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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 128 is the one hundred twenty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Tossed in Space, Part 4: Starmada

Sonic hooks up with a fleet of alien mercenary star ships banded together to find and destroy a space being of incredible power that has left a trail of galactic destruction in its wake. It turns out to be a nemesis from Sonic’s past, namely: “E.V.E III”, originally Robotnik’s creation! E.V.E. was set free by Sonic way back in issue 22. Now Sonic finds out what she’s been been doing with that freedom… destroying whole planets. Sonic feels responsible and sets out to find her first. Can he put an end to this “eve of destruction”?

Featured stories

Tossed in Space - Part Four: Starmada

Sonic, traveling through space is trying to get to Teragosa 6, but all that's left is an asteroid belt. Sonic is escorted to the spaceship Sentelle with the commander and his crew. He tells Sonic that the planet was destroyed by E.V.E.. When the commander hears Sonic's story about E.V.E., he sends his crew to destroy him, but Sonic escapes and is chased by their spaceship.

Tossed in Space - Part Five: E.V.E. I'll

Sonic heads towards the nearest inhabited planet, where E.V.E.'s spaceship has destroyed it. The spaceships following Sonic get destroyed by E.V.E., but Sonic passes through her ship. Sonic puts on a spacesuit and attempts to put her out of commission. Sonic faces E.V.E tricks pretending to be Sally and sending her minions to attack him. Sonic confronts E.V.E. who was greeted into space as a threat and vowed to get revenge. Sonic explained that instead of serving with aliens, they all obey her. E.V.E., seeing her mission tells Sonic to go to Argentium to return home and destroys herself in the nearest star.


  • This issue features E.V.E., who hasn't seen since Sonic the Hedgehog #21.
  • On the cover of this issue, Sonic is wearing a red spacesuit; however, in the story, he is wearing a blue spacesuit.
  • Teragosa 6 and the star that E.V.E. destroys herself with are revealed in Sonic the Hedgehog #169 to have the purple Chaos Emeralds (Teragosa 6) and the yellow Chaos Emerald (which causes the star to lose its brightness) respectively.


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