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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 1 is the second issue in the original four-part Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Run, Sally, Run" Princess Sally and Boomer hatch a plan to infiltrate Doctor Robotnik's lab and find out how to return all the Badniks back to normal. Sally makes a deal to meet with the evil Doctor Robotnik under the premise of making a deal to get her father back.

"Silent Running" Sonic explains a downside to his speed in this one page strip between 'Run, Sally, Run' and 'Something Fishy'

"Something Fishy" Sonic is fishing before being attacked and captured by Jaws. It is up to Tails and Boomer to save the day.

Featured Stories

Run, Sally, Run!

Part 1

Sonic and Tails are on the move when they come across Princess Sally at the edge of the Great Forest. Sally is on edge and brushes off Sonic telling him and Tails to leave her alone before she runs off.

Sonic returns to the secret entrance to Knothole Village where they bump into Antoine. Antoine shows Sonic a letter from Princess Sally stating she was off to meet Dr Robotnik. Sonic, Tails and Antoine rush to catch Sally to stop her.

When Sonic finally catches up to her he sees Sally meeting a Buzzbomber, Sonic goes to attack the Buzzbomber thinking it is attacking Sally. Sally jumps in and stops him. Antoine follows suit but again is stopped by Sally.

Sally then hitches a ride on the Buzzbomber, believing she was on her way to a neutral venue to meet with Dr Robotnik. She was wrong!!! Instead the Buzzbomber drops her down into one of Dr Robotnik's Factories where he is waiting.

Meanwhile Sonic and companions are trapped in a cage back where Sally was last seen by them.

Sally is then, under the orders of Dr Robotnik dragged by two SWATbot to a Robo-Machine.

Part 2

Part 2 opens with Sally about to be thrown into the Robo-Machine by two SWATBots but Sonic managed to use a sonic spin to release himself from their cage back at The Great Forest and then again to smash through the walls of Doctor Robotnik's factory.

Sonic, despite the protests from Sally, moves her out of the way but not before Doctor Robotnik reaches for his Atomic ray gun. Although Antoine and Tails have stolen it from him by this time. The appearance of the three would-be heroes causes much alarm to Sally.

Sonic then proceed to smash the Robo-Machine to pieces before speeding off back to Knothole, pulling Tails, Antoine and Sally in one of Robotnik's wagons.

Back at Knothole when Sonic, Tails and Antoine are all celebrating their days work Sally is seething at Boomer, that her plan was foiled by the trio. Sonic is confused when Sally shows him her boot which has a device that could help return all badniks back to normal. When hearing this all three 'rescuers' are deeply sorry.

Silent Running

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Scott Shaw
  • Inks: Bill White

Sonic is playing baseball with Rotor. Complaining that speed can have it's downside. This downside is explained by the fact Sonic's speed can make him slide into third base before you can hear the crack of the bat.

Something Fishy

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Scott Shaw
  • Inks: Bill White
  • Colors: Barry Grossman
  • Letters: Dan Nakrosis
  • Editor: Daryl Edelman

Sonic is enjoying a relaxing day fishing when he has a catch almost instantly. Much to his dismay it seems to be one of Robotnik's badniks, Jaws. After eating Sonic's fishing rod it dives back under and continues to chew through the dock, which sees Sonic fall into the water and down two slides.

He then proceeds to chase Jaws into a cave but unbeknownst to Sonic it is a trap. The badnik then proceeds to show Sonic the underwater Robo-Machine. With the threat that Sonic will be next.

Meanwhile Tails and Boomer are on route to meet Sonic at the dock but when they get there, there is no sign of Sonic or the dock. Boomer goes off back to Knothole before returning with his Bathysphere (a submarine) and then proceeds, with Tails to go looking for Sonic under the water.

Back at the cave Sonic is just about to be placed in the underwater Robo-Machine before he uses the Sonic Spin to burst out of the net and escape. Unfortunately for him though the energy in the Sonic Spin leaves him gasping for air and with no air bubble begins to drown.

Just then the Bathysphere with Boomer and Tails inside turns up and smacks the Jaws away from Sonic. Sonic is then helped with the air bubbles given off by the Bathysphere.

He then proceeds to destroy the water-proof Robo-Machine. While the badnik escapes damaged but not destroyed.

Sonic is then returned to the surface where they discuss having lunch.

Equal Time

Instead of talking about how fast Sonic is, Boomer discusses the very slow people in our midst, including Sid the Snail, mailmen with important letters and a congress with an anti-pollution bill.

Ground Rule Double

Sonic plays tennis with himself by traveling back and forth quickly to hit the ball

Sonic's baby photographs

Sonic looks through an old photo album of himself, including his first crawl, his first steps, his first tricycle and graduation of kindergarten but all of them only catch him zipping by as he was too fast.


  • Sally in this issue appears pink with black hair. But in Sonic the Hedgehog #0 she appears brown with blonde hair.
  • This issue, along with the rest of the Sonic miniseries, was reprinted in Sonic: The Beginning.
  • Sally is, according to her footwear a size 5 1/2.
  • Rotor is known as Boomer in all the Archie Sonic (Mini-Series) issues.
  • In 'Run, Sally, Run' Robotnik complains about his Robo-Machine being destroyed as it takes several issues to repair but as seen in 'Something Fishy' Robotnik has more than one. Sadly for him that one is also destroyed.