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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 116 is the one hundred sixteenth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Operation: Off Switch!

When orbital spy satellites reveal Robotnik rebuilding a new mechanized boy amidst the ruins of the ancient, deserted city of Megalopolis, Sonic and Bunnie are recruited to stop him - but can they do so time?

Bat Fight!

It seems Sonic and Bunnie are not the only ones the President dispatched to Megalopolis - Rouge the Bat is there as well. When she confuses Bunnie for a bad guy, all heck breaks loose as our belles battle it out.

Ultimate Power, Mid-logue: The Lesson

As Knuckles prepares to face Mammoth Mogul to save his dying ancestor Dmitri, he remembers a time when life was simpler and his father taught him the lessons that would serve him for times like these.


Operation Off-switch

At the President's residence in Station Square, the President has summoned Bunnie and Sonic to head to an abandoned city. Dr. Eggman is constructing his new body and Rouge was sent to stop him, but hasn't been heard since. Sonic asks why they weren't called first, but the President takes the reaction badly. Sonic and Bunnie set off to the abandoned city.

On their arrival on top of a skyscraper, Sonic heads for Eggman's factory, to stop the construction of his body, while Bunnie goes to find Rouge. Sonic runs avoiding missiles sent by the defence system, and loses them in the subway system. Sonic finds Eggman's new body and distracting Sonic hits him with his arm. Sonic quickly dodges the fast arm, and Eggman loses his movement in his arm because of exhaustion. Sonic gets out dynamite from his bag and puts it in his mouth. Minutes later, Eggman's new body explodes.

Bat fight

Rouge is left in her prison cell, thinking over how she was captured and how to escape. Suddenly, the laser bars imprisoning her fizzle and die (possibly thanks to Bunnie) and she grows suspicious, believing danger to be afoot. She thinks her suspicions are confirmed when she spots Bunnie in silhouette, thinking her to be a cyborg minion of Eggman. The two brawl it out with each other, until Sonic finally steps in and reminds the two women they're allies

Ultimate Power - Mid-logue: The lesson

Chaos Knuckles after hearing something Locke said has sent Knuckles into a loop, reliving his past. Chaos Knuckles is sent back to when Robotnik's troops attempted to steal the Master Emerald when he was eight. The young Knuckles was taught to stay behind by Locke, but attempted to attack the robots and gets hit on the head. Chaos Knuckles watching, realises that's why his memory is hazy about the day. Locke mad at the robots for attacking a child uses the Master Emeralds energy to destroy the robots. Locke begins to educate the young Knuckles about the Master Emerald's power and takes him away, knowing that someday he'll learn to do it. Chaos Knuckles knowing that he has his duty travels back to the right time, only to receive a message from Constable Remington.


  • President: It's up to you' to find her and complete the mission. Stop Robotnik!
  • Sonic: Why didn't you call us in the first place?
  • President: Oh, please forgive me! What was I thinking? I should've known better!
  • Sonic: Dude. Chill...I was only joking!

Key Events

  • Robo-Robotnik appears in a new robotic body, but it is destroyed by Sonic.
  • Due to mistaken circumstances, Rouge and Bunnie temporarily fight.
  • Knuckles revisits his childhood to learn the secrets of the Chaos Emerald.

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