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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 130 is the one hundred thirtieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Home (Part 1 of 4): The Blue Blur Returns

The first entry in a four-part epic finds Sonic back from his adventure in outer space-and just in time, too, as the Kingdom of Acorn and the Empire of Robotnik are about to collide head-on in their monumental struggle to control Mobius! How will everybody react to Sonic's "return from the dead?" How will Sonic react to all the changes that have occurred during his absence? If you read only one Sonic comic in this lifetime, make it this one!!!

Featured stories

Home - Part One: The Blue Blur Returns

Sonic is traveling in his space ship back to Mobius, and crashes in the Great Forest. Sonic is overjoyed at being back with the green bushes and warm sun, but then notices thick black smoke just beyond the trees. Sonic makes this way over to a village, where the huts are burning. The citizens are surrounded by SWATbots and are at their mercy. A stumbling vicar marries Geoffrey St. John and Hershey the Cat on the spot. Dr. Eggman (on the monitor) doesn't care for their marriage intends to burn one of his own villages for hosting the spies. Dr. Eggman is about to command A.D.A.M., controlling a SWATbot, to kill them when it is destroyed by Sonic. Everyone is shocked at Sonic's reappearance. Sonic is surrounded by the remaining Swatbots, but destroys them all. Everyone cheers for Sonic; Hershey runs to hug him and Geoffrey congratulates him. Geoffrey explains that after the threat of the Xorda, everyone thought Sonic was dead, and Dr. Eggman declared war on the Kingdom of Acorn. Hershey explains that Eggman has amassed the atomic arsenal to prove it. Sonic runs to warn Knothole before it's too late.

In New Megaopolis, Dr. Eggman is confused by how Geoffrey and Hershey escaped and why his SWATbots were destroyed. A.D.A.M. provides answers to him showing the last recorded image, which is Sonic. Eggman tries to remain calm but instead screams through the whole city. Mecha asks who Sonic is, which Eggman pronounces him as "a-numero uno". Eggman stumbles also that he deleted all files on him, thinking he was dead.

Sonic makes it to Knothole in less than an hour, but is shocked how different it is after his 6 weeks in space. Sonic asks a little girl what day it is, which she tells him it's "Wednesday". Sonic shakes her for an answer how long since the Xorda. She answers back one year. Sonic confused how long it has passed asks her directions on Castle Acorn. The guards of Castle Acorn are also confused of his presence and let him in "for a living breathing legend". Knuckles with the Chaotix is discussing with King Max and Queen Alicia, that they can liberate Eggman's forces on Angel Island. Both disagree with Knuckles, because they need to keep them there for they don't know what Eggman's new plan is. Sonic comes in saying he knows. Knuckles and the Chaotix amazed he's alive, as both Sonic glad that Knuckles is too. Sonic bows to the king and tells them that Eggman's got atomics right at his fingertips. Uncle Chuck runs in (informed by the guards of Sonic) and hugs Sonic crying that he's alive, and goes to send Sonic's and mother to see him.

After finding out Sally is at Sonic's heroic statue, Sonic approaches her from behind and both share a kiss. Soon they are surrounded by reporters and cameramen, but the Royal Guards soon take them away.

Both arrive back at Castle Acorn with a crowd of Sonic's friends and family. Amy, Tails, Rotor and Bunnie happy to see him with Tails shoving him to the ground. Jules picks him up and Bernie hugs Sonic. "Antoine" shows no emotion of Sonic's arrival and only salutes him. Sonic starts to wonder what made him so grim and how he got the scar.

At Command Central, Rotor shows Sonic the Technolotree, where they can speak with anyone on the globe. Rotor sets up a communication with the President of Station Square, where the President wants G.U.N. to strike New Megaopolis. Sonic believes there's another way, but the President thinks it's about time they played "hardball". The transmission is cut off and Eggman interferes with the communication. Eggman can't wait to see Sonic dead and buried once again, and he reveals his new plan: Operation: Triple Threat. One move having his robot horde penetrate Robotropolis' shield and spread the radiation trapped inside across the planet, and the other two being a battleship with one missile being launched at Knothole, the other at Station Square. Eggman then persuades them to "tackle it".


  • This is the first issue in the series to depict Sally with long hair. This would continue until Sonic the Hedgehog #177.
  • The Antoine here is actually Patch, the Anti Antoine, in disguise. This wouldn't be explained until Sonic the Hedgehog #150.
  • The first page resembles the beginning of a Star Wars movie. Knothole also resembles the tree villages of Endor from the movie Return of the Jedi.
  • This is the first issue to feature Bunnie's new look: a brown jacket with a cowboy hat, but she only appears in a couple of panels.


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