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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 240 is the two hundred fortieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

"Heroes," Part Two. Dr. Eggman lays siege to New Mobotropolis once again, but this time with no Sonic around! It's up to the brand new Team Freedom to prove their mettle against Dr. Eggman's Metal Series! Plus, what evil lays in wait, and just what in the world is "Operation: Deadly Cuddles?!" Featuring a stunning, all-new painted cover by Greg Horn!

Featured stories

Heroes Part Two: For the People

After Sonic had taken care of Eggman in the Feral Forest, Eggman sent the Death Egg to New Mobotropolis, thinking that Sonic was not there, so he could attack the city without someone to stop him. Fortunately, Team Freedom was there, as well as the city's military.

Rotor, the
Tails Doll in Action-1-

Tails Doll disconnecting the city's shield.

leader of Team Freedom, had activated the city's shield, causing Eggman's forces to appear outside the city. However, Eggman remembered that Project: Deadly Cuddles, one of his robots, was inside the city, so he connected with Tails Doll and had it sabotage the machinery, causing the shield to disappear. This allowed many Egg SWATs to crash into the city. Team Freedom then took action as soon as this happens.

Meanwhile, Leeta and Lyco smuggled the previous king into the city and the three met up with Harvey Who. Harvey said that the team was complete, as it contained Elias, Leeta, Lyco, Silver, the original Metal Sonic, and Larry Lynx. Elias, quite confused by the fact that none of these members have anything to do with the Republic of Acorn, argued with Harvey, who replied that neither Team Freedom nor Team Fighters had anything to do with Naugus, and that Harvey's team could do things that neither Team Freedom nor Team Fighters could do. Harvey then told the group to help Team Freedom defeat the Egg Swats.

Team Freedom successfully defeated most of the Egg Swats, while Cream and Cheese led the citizens of New Mobotropolis to safety, out of the Egg Swat's reach. Even Naugus decided to help out Team Freedom, but the three spirits inside him began to distract him from the battle. Nusgau and Suguna had mutated his shell and Naugus was gravely injured. Big carried Naugus to safety.

Seeing that the Egg Swats were severely damaged, Eggman commanded Orbot and Cubot to fire the final attack. And so,
Team Metal-1-

The Metal Series attacking New Mobotropolis.

Metal Sonic v3.0, Metal Tails and Metal Amy were sent out to attack Team Freedom. Thankfully, the Secret Freedom Fighters came and helped to defeat the Metal Series. Shard destroyed Metal Sonic, Rotor took care of Metal Tails and Metal Amy was defeated by Big the Cat.

Orbot informed Eggman that the robots have been destroyed. Eggman communicated with Mecha Sally, saying that the attack on Feral Forest had failed. Eggman, knowing that he had lost, retreated from the area. Team Freedom and the citizens of New Mobotropolis cheered, while Rotor wondered who helped them defeat the Metal Series, and also wondered how Naugus was doing. And so, the secret team began their operation.



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