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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 126 is the one hundred twenty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Tossed in Space, Part 1: Red Chaos" and "Tossed in Space, Part 2: Hog & Superhog"

After last issue's pulse-pounding events, Sonic finds himself on a strange planet on the other side of the universe. While seeking a way home is his initial priority, his heroic instincts soon take over as he helps defend an alien race from their aggressors. By issue's end, Sonic will be forced to fight the last person he ever expected to face! You'll have to read it to believe it!

Better Read Than Dead

The Off-Panel strip graduates from the letters page to become its own five-page story. Read in awe as Sonic and The Editor face the evil of... Deadline! Can they get the issue done on time before Sonic is erased from existence?

Featured stories

Tossed in Space Part One - Red Chaos

Sonic stranded on an unknown planet is saved by the aliens known as the Blodex from the planet Thoraxia, and he saves them from their enemies, the Bzzzz. They invite Sonic to their world to thank him for his help. Sonic finds six red Chaos emeralds surrounding the statue of their champion, and is offered the position. Sonic declines, seeing as he wants to go back to Mobius. The Bzzzz Queen attacks, destroying everything in her path. Sonic thinking that if the green Chaos emeralds transform him into Super Sonic, Super Sonic destroys the Queen but Sonic watches as Super Sonic is another being.

Tossed in Space Part Two - Hog & Superhog

Super Sonic is shown as evil and Sonic fights him to keep him distracted from destroying the alien world, until Super Sonic fades away.

Better Read Than Dead

We follow a journey of Sonic and the editor facing an enemy named Deadline.



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