captain Westwood, Westwood then yells at them for not coming back and finding information from the lab that they overlooked. Rouge saying that he's just a smug jerk. Chris' dad promises that his son will go into space soon, leaving Chris anxiously waiting.




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