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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 144 is the one hundred forty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Mobius: 25 Years Later - Moment of Truth

The popular series-within-a-series... and the very future itself... takes center stage as our heroes valiantly try to repair the ripped rift in time! Using a long departed evil doctor's greatest unused device, can even the combined might and intellect of King Sonic, Guardian Knuckles, and the scientific geniuses Rotor and Cobar, be enough to fix time .. in time?! And what part does a mysterious stowaway have to play in this saga? No fan of the Sonic mythos should miss this one!

Love and Loss

Sonic and Sally, Antoine and Bunnie Rabbot romantic upheavals have worried fans more than wondering when the next Dr. Robotnik or Dark Legion attack is coming. Now with their future uncertain, where does that leave our heartbroken Freedom Fighters? These questions of love, loss and yes, laughter will finally be addressed in this poignant, charming tale.


Mobius: 25 Years Later - The Die is Cast

Knuckles the Echidna prepares to join King Sonic on a mission to ensure the survival of Mobius and all of its inhabitants. Knuckles preparing to leave announces to Lara-Su that she will be the next guardian. Julie-Su says goodbye to Knuckles, but Lara-Su wants to go with him, which Knuckles doesn't allow. Sally Acorn asks Knuckles to make sure that Sonic comes back safe, and Knuckles promises. In a spaceship, Sonic, Knuckles, Cobar and Rotor Walrus (with Lara-Su secretly on board) travel to the badlands in a secret shelter built for Doctor Eggman himself. Sonic plans to use a machine that Rotor and Cobar have been working on to send Sonic back in time, but Sonic might not be able to return. The machine malfunctions and Sonic disappears along with Lara-Su (who is still in the spaceship).

In the present time, Sonic and Tails, the Chaotix, and Knuckles the Echidna are thinking about the future, Knuckles saying that the future is too far to think about. "Though our destinies are etched with stone, various are the means used in the carving" - Paracleas, ancient echidna philosopher.

Love and Loss

In Knothole, many girls have brought the Knothole News on Wednesday's because of the Love and Loss written by someone named "Aly" for dating advice for girls. Sasha heads home to Rosie and both read of the stories involving Bunnie Rabbot, Mina Mongoose, Amy Rose and Sally Acorn. Bunnie writes about her relationship with Antoine D'Coolette, and how them breaking up has caused her to become desperate for companionship. Mina writes about her love between Sonic and Ash Mongoose, her current boyfriend. After receiving a reply, she calls Ash to organize a date and tosses her picture of Sonic away. Amy writes about her crush on Sonic and rejects Aly's advice to find someone else. Bunnie, Amy, Mina, Rosie and Sasha read a new article written by Sally about how Sonic left her.

As it turns out, "Aly" is really Nicole, who had been replying to the letters from the Knothole girls, and gave Sally the advice to be strong and never give up finding the perfect man.


  • In "Love and Loss", the newsstand is in front of Green Hill Park, a reference to Green Hill Zone.
  • A magazine poster in Amy's room says "Sonic Underground inter-dimensional tour", referencing the show Sonic Underground, and also the comic Sonic Super Special #10.
  • When Mina is getting ready for her date, she is wearing the same Japanese style clothes she wore to impress Sonic in Issue #120.
  • This would be the last time Sonia Acorn, Manik Acorn, and the rest of the unfortunate would be seen in the unaltered timeline, due to the correction of the timeline wiping out their existence.


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