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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 160 is the one hundred sixtieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Birthday Bash": It's Sonic's birthday, and he's just been presented with the newly-refurbished, original Freedom Fighter's base, first shown way back in Sonic #1! It doesn't take long for the festivities to become fearsome, as Bark and Bean crash the party on Robotnik's orders! Meanwhile, Rogue and Evil Sonic both have their eyes on pilfering the Master Emerald. It's a birthday "celebration" the Blue Blur will never forget! Featuring a birthday blastin' cover by party favorin' fan-fave, Spaz!

Featured stories

Birthday Bash! Part One: Giving and Receiving


It's Sonic's birthday, so Sally, Elias, Tails, Antoine, Bunnie, Amy, Rotor and Fiona Fox have thrown him a party in the newly decorated Freedom Fighter HQ. Fiona asked Sonic how old he would be, but Sonic just wants them to call him a teen now until forever. Bean and Bark invade the headquarters having been hired by Doctor Eggman to ruin Sonic's birthday. Bean and Bark also want revenge for what Sonic did to them, but Sonic knows that his evil twin had done stuff under his name.

Meanwhile Rouge the Bat is at the Master Emerald altar, ready to steal the gem, and Evil Sonic is with her. They are discovered by Locke.

Fiona uses her past experiences with Bean and Bark and throws shiny keys out of the window, and as expected, Bean follows them. With Bark surrounded by the Freedom Fighters, he surrenders. The Freedom Fighters began to wonder about where Bean went, before the duck is conveniently brought in by Shadow the Hedgehog.

Evil Sonic was knocked away by Locke, who then attempted to take down Rouge. Evil Sonic makes his way to the Master Emerald and charges himself up. Locke, enraged, uses his knuckles and leaves two scars on Evil Sonic's chest.

Shadow explains that he has returned to thank Sonic for defeating the Metal Sonic Troopers and that they are only friends for today, until he goes back to Dr, Eggman. Bean reports back to Dr. Eggman that the plan didn't work, so Dr. Eggman sends Croctobot to attack Sonic.

Rouge and Locke look upon the new green-furred, blue-eyed Evil Sonic, claiming that he isn't Evil Sonic but a real "Scourge" all the same...


  • This was Tracy Yardley's and Ian Flynn's first issue.
  • Sonic makes a joke to Bark saying he looks like quite the fighter, a reference to Bark's first (and only in-game) appearance in Sonic the Fighters.
  • Bean calls Sonic "Mr. Needlemouse", a reference to what Sonic was originally named in his conception.


Preview pages

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