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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 230 is the two hundred thirtieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"...Two Steps Back" & "SONIC GENERATIONS": "Genesis" may be over, but Sonic's 20th Anniversary celebration parties on! As the Genesis Epilogue unfolds, the Death Egg II still menaces New Mobotropolis, and Dr. Eggman has one more sinister trick up his sleeve. It's a desperate race against time as Sonic and Sally try to prevent another world catastrophe, and the ending will leave you speechless. Also featuring a very special SONIC GENERATIONS video game story!

Featured stories

...Two Steps Back

Sonic is floating in a white limbo contemplating the events of Genesis and he ends up back on the Death Egg Mark 2 fighting Silver Sonic, but time has been rewinded ten seconds. This allows Sonic to save Sally from being gunned down by turrets, and the turret hits Silver Sonic instead. Nicole is able to hack into the elevators so they can escape the room.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman has press the button to start Operation: Clean Sweep and nothing happens. He goes irate and ask Snively went wrong, but he doesn't know. Dr. Eggman almost loses it until he reminds himself of Sonic's constant chaos and remembers the events of Genesis himself. He asks Snively for the status of stage two and he tells him that it is primed and ready to fire, but Sonic and Sally are coming. Dr. Eggman doesn't worry because he believes that there is no way for them to stop him this time.

Sally is noticing all the Death Egg's power is being directed below deck and Nicole doesn't know why and needs more time to hack into the system. They don't have time so Sally decides go to the deck to find out what's using the power, but not before Sonic does a "hidden cannon inspection". Down on the deck, they find a giant roboticizer and Dr. Eggman tells them that it's a world roboticizer. Sonic laughs and reminds Dr. Eggman that the Bem de-roboticized everyone and made it permanent, but Dr. Eggman tells him the flash they saw reset everything. Dr. Eggman thens shows them a simulation of what would happen to Station Square when it would get hit the roboticizer and it explodes, and he also reminds them of New Mobotropolis. Sonic then realises that his dad will be killed, and Sally realizes the same about Bunnie and Nicole. Sally tells him that it would destroy all of his Dark Egg Legion chapters, but he isn't bothered by it at all. Enraged, Sonic tries to attack him, but is tackled by Metal Sonic. As Sonic prepares to fight it, a damaged Silver Sonic falls from the ceiling and also fights him.

Dr. Eggman then discovers that Sally has disappeared and arms his Egg Mobile, but Sonic smashes the hoverchair and puts his trust in Sally. Under the floors, Sally has gotten into the wire systems and Nicole tells her she will need hours to patch herself into the network, but they have only minutes. The only thing Nicole can do is invert the beam at that exact point. Sally tells her to do it, despite she herself will not be immune. As the battle above reaches it's climax, Dr. Eggman orders Snively to fire the world roboticizer and Sally says goodbye to Nicole, just as it explodes.

The roboticizer explodes and damages the Death Egg. Snively calls Dr. Eggman telling him that, there are massive energy leaks, the roboticizer is gone and that every other system is still online and they have lost no altitude. Dr. Eggman and Sonic picks themselves out of the rubble and Sonic remarks that they win again. Dr. Eggman tries to fend Sonic off, but he spin dashes the doctor and tells him that he beat him and that he and Sally will destroy the Death Egg, and he will then stomp on Ixis Naugus. As Sonic brags on, a metal fist burst out of the rubble. Much to Sonic's horror and Dr. Eggman's amusement, Sally is now roboticized and targeting Sonic.

Sonic Generations

Archie Comics Sonic Generations

A comic book tie-in to the video game Sonic Generations.

All of Sonic's friends try and surprise him with a birthday picnic on top of a hill. Just as the festivities get under way, however, a hole in the sky rips open and all of Sonic's friends are sucked in. Sonic looks into the hole and sees Green Hill Zone and runs off to save the day, not noticing that Classic Sonic is watching...

Off Panel

As Mecha Sally emerges from the ruins of the roboticizer, Metal Sonic taps her on the shoulder, presenting a ring and bouquet of flowers. Eggman marries the two, announcing them "compatible hardware", while Sonic yells for the universe to be reset again.

Key Events

  • Sonic rewinds reality by 10 seconds, and saves Sally from the turret.
  • Eggman reveals his plans to roboticize the world.
  • The world roboticizer is destroyed, causing large damage to the Death Egg 2.
  • Sally is roboticized.


  • Sally: "Just Pre-mission jitters...I'm fine."- After Sally was rescued by Sonic right before getting killed.
  • Sonic: (after hearing Eggman's plan) "I never should've shown you a shred of mercy, you sick-" (gets attacked by Metal Sonic)
  • Eggman: "Ah-ah-ah! Language, rodent!"


  • According to the events of Sonic the Hedgehog #229, Sonic managed to reset time ten seconds before the end of Sonic the Hedgehog #225, albeit he and Eggman remembering the events of the Genesis arc.
  • This issue marks the reappearance of Metal Sonic since Sonic Universe #1.
  • This also marks the second time Sally has been roboticized, the last time was in Sonic the Hedgehog #29.
  • Interestingly, the endings of both issues #225 & #229 are the same, as the last panels show the world being washed away in white. This could mean that Eggman simply used a machine version of Chaos Control to launch Operation: Clean Sweep.
  • Sally makes a reference to her Auto-Automaton from the Princess Sally Mini Series being swapped for her and roboticized in her place, resulting in an explosion. Erroneously, she forgot that it was Robotnik Prime who did that and not Dr. Eggman. Regardless, Dr. Eggman could have experienced this event in his original dimension before becoming Robo-Robotnik, as both his universe and Mobius' are the same until his robotization.

Sonic holding Metal Sonic's head after the explosion, similar to how Shakespeare's play Hamlet had something quite similar.

  • Sonic's pose with him holding Metal Sonic's severed head is similar to the scene with the famous quote "To be or not to be? That is the question." from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
    • In the same scene, bits of Sonic's gloves are burned off, revealing his hands, which are peach like his arms.
  • A special variant cover for this issue is inverted from the normal image: Instead of the normal image, the Sonic Generations picture is main image, while the minor caption is the picture of Sonic from the original cover.
  • In the second story, the page says that Sonic Generations is out now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. This is wrong, however, as the Nintendo 3DS version of the game was not released until 22 November 2011– 20 days after the release of the comic and weeks after the other versions.
  • Combine this issue's title with #225's title, and you get the line, "One step forward, two steps back." This is a line from the Shadow The Hedgehog songs, "Never Turn Back" and "I Am.. All of Me."
  • In this issue Eggman seems to have black eyes with red pupils like his old design from the first few comics but this might just be showing emotion.


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