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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 133 is the one hundred thirty-third issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Home, Part 4: Finale

The final chapter of Sonic's eventful return home! His family and friends thought he was dead but now he's back - and in the fight of his life with Robotnik's mysterious henchman, uh, woman, Mecha! Are the Mobians in danger losing Sonic again?! Meanwhile, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters make their final stand against the Warbots on the wasteland in front of Robotropolis!

Mobius, 25 Years Later - Midnight In The Garden

Knuckles and Rotor have a serious summit over developments on the planet!

Featured stories

Home - Part Four: Finale

Sonic is engaged in a major brawl with Mecha as the citizens of Knothole are watching the brawl. Shadow confronts Dr Robotnik, threatening to kill him. Robotnik pleads for his life, pointing out that good guys aren't supposed to kill, and asking if there isn't a hedgehog moral code. Shadow acknowledges that Sonic holds those beliefs, but dismisses them, reminding Robotnik that he's a hero - Shadow is not.

Meanwhile, Tails attempts to confuse A.D.A.M by giving him complicated riddles until he's done for, and Knuckles leads the charge against the robot army, helped with flying by Rouge the Bat. Mecha deals a laser blast at Sonic which hits his weak spot in his shoulder, causing him to burn. Sally upset of what has happened again runs away in panic, crying. Mecha about to deal the final blow is hit into a nearby building by Bunnie Rabbot who is joined by Antoine, Espio, Fiona Fox, Geoffrey St. John and Hershey St. John. Geoffrey launches a grenade into the building, which explodes. Fiona tends to Sonic injury and asks Bunnie and Antoine to stop Dr Robotnik's missiles. Bunnie and Antoine looking daggers at each other listen to Sonic and take off. Sonic confused learns from Fiona that they broke up 6 months ago. Suddenly, Mecha appears, stripped of her human outer shell, and attacks to take them down.

Tails has won the riddle battle with A.D.A.M that has caused the robot army to stop their march and the countdown for the missiles to cease. Shadow makes his move on Robotnik, only to be distracted by Bunnie and Antoine. Dr Robotnik launches his submarine and makes his escape, while A.D.A.M is back online and begins the countdown again. In a desperate situation, Shadow runs across the ocean, taking Antoine away from the carrier and Bunnie uses her robot strength to destroy the carrier before it launches.

Espio attacks Mecha with his tongue, only to be launched into rubble. Sonic's injury all healed up, he uses his speed to run around Mecha, causing the ground to give way and her falling into the ocean. Sonic comments that everybody is happy - but Sally is still in tears over nearly losing Sonic, and Shadow can be seen uncertain and musing over his purpose in the world.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is furious over A.D.A.M being distracted during the battle, while A.D.A.M can be seen developing the first signs of a sense of humor...

Mobius 25 years later: Midnight in the Garden

After Lara-Su's unveiling, Knuckles meets up with Rotor to discuss something important, while Julie-Su and Lara-Su are having girl talk. Salma and Rutan overhear the conversation between Knuckles and Rotor, and Rutan's ready to tell Lien-Da.