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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 127 is the one hundred twenty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Tossed In Space, Part 3: Evo-Solution

Sonic's space odyssey continues as he crash-lands on a strange planet... a planet that evolves faster than Sonic can even run. What can Sonic do while whole civilizations rise and fall around him? More importantly, what do the inhabitants of the planet think of our trespassing hedgehog? It's sci-fi with a Sonic spin.

Agent Sonic Vs. Agent Knuckles

It's humor in a jugular vein that will drive you mad with laughter as we skewer one of our favorite cartoon strips (Spy vs. Spy parody).

Featured stories

Tossed in Space - Part Three: Evo-solution

Sonic onboard the D'Novulans vessel (the Magesteron) is given implant in his ears, so that he could understand different intergalactic languages. Being able to understand the alien's language, Captain Oe introduces himself and his crew. Sonic introduces himself and and tells him that the implant works. Captain Oe tells Sonic that their destination is Mezzo Jillion, where Sonic's chances of finding a way home will be increased. One of Captain Oe's men, Helmsman Lu reports that a nearby tri-star (Cemerant-16) has just exploded, leaving debris in the vessel's way. Magesteron gets hit with a lot of debris, and Captain Oe analysis is that they have enough time to evacuate before the vessel is no more.

Soon, Sonic and Captain Oe are the only ones left when there's only one escape pod left. Sonic offers the captain the pod, but Captain Oe uses his tail to paralyze Sonic and puts him in the escape pod. Captain Oe says his goodbyes and Sonic watches as Magesteron explodes. Sonic inside the pod is recovering from the paralysis and lands on a mysterious planet. Sonic unable to breathe on the surface relaxes while eating rations. Sonic being able to breathe on the surface realizing that everything's going super fast, including tree growth and animals from the ocean rising. Sonic runs back to the escape pod and has a nap.

Sonic watching the planet through his escape pod watches as the civilization changes from primitive huts to futuristic buildings based on him in the time he says a sentence. Sonic seeing that time is slowing down to a speed he can keep up with heads onto the surface. Sonic coming out understands the Azurites language who call him the "blue-spined immortal". The Azurites introduce themselves as the planet's dominant species. Professor Parg says that he created a device to slow the motion of time on this world, the Temporal Decelerator. Sonic asks why the city is shaped like him, Professor Parg explains that their ancestors worshiped him as a god and an inanimate object. He goes on that its time to meet his creations and introduces Sonic to the city's inhabitants. Sonic explains to the inhabitants that he didn't create them and he's just a hedgehog trying to find his way home. The Azurites offer to build him a vessel and turn off the Temporal Decelerator and construct his ship around him. Sonic then takes off in his new spaceship to find a new way to return home.

Agent Sonic vs Agent Knuckles

This non-canon story shows Agent Sonic and Agent Knuckles fighting each other with their spy tactics. Both are then confronted by Dr. Eggman, who they take down, but are actually tricked by Agent Shadow.


  • The second story is a 5-page "Off-Panel" story, which makes the story non-canon.
  • The second story is a homage to the Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy full page comic strips. Both Mike Gallagher and Dave Manak worked on some of the Spy vs. Spy strips at one point.
  • The second story was made in memory of Spy vs. Spy creator, Antonios Prohias.
  • This issue includes an evolution chart of the Azurites.
  • The new spaceship (that looks like Sonic) that the Azurites design for Sonic is used also in STH: 128 and STH: 129.