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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 110 is the one hundred tenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Station Square Attacks!

Having analyzed the information given to them by Knothole Kingdom, Station Square's computer system commences to launch a nuclear attack against Robotropolis - putting the environment at great risk. Can Sonic prevent disaster?

One For All

Princess Sally's connection to the Sword of Acorns is legendary, but it's about to take a turn of the most surreal kind.


Station Square Attacks!

Part One

Sally gets a message from the President of Station Square late in the night that the O.T.I.S. (Outer Threat Immobilization System) has looked through the information about Dr Robotnik and has seen him as a threat to destroy. It has launched an atomic strike at Robotropolis that will poison the environment.

Part Two

Sonic and Tails race towards Robotropolis to call a truse with Dr Robotnik to save their home. Sonic wants him to shoot down the missiles, but Dr Robotnik has a force field to fire the missiles away from Robotropolis and onto the environment.

Part Three

Tails pretends to deactivate the force field so that Dr Robotnik has no choice but to shoot them down. Sonic and Tails make it out of Robotropolis just as the force field comes up when the missiles are inside. Robotropolis has been destroyed and Sonic tells Tails that Knothole is their home now.

One for all

Sally uses the Sword of Acorns to discover her destiny, but sees a vision of the Arachne attacking her and Sonic.


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