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Sonic the Hedgehog #196
Publication details
Issue 196

January 2009

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Production staff

Ian Flynn

Cover artist

Patrick Spaziante

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 196 is the one hundred ninety-sixth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Hedgehog Havoc, Part Two”: The “New Moebius” saga comes to an explosive end as hero and villain alike tremble at the power of Super Scourge! The fate of two worlds hangs by a thread, but what can Sonic do against his invincible evil twin? You can’t miss this epic climax to the biggest Sonic story of the year!¨


Hedgehog Havoc! Part 2

In Freedom HQ, Sally and Alicia Acorn are continuing their argument over stranding Sonic and Amy in Moebius. Sally then tells Tails once more to get the Star Posts running. Despite Alicia's protest, he succeeds in doing so. They go through, only to find that Scourge the Hedgehog (now in his super form) had knocked everybody in the room out and now held an unconscious Sonic up in the air. He then proceeds to attack the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad, knocking them down one by one before coming to Miles, who pleaded for his life. Super Scourge is then stopped by Silver the Hedgehog, who had just regained consciousness and was holding him in the air using his psychokinesis. However, much to Silver's surprise, Super Scourge breaks free from his hold.

Meanwhile, Sonic comes to and as he thinks of the times he's been "super" to find Super Scourge's weakness, he is suddenly grabbed by Metal Sonic who says that due to Scourge's super form, it ensures a 0% chance of success and continuing to fight him is pointless, so he moved back to fighting Sonic. While Sonic was in the middle of the battle with his metal doppelganger, Shadow kicks him away from Sonic and then uses Chaos Control on the robot, sending them to a different zone due to Metal's special engine.

Meanwhile, the fight with Super Scourge continues and Rosy the Rascal uses her hammer to try and "squish" Scourge, but due to his invincibility, it doesn't work and she is thrown into a wall where she falls unconscious and gets tied up by Rob O' the Hedge.

Sonic then grabs Miles who is trying to make a run for it, and demands to know where he can get some of their Anarchy Beryl to fight Scourge with, but Miles reveals that they hid it far from the castle. Miles then suggests they lure Scourge back into Sonic's world, but Sonic refuses, knowing full well Miles has double-crossed many times, and saying most of the Chaos Emeralds are out of reach anyway.

Sally then comes up with a plan that she puts into action. She has Silver use his psychokinesis to hold Scourge while Bunnie and Boomer force Scourge down with their weapons. Everyone except Silver then pile on top of Scourge in the hopes of holding him down until he loses his super form, but Scourge throws them all off.

Sonic then bombards Scourge with spin dashes and Scourge grabs him and throws him outside, where a raging storm is going on. Then, right in the middle of Scourge's speech about what he'll do with both of their worlds because of his power, Sonic runs off into the nearby forest where he thinks about the times he's powered down from his super form. As he realizes he's in the Anti-Mobius world, an idea comes to him...

Scourge then appears in front of Sonic, knocking him backward with an energy blast. As Sonic gets up, he taunts Scourge, saying he needed to go "super" to take him down and couldn't do it otherwise. In order to prove him wrong, Scourge powers down...and falls to the ground from weakness. Sonic then explains the differences between the Chaos Emeralds and the Anarchy Beryl, stating when he powers down from the Emeralds, he gets a small boost, while when Scourge powered down from the Anarchy Beryl, it drained him of all his strength. Scourge then attempts to get back up, telling Sonic he is nothing to him, but Sonic retorts that he is nothing more than a bully that takes the easy, nasty way out, while Sonic himself does things the right way, and that the good guys always win in the long run.

The next day, Buns returns to Anti Castle Acorn where Boomer is disconnecting Dr. Kintobor's Globe Posts. Miles then offers her a position back with the Suppression Squad since it was only Scourge that didn't want her in it anymore. She refused and then walked back with the others to Dr. Kintobor's tower.

Meanwhile, Miles and Alicia wonder if Buns will come back to them, with the former believing she will since she can only play the hero for so long. Miles then tells Alicia he memorized the schematics of the Globe Posts and that the Freedom Fighters will pay, once they've settled everything on their world.

Back at Kintobor's tower, Silver departs back to his home time saying he will be back once he has found the traitor among the Freedom Fighters who will lead to the destruction of his world. Sonic then heads inside with the others who are leaving for Freedom HQ through Kintobor's Globe Posts. After Dr. Kintobor thanks him, Sonic says to Sally that he'll be taking Scourge to jail in the No Zone and will be getting some answers of his own.


  • Shadow uses Chaos Control while holding Metal Sonic, causing them both to disappear. They would reappear in Sonic X #40.
  • After Scourge loses his "super" powers, Sonic states that the Anarchyl Beryl drains Scourge out completely, and may even last longer. Sonic also states that they only have 7 Chaos Emeralds in Mobius and his super form may not last as long as Scourge's, but it gives him a small boost after powering down. It is unknown if Sonic does get a boost of energy after powering down in the games.
  • Right before Silver leaves, he states he will be back to protect Sonic's team, meaning he will probably appear in a later comic.
  • At the end, Miles says, "Do you think Buns will come back to us?" Alicia Acorn replies, "Probably. She can only portray the hero for so long." Due to their mirror personalities and cosmic laws, Bunnie Rabbot could be the traitor among the Freedom Fighters Silver was looking for.


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