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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 137 is the one hundred thirty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Robo-Dyne Systems

Without the consent of the King, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters infiltrate the center of the Eggman Empire deep in the technological monstrosity of Megaopolis. However, they are not there to take down Robotnik's latest scheme, but rather to save a friend.

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Trouble in Paradise

The popular "Mobius, 25 Years later" saga continues! King Sonic, Queen Sally and their kids make the journey to visit Knuckles, Julie-Su and Lara-Su on Angel Island... but some of them are not happy with it! Is there trouble in paradise?

One Part Ooh-La-La, and Two Parts Treachery!

As Antoine get ready for his new assignment, he remembers a simpler time dealing with the loves of his life. It's a lesson in romance he has never forgotten. But will it help him now?

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Robo-Dyne Systems

At the beginning of the story, the Freedom Fighters are flying in the Freedom Fighter Special-Mark 2 towards New Megaopolis to rescue Tommy Turtle. On the way there, Sally Acorn starts to regret not telling King Maximillian Acorn about the mission. Sonic the Hedgehog then states that he wonders why Sally came in the first place, considering their breakup was because of Sally's resent of him going on missions like these, and also he thinks it was better to not tell King Max anyway, because he wouldn't give the consent. Sally argues that she cares about Tommy as well and the mission can't be completed without her, and Sonic concurs.

The Freedom Fighters eventually pass over Old Megaopolis and into the far more colossal New Megaopolis. Sally points out a rooftop in which they land on. Nicole uploads a map hologram and Sally explains the schematics; Sonic and Sally will lead, Rotor Walrus and Bunnie Rabbot will follow, while Tails and Antoine will remain on the ship for a quick getaway. Antoine argues that he should be protecting Sally and asks for permission to accompany her, and Sally agrees. Tails is disgruntled that he has to stay but Sally explains that Tails and the ship are their only means of escape, and Tails accepts.

Sally asks Nicole for instructions to the Robo-Dyne Factory, the factory the created the Tommy infiltrator. While inside, Sally notices SWATbot and infiltrators without their fake skin. Sally and the other proceed with caution. While doing so, they gaze in horror at the large amount of infiltrators being manufactured and Sally wants to stop them. Sonic argues that they should rescue Tommy first. Before the consensus is reached, they are found by SWATbots that are quickly destroyed by Sonic. Soon after, Rotor activates a floor electrifier and Sally swings on a rope to rescue Sonic. After that, Sonic and Sally are separated from the others. Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine decide to follow up on their plant to blow up the factory.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally are on their way to rescue Tommy. Nicole pinpoints the way and Sonic and Sally rush off. While the Bunnie and the others are hiding from SWATbots, they run into Sonic and Sally. Sally is about to explain the plan when Rotor notices that Nicole is not with her. Tommy Turtle is about to be killed by a SWATbot, but the SWATbot is destroyed by someone. Sally and Sonic start to fight Bunnie and the other, revealing that they are infiltrators. They are successful in destroying them. Tommy starts to thank Sally and Sonic for saving him and exchange hugs and handshakes. Sally gets a call from Rotor saying that they are on the rooftop meeting resistance and the bombs are ready to blow. Sonic takes off with Sally and Tommy and reunite with the group only to be trapped all together. At that moment, Tails descends with the Freedom Fighter Special, putting a smokescreen and the groups means for escape. The factory blows up and the group escaped with Tommy just in time. Sonic describes how easy the mission went. Sally explains that they will still have to explain what happened to King Maximillian, and Sonic states he forgot.


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