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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 152 is the one hundred fifty-second issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Eggman frets about his inability to defeat Sonic, while A.D.A.M. decides to take matters into its own hands.

Sonic's Angels

After all the trouble Sonic has had the last few issues, things just got worse! All the girls on the Freedom Fighters team are furious at the blue blunder head... just when their teamwork is needed the most! With all their squabbling, they barely have time to notice that The Eggman Empire is expanding and destroying all in its path. Can they curb the dissent long enough to prevent Dr. Robotnik's Nanites from taking over the planet?

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Sonic's Angle


A.D.A.M.: Query: Would it not be more productive to focus yourself toward the stated objective? At your present rate, it will be another 116 years, 11 months, 3 days, and 15 point 4 seconds before attaining complete world domination.
Dr. Eggman: The hedgehog is MY business, ADAM! You would do well to REMEMBER that! As for my stated objectives—if YOU can devise a mean to IMPROVE implementation, THEN DO SO! Otherwise, I have to LOW threshold for IMPERTINENCE!

Key Events

  • A.D.A.M. creates a giant nanite city that captures the Wolf Pack.
  • The Freedom Fighters launch a mission to stop the nanites, which stops when Sonic wins a dispute with A.D.A.M.
  • Snively helps the Freedom Fighters for the first time since Sonic the Hedgehog #76 and, to a greater extent, joins them.


  • This issue reveals where Snively has been the whole time since Sonic returned from space.
  • For some reason Rouge appears on the front cover even though she does not appear in any of the stories in the book.
  • The nanites would be later analyzed and studied by both Tommy Turtle and Rotor, (StH: #154)
  • Though Rouge appears on the cover, she does not appear as part of the team in the issue, but is replaced with Fiona Fox. Surprisingly, in the preview version of this cover, Mina Mongoose was in Rouge's place and Fiona Fox was in Mina's place. Even more interesting is that the preview cover had the Sonic Channel art style. This preview cover can be seen on Patrick Spaziante's website.
  • Amy's headband on a page wasn't inked.
  • Mina's eyes are shown apart from each other on the cover, but the rest of her appearances she is shown with her eyes together, similar to Sonic's and Amy's.
  • Sonic's Angels is a reference to Charlie's Angels.
  • Mina's eyes are miscolored blue on the cover.


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